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    InsideOUT: A Journey into Our Designer Universe

    in Spirituality

    Take a tour into our Designer Universe with Karen Elkins and Don Estes.  

    The great minds of our time are on the threshold of birthing a new renaissance.  The new convergence of leading-edge science and ancient wisdom is bridging heart to mind, science to spirituality, and East to West.

    Take a quantum leap in your understanding and unravel the mysteries of our universe - science to sage. 

    Topics: We are cosmic beings, the elemential aspect of life, patterns and number, celestial bodies, one story, liberation.

    Passed on a new book by Karen Elkins, InsideOUT, A Journey into Our Designer Univerese, Science to Sage

    www.sciencetosage.com  www.sciencetosagemagazine.com

  • Awakening the Ancient Minoans For Today/Men and Goddess/Goddess Myth

    in Spirituality

    Pagan artist and writer Laura Perry aims to make ancient spiritual traditions relevant and powerful for modern women and men in her book, Ariadne's Thread: Awakening the Wonders of the Ancient Minoans in Our Modern Lives  We'll chat about who the Minoans were, what their way of life can teach us, Ariadne's Tribe vs Minos' Tribe, and the communal society of Ancient Crete.  And Laura will tell us about those bare breasted priestesses and NO, they weren't ancient versions of Playboy bunnies!

    Crossing the threshold into the second half of the show, we have long-time anti-sexist member of the Men's Movement of the 1970's with us, editor of Wood and Water and professor, Daniel Cohen, of Manchester, England discussing Men and the goddess, myth and its influence, the goddess and the scholars, tricksters and much more!

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    Minneapolis Public Schools don't alert parents about abductions

    in News

    There is a white male, maybe more than one abducting little black girls in Minneapolis. Co-host Ronald A. Edwards called the Minneapolis Public Schools and asked why an “AMBER ALERT” or “ROTO-CALL” was not done. School officials said it did not meet the threshold. The Minneapolis and St. Paul Public Schools have failed children of color one to many times. Join us as we talk about education, some history about Minnesota and current events.

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    Episode 31: My 6 month Journey as raw vegan live Q & A!

    in Health

    I'll be available to answer your questions about my 6 month journey transitioning and holding a raw food low fat high carb diet.

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    AlQaanitat Show

    in Religion

    On this show tonight, we shall learn about the seven people that will be enjoy being under the shade of Allah on the Day of Judgement while relating that to the state of affairs in present day Nigeria particularly as it stands at the threshold of another political dispensation. Alqaanitat daring to contribute to the political, economical, social, intellectual and spiritual development of our people. Come lets be rightly guided by the Light of Allah

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    When you try to survive on a low-caloric and low carbohydrate diet. 

    One of the most popular ways to lose weight is by lowering calories and carbs. 

    This diets has been widely accepted as the secret to losing weight! 

    If that's the sercret then why do you keep failing at it? 

    There is a scientific reason why your body won't last doing this type of diet for a long period of time. 

    I will discuss why our body depends on carbs and the other marco nutrients to start maximizing your results! 

    Why having a diet of balanced carb, protein, and fats will be something that you can sustain and still drop body fat!

    This is how you can start creating a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

    I mean really make it a lifestyle! 

    Listen to today's show to find out how!

    Love You All,

    Matt Johnson, Leader Of The Pack

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    Healing Addiction, Part 6 : Understanding Food Addiction

    in Lifestyle

    Addictions are not just about chemicals and alcohol.  You can be addicted to just about anything.  Food addiction is a tough one to beat.  It’s not like you can just stop eating!  Comfort food is flagrantly flashed in front of you in about 50% of commercials.  Just about every celebration is accompanied by the smells and sights of high carb, low nutrition selections.  How do you learn to say no to this most acceptable of addictions?  First, says Dr. Jim Wilder, understand the unmet need behind the drive for food.  As we head into the holidays, arm yourself with a new perspective for the great food challenge.

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    Life Changing Insights - Maximize Your Health and Control Your Addictions

    in Health

    Life Changing Insights with Dr Alan Simberg with his guest Scott Stevens & Robert Pomahac:

    Stevens is a journalist, posting regularly on health and alcohol issues for online news sites including google news, examiner and Low Carb Mag. Many popular alcohologists on air and on bookshelves have stellar credentials, but few have had to eat their own cooking. Stevens blends his stunning personal 86-proof-two-liters-a-day story with thorough research into alcoholism, sobriety, relapse and recovery. Readers describe his five-star work as "must read" materials "for anyone who is or knows someone struggling with alcohol."

    Named the Top Chiropractor in the country and the Top Chiropractor in Los Angeles, Dr. Robert Pomahac is the only chiropractor in Los Angeles, and one of only three in Southern California, certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics. Dr. Rob has an unparalleled knowledge of health and conditioning based on over two decades as an elite athlete and medical practitioner. Dr. Rob has appeared on KCal9 America’s Best of Southern California and is currently being featured as medical and fitness expert for an ongoing web series on eHow.com. 

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    Ara Parisien on Tonight! Doing Readings

    in Spirituality

    Ara Parisien, who lives in Victoria, BC Canada, is a natural born psychic medium and spiritual coach who has been offering personal and group reading sessions and coaching to people across the globe for twenty-five years. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient which provides her clients with a diverse field in which to learn, grow, and empower themselves. Ara has also worked on numerous missing persons cases.

    Self-empowerment is the core of Ara’s work in that she believes it is more important to teach people how to find their own answers by finding out more about the true Self in all its magnificence, power and beauty.

    Ara Parisien is the author of "The Other Side of Grief" which offers insight on the grieving process from the vantage point of spirit using transcripts from actual sessions she has conducted. She is also the author of "Threshold of Transformation - A Channeled Spiritual Guide", which offers guidance and teachings from a higher consciousness called the Council of 12.

    Alijandra is an internationally-known author, teacher, healer and vehicle for both Source information and energy and ascended master St. Germain. She delights in travelling the Multiverse as a messenger for the Galactic Federation of Light, and a representative of the Archangelic League of Light. She has currently started introducing her group of Rainbow Liquid Light guides of the 12th dimension to her healers in training.

    In the field professionally 30 yrs, she is the founder/author of Healing with the Rainbow Rays, published in 1995. About 16 years ago, she began to develop the modality of "Transfigurational Matrix Healing". In the last 4 years, she developed the Rainbow Liquid Light work for ascension, which continues her work begun over 15 years ago on reversing the aging process and immortality.


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    The Michael Dresser Show

    in Books

    Thank you for joining us on The Michael Dresser Show! Today we welcome these guests to our show:

    Mari Rose: Author of "Change your Layers...Change your Life," http://www.changeyourlayerschangeyourlife.com

    Mike Smith: Author of "Targeted: How Technology is Revolutionizing Advertising and the Way Companies Reach Consumers," http://www.targetedmikesmith.com

    Daniel D. Maurer: Author of "Sobriety: A Graphic Novel," http://www.danthestoryman.com

    Michelle S. Fondin: Author of "The Wheel of Healing: An Easy Guide to an Ayurvedic Lifestyle," http://www.thewheelofhealing.com

    Dr. Jodi Gold, M.D.: Author of "Screen-Smart Parenting: How to Find Balance and Benefit in Your Child's Use of Social Media, Apps, and Digital Devices," http://www.screensmartparenting.com

    Kelly Peterson: Co-author of "The Asian Low Carb Secret: A Medically Proven System to Help You Eat Well, Stay Slim, and Regain Your Health," http://www.CookingInspiredByLove.com

    Thank you for joining us today on The Michael Dresser Show!


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    PMP: Chronilus - Threshold album

    in Spirituality

    Chronilus has returned! They are crowdfunding their album, Threshold. So RevKess and Kalisara get to ask all the questions about what they've been doing and, more importantly, where we can see and hear their music!

    Chronilus is a new Celtic and World Fusion band from the Seattle area. Their enchanting vocal harmonies float over a musical landscape created by a combination of historical, traditional, and modern instrumentation, from all around the world. Here the clairseach, the brass-strung harp that entertained medieval Irish nobility, may play with harmonies from an electric guitar influenced by progressive rock. Funky electric bass may provide a solid foundation alongside the driving rhythms of the West African djembe. With a range of expression from raw, primal energy to ethereal finery, Chronilus' songs explore such subjects as connection, history, fantasy, and ageless spirituality.

    AUDIO TECHNICAL NOTE: Bone Deep, Sonia, Manfred and Caera were dialed in on one line, so there may be some slight audio distortion.

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