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    Inter-Racial Mixing & The Decline In Superior Black Genetics

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    Shalom and Salaam everyone, this evening I wanna discuss the issue of what race mixing has had on Carbon rich races and our genetics. Have we benefitted from it or has mixing rewarded we with illnesses, diseases and pathologies we formally (never) had or suffered from. I had a post on FB asking whether the trend in Blk men shaving their heads balds had anything to do with low self esteem the way many of them claim Sisters wearing weaves, wigs and fake hair is supposedly a indication of low self esteem or an attempt to be like the Caucasoid female. I got many responses from the males as to why they shave their heads, but none would adfmit it was because of low self esteem. Well we as always here at the 9Mind Sacred Sisterhood Cosmic Frequency show seek to get to the (truth) and the whole truth. It is my observation that African Americans have adjusted and adapted to behaviors, habits and customs that are entirely counter productive to their own racial and genetic survival simply to co-exist with the Cuacasoid Neanderthal species of the earth who by cleverly renaming themselves the white race, (FYI-there is no such race) they have convinced everyone who is non-what they are, that we are INFERIOR, pyschologcally as well as genetically. When in truth it is they who have maintained and carried all the reccessive genetic traits and thus suffer from a plethora of diseases, disabilities and pathologies that carbon based melanites aka Blk & Brn folks never had until inter species cohabition and copulation aka miscegnation was forced upon we and our tribes. The result has been absolutely shocking and yet rarely is this topic discussed or brought up enough by (we) who or literally being ERASED as a species, and what is even sadder, it is now with our own consent. Let's go deeper and discuss why we now kill and destroy ourselves for THEM. 

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    2nd Annual Super Bowl Bash

    in Radio

    Topics include:


    ~Super Bowl Moments~

    ~Super Bowl Festivities~

    ... and as always your thoughts...

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    lies, deceit and the truth..

    in Christianity

    What are some ways people may be guilty of lying and deceiving others? What causes people to tell lies or deceive, and what consequences can result? What must we do to overcome dishonesty and learn to be honest and truthful? What does the Bible teach about the dangers of falsehood?

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    Inspirational Sunday: Always Look on the Brightside

    in Current Events

    Topic:  Inspirational Sunday with Dr. Jeanette and Allen Klein speaking about Allen's new book Always Look on the Bright Side:  Celebrating each day to the fullest.

    Start your week with a laugh, a thought or a reflection.  Each day is 24 hours and it passes so quickly.  Events happen in life and sometimes we spend so much time preparing we miss the day all together.  Can you enjoy the moments of celebration when they happen and stop running for the cell phone to capture the moment?  Can your heart and spirit touch the laughter, the smiles, the hugs and the cries of all who are sharing this special time with you?  Celebrate, each and every moment, big events and just the passing of time.

    For more information visit:  www.allenklein.com

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    Mandala Art Meditation: Going Within

    in Self Help

    For the first 70+ shows of the Mandala Art Meditations, I pick a different card from the Tarot as the basis of our meditation.


    The Hermit: Going Within


    welcoming message

    brief instructions

    guided meditation

    closing message


    If you want to participate in the meditation and create a mandala, prior to the show

    set up a quiet space for the meditation and to do create the mandala

    have a piece of paper ready and draw a circle on it

    have your coloring/drawing tools ready (color pencils, crayons, pens, markers, etc.)

    If you want to do the meditation only, then just set up a quiet space for yourself


    After the show, if you plan to create a mandala of your experience

    allow yourself to be in the meditative state for a few moments, recapturing any images, thoughts, sensations, feelings, etc.

    when you're ready, go to your paper and coloring tools and create the essence of what you experienced. let go of feeling like you have to draw or color it perfectly.

    allow yourself to just go with the flow of it, the essence of it. when we allow ourselves to fully embrace our creative spirit, the insights come.

    feel free to draw/color outside the circle, whatever feels appropriate.

    when done, write down any insights in a journal or directly on the mandala

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    TRS Carbon Radio: Say whats on your mind?

    in Culture

    call in and say whats on your mind/ open mic

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    TRS Carbon Radio: Are Blacks one monolithic group? ft STLYZ

    in Culture

    Tonight we will hear real talk and the thoughts of STYLZ call in people & lets discuss this matter.


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    Unveiling "The Infinite Power of Inner Peace"

    in Spirituality

    The Infinite Power of Inner Peace Can Be the Key to Everything! All We Really Need to Do Is Ask the Right Questions of the Universe; Clear the Blockages of HIstorical Programming and Learn to Live in the Question of "What Else Is Possible? and How Does It Get Even Better Than This? As We Do We Open the Portal to Endless Possibilites, Unlimited Joy, Peace, Prosperity and Total Fulfill. Come Travel with Me As We Explore these Endless Possibilities as Noted in My New Book of the Same Name "The Infinite Power of Inner Peace!"I

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    thoughts on marriage part 2

    in Christianity

    My friends If you've been dealing with challenging issues in your marriage for a while, it may seem like your relationship will never change. But don't let your frustration get the best of you. While you and your spouse's own efforts to change may fail, God will change your marriage if you pray. Prayer has the power to accomplish what nothing else can.

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    Interview with Philip Siracusa "Horsefly Chronicles"

    in Radio

    Tonight I talk with the Philip Siracusa The Author of the book called The Curse of The Horsefly Chronicles: a demonic haunting to buy his book really cheap on Amazon here is the link below



    This is the true life demonic haunting that surrounds Phil Siracusa. This case has been compared to Amity vill. Now for the first time read the chilling first hand encounters of Phil, his family, and the few investigators that were brave enough to investigate this case. Many of the chilling details of this demonic haunting haven't been made available to the public until now. In this book relive all the heart stopping moments in a diary like style that makes you feel like you are really there. The Horsefly Chronicles is one of the most infamous demonic haunting's of our time leaving even the most experienced paranormal investigators scared for their lives. This haunting has affected about 50 people so far. Phil's journey to this very day continues. This book will take you to places far beyond your imagination and have you sleeping with the lights on for weeks. You will feel the presence of evil that still lingers in the air. The first hand encounters you are about to read are from people who come from all walks of life.

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