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    Customizing YOUR Carb Threshold to Burn Fat More Effectively

    in Weight Loss

    Imagine wanting to lose weight and after losing those initial pounds your weight loss stalls. Imagine your calories remaining the same, but you simply increase your total carb intake and lower your fat and BOOM ... You start losing again. OR, maybe what is best for you is to increase your protein and lower your carbs while eating a little more fat. Then, you start melting off the fat like wax to a burning candle. HOW DO YOU know which approach is best for you? In this episode of Diet Free Life Robert Ferguson shares the science of how you can customize your carb threshold. All he needs is your fasting blood sugar, body fat percentage, age, gender and ethnicity. When you know your Carb Threshold you can customize the ideal balance of protein, carbs and fats for your body to best lose body fat and gain lean muscle tissue.

    Diet Free Life owns the "Carb Threshold" science and if you're interested in knowing your Carb Threshold, email irma@dietfreelife.com for next steps. 


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    #052: The Sugar and Carb Addiction Discussion

    in Fitness

    We're back with episode #052 of The Paleo Women Podcast. Be sure to check back every Tuesday for a new episode, and head over to iTunes or Stitcher to subscribe!

    To leave a review for the podcast (HORRAY!), go to: http://coconutsandkettlebells.com/review

    In this episode, Stefani and Noelle discuss their thoughts about sugar and carb addiction. Get ready friends---this is a solid discussion full of differing opinions!

    Please note, we are not addiction specialist, nor do we treat medical conditions or diseases. If you are struggling with an addiction, it is incredibly important to seek professional help.

    Got a question you'd like us to answer? Email us at paleowomenpodcast@gmail.com.

    10% of the funds we receive from our sponsors is donated directly to our partner charity, Dare Women's Foundation, which is working to empower women in Tanzania to become strong leaders through feminine hygiene care, entrepreneurship, nutrition education, and conservation. Because we get paid per download, you are actively supporting Dare Women's Foundation by downloading our podcast each week.


    [11:41] The Discussion Begins


    Noelle's website: http://coconutsandkettlebells.com

    Stefani's website: http://paleoforwomen.com

    Paleo Women Podcast Instagram Page

    Can Being Overweight Be Healthier Than ‘Normal’ Weight?

    Struggling to Stay “On” the Wagon? Then Get Off Of It.

    The Nutritional Therapy Association

    If you’re interested in helping people find resolution with nutrition and lifestyle changes, the Nutritional Therapy Association can help you pursue your passion.

    The NTA offers foundational holistic nutrition education through two distance learning program, the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Program, and the Nutritional Therapy Consultant Program. Each program allows you to have the flexibility of self-paced study, while still providing in-person support with ins

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    Entheogenic Feminine Demonized as "Witches Ointment" w/Tom Hatsis & STARHAWK's N

    in Spirituality

    Tom Hatsis, historian of witchcraft, magic, Western religions, contemporary psychedelia and medieval pharmacopia discusses with us tonight how the "the Entheogenic Sacred Feminine was demonized as the infamous "witches' ointment' - so hold on to your broom!

    We'll talk about the witch stereotype and how the ointment fit into that stereotype, how he came upon his research including the voice of his skeptics, and where the recipes he produced came from.  Learn about Matteuccia de Francesco and why she's important to understanding the state of witchcraft at the time.  I think we're all in for an interesting conversation.

    Crossing the threshold into the second half of the show, STARHAWK is here with us to discuss her newest book, City of Refuge, sequel to Fifth Sacred Thing!

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    What Bodyweight Do You Need In Order To Succeed?

    in Weight Loss

    It's Monday, and it's also a holiday in the U.S., and that's got me musing about bodyweight and career success.  What is a successful weight?  Tooo often it has very little to do with health.  Even worse, weight discrimination starts with being less than 15 pounds overweight for women according to BMI.  As a fitness studio owner and food writer, I know that we need to be aware of forces that may be driving us to diet and exercise, especailly if those forces are pushing us into unhealthy behaviors and lowered self esteem.

    Finally, Catherine shares her three steps to clarify your weight goals in a positive way. 

    Catherine's eating plan can be found at:  sugarfreedom.com

    Her fitness studio website is:   gordonstudiosonora.com

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    The Coconut Ketogenic Diet With Dr. Bruce Fife

    in Health

    Dr. Bruce Fife returns to Perfectly Healthy And Toned Radio to discuss," The Coconut Ketogenic Diet."

    Dr. Bruce Fife is a naturopathic doctor and certified nutritionist, and is the director of the southern Colorado chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to nutritional education. He is currently the president of the Coconut Research Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public and the scientific community on the nutritional and health benefits of coconut oil.

    He has written numerous health and nutrition books, including The Coconut Oil Miracle, The Palm Oil  Miracle, Coconut Lover's Cookbook, Cooking with Coconut Flour: A Delicious Low-Carb, Gluten-Free Alternative to Wheat and Eat Fat, Look Thin. He resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado

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    Catherine Answers Your Questions About Staying Off Of Sugar

    in Weight Loss

    On the Sugar Freedom diet, it usually takes three days of eating less than 30 grams of total carbs to get into fat burning mode.  Once you do, appetite drops and energy surges, but what then?  Catherine anwers your questions to keep fat burning going strong.

    Plus, how picking the right exercise program can skyrocket your weight loss in combination with a low carb, moderate protein diet.

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    What should be the threshold of disciplining and raising your child?

    in Relationships

    We are about to discuss this day and age of disciplining our children and what should the threshold of raising our kids and should CPS be able to dictate us on how to reaise our children?

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    Keto Clarity With Jimmy Moore

    in Health

    Jimmy Moore returns to Perfectly Healthy And Toned Radio to talk about his second book,"Keto Clarity. The book details how to use the Ketogenic Diet for weight loss and other benefits.

    The ever-energetic and enthusiastic man behind the uber-popular “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” blog, “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” podcast, “Ask The Low-Carb Experts” podcast, “Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends” podcast…I think you get the idea! If you’re following a Paleo and/or low-carb lifestyle and are not currently following the work of Jimmy Moore, then you are missing out on one of the best resources for quality information online today. His passion for educating, encouraging and inspiring others in their own journey to better health is an example for all of us

    In January 2004, Jimmy Moore made a decision to get rid of the weight that was literally killing him. At 32 years of age and 410 pounds, the time had come for a radical change of lifestyle. One year later, he had shed 180 pounds, shrunk his waist by 20 inches, and dropped his shirt size from 5XL to XL. Because of this tremendous life change, Jimmy has dedicated his life to helping as many people as possible find the information they need to make the kind of changes they need to make in their health

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    Hot16ReaTalk welcomes music producer L.Ambitious to the show 1-17-16 at 6:30pm

    in Entertainment

    Hot16RealTalk welcomes music producer L.Ambitious to the show.L.Ambitious 1/2 of the production group "Threshold Brace" with Nikus Beatz . L.Ambitious is currently producing and Co- Executive producing along side with Aimee L. Upchurch a new Ep called "The Cashville Mile High Connect". With some of the best up-coming artists out of Nashville, TN & Denver, CO, which is set for a 1st Quarter release in 2016. Lead single off the Ep is "Angel In Disguise" Feat Joseph AM & Mandy Copp. Which is set to release worldwideJanuary 29, 2016, & Pre order on itunes now!! (Brace yourself to cross the threshold of your musical career.) .Tune in and catch this up-incoming producer on the rise.It's radio revolution!!!!

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    1/13/16 - Dr. Hildy®- Toxicology of METHANE and ETHANE - The simplest of Alkanes

    in Health

    1/13/16 - Dr. Hildy® and Veronica Hendricks - Toxicology of METHANE and ETHANE - The simplest of Alkanes.

    Wednesday, January 13, 2016 - 1:00-3:00PM Pacific
    (2:00-4:00pm Mountain; 3:00-5:00pm Central; 4:00-6:00pm Eastern)

    With much in the news about the Porter Ranch gas leak in Southern California, special attention should be paid to the potential toxicity of methane gas exposure. This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy aims to do just that.

    Joined by returning guest Veronica Hendricks, Dr. Hildy will outline how exposure to methane is of great concern, for its use as an odorant gas with propane in piped-in gases or container gas to a home or apartment where it will decompose into carbon monoxide and other compounds.

    Exposure to alkanes, especially the lower-molecular-mass compounds, is most likely from inhalation, let alone skin absorption and ingestion. “Safe” levels of air contaminants are difficult to set based upon systemic toxicological effects, which should also include genetic predispositions.  Therefore, threshold limit values often reflect non-systemic effect of odor, narcosis, eye irritation, and skin irritation.

    MORE  >>>>>  https://onecellonelightradio.wordpress.com/2016/01/13/dr-hildy-toxicology-methane/

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    in Entertainment


    Lana Read is creating a world filled with abundant opportunities for women in front of and behind the camera, extra peanut butter with her chocolate, carb-less carbs, and a worldwide acceptance of ’80s rock.

    As a director with more than 10 years of experience, she has developed a knack for action and intense drama. As the founding member of Garnet Films, Lana is also a strong advocate in the ongoing battle to obtain stronger roles for women in film and bigger opportunities for women directors in the industry.

    When she’s not directing, you can find her gaming with the next great super villain, writing the next big blockbuster, or critiquing the latest California Pinot Noir.

    Her first feature film, A Dead Husband in a Western Town, lands on the big screen in March, 2016.

    We will also be touching on headline news and box office, too. If you would like to join us in the studio, and ask Ms Read a question, the number is 646-595-3032.

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