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    Essential oils are the highly concentrated, volatile, aromatic essences of plants. Essential oils, like precious jewelry or fine wine, are gems of nature — the quintessential life force of aromatic plants, sometimes called the "soul" of the plant. They can help you connect mind, body and spirit and restore balance within your seven chakras to nurture your daily life. Only essential oils provide true aromatherapy benefits.The essential oils can be mixed with coconut or olive oil, and applied topically by rubbing on the feet or corresponding chakra area. Alternatively, try an aromatherapy approach by using a diffuser, or or diluting in tea or water. You can also ingest these oils in capsule form.

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    special guest interview Mulan Benjamin aka Apostle Teresa Speaker  to overcome.

    1. Get outside. Our caveman friends saw lots of daylight; getting up at sunrise and going to sleep at sunset. Exposure to bright sunlight for 30 minutes a day either through sunlight or a light made for this, helps keep your internal clock set. T

    2. Aerobic Exercise. 30 minutes at least 3 times a week means those ‘runner’s high’ endorphins get released regularly. It’s also a good way to work through and release stress.

    3. Omega-3 fatty acids. 1,000 mg daily. Omega-3’s aid in the brain’s neuron connectivity. Enteric coated capsules help prevent burping the fishy tasting oil but you can also freeze thewhole grains), fish, free range meats, & vegetables and you’re good to go.

    4. Sleep. Change your sleep routine so that it’s more conducive to a good night’s rest. Turn your lights down and go to bed at the same time everynight. . Avoid caffeine and alcohol.

    5. Socialize. Remember the Amish farmer has his family and community to fall back on for support. There’s no reason you can’t too. Involve yourself with close friends and family.

    6. Watch your thinking! Anti-rumination strategy is vital to breaking out of depression and other emotional ruts. Become aware of those times you dwell on the negatives in your life – both real or imagined – and stop them. It takes work and persistence but if you constantly tell yourself to ‘stop it’  you are building a positive habit that will change your life for the better. Whether it’s the jerk who cut you off in traffic or something a little closer to home, don’t give yourself the luxury of a negative thought.

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    Fine Art of Paleontology - Ichthyosaurs

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    Coming up on May 25th at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst,  join New Mexico Museum of Natural History research associate Ken McKeighen and co-host Ken Boorman as they do an in depth discussion of the ichthyosaurs, a group of marine reptiles that returned to the sea. They have left an impressive fossil record from the Triassic to the Cretaceous Periods. Fossil records are amazing time capsules with a wealth of information. Ichthyosaurs thrived during much of the Mesozoic period, approximately 250 million years ago.





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    Spring Cleaning of the Body

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    Cleansing, including fasting, juicing and support of our elimination systems, is a very important part of natural good health. It is crucial that detoxification be engaged periodically. The public poisons in our food, air, water, home, car, etc., are excessive.

    Herbs are used for cleansing, for nutrition and as natural medicines. They can be consumed raw, with foods, in capsules, as tea, or made into an herbal extract, both individually or as part of an herbal formula. Using the best cleansing aids, herbs, essential oils, antioxidants, super foods, minerals and other natural nutrients, will help avoid the suffering of degenerative diseases and serious infections.

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    FDN Support Talk Radio

    in Health

    Dr. Fresco – Biocidin

    Originally designed for Medical doctors who want to treat without medication

    SIBO & reoccurring symptoms

    Acupuncture for Constipation/GI Tract

    Parasite, bacteria and yeast – how long on protocol?

    GI Detox protocol

    Maintenance protocols

    Biocidin capsules for vaginal infections

    Biocidin capsules for prostatitis

    UTI protocol

    Lyme disease

    Biocidin and infants

    Infants and probiotics vs vaccines

    Cold & flu symptoms

    Partner not willing to test

    When & how to take Biocidin

    GI detox & fatty foods

    Topically for herpes, MRSA, fungus

    Exasperation of an outbreak

    Contraindications with other supplements/herbs

    Ingredients that disrupt the Biofilm

    Why Glycerin in the products?

    Do not use if anaphylactic reaction to walnuts

    Noni plant

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    Relationship DUOvers

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    Have you ever had a fleeting thought of a relationship from the past and instantly wished you had a time capsule to whisk you back? What if you had one more chance to change the circumstances, a do-over so to speak, or as we like to call them DUOvers?
    Unfortunately, time capsules only exist in science fiction movies. The great news is you can choose a different course of action the next time around. Learn from The Matchmaking DUO's experiences to get it right the first time, or make your DUOver you last.

    Fisher Gilmore Matchmaking (FGM.) is an exclusive agency of "heart hunters" led by The Matchmaking DUO. Kelli Fisher and Tana Gilmore, Certified Relationship Coaches and Certified Matchmakers. Headquartered in Charlotte North Carolina. FGM provides coaching and matchmkaing services designed to accommodate the busy, successful professionals across the country who are seeing long-term love. The DUO has been featured on NY Post, Essence, NBC and Charlotte Today Show to name a few. As Relationship Experts, the DUO is continuously sought after for speaking, training, and media appearances on industry-related topics. Keep up to date with upcoming events and medai appearances: www.thematchmakingduo.com,  like us on facebook.comithematchmakingduo, follow us on twitter.comimatchmakingduo and Instagram.comithematchmakingduo


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    Doctor Fred Says .. Part Three on the XMam capsules

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    "Doctor Fred Says ..."  Today Dr. Fred Valdes will continue on with Part Three of the series on "The new ingredients in the XMam capsules by Zija International".
    Dr. Fred Valdes is a resident of Florida and at present is teaching part-time at a medical school near Miami. His respect of Moringa has led him to join with Zija Int'l and Club Moringa.
    Along with his associate Dlynn Saumer, every Wednesday at 12 Noon CT, he will speak about Moringa, weight loss, nutrition and the state of health in today's busy world.

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    Top 7 Herbs for Vitality & Immunity with Herbalist Anna Kazanjian!

    in Self Help

    Learn Anna's top Herbal recommendations for increased Vitality & Immunity, and what the difference is between taking tinctures, capsules, powders, teas, how Flower Essences can truly enhance your Herbal remedies.

    As a Certified Herbalist, Anna Kazanjian enjoys sharing her love of plants’ healing ways with her clients to support them in their own healing. After over a decade of practicing Herbalism, she remains amazed at plants’ uncanny intelligence and ability to heal and adapt in their own environment and in the human body.  Learning about herbs and other healing modalities like flower essences and bodywork has been a transformative and deeply healing experience for her leading her down the path of self-discovery and greater spiritual understanding.  Plants help us in awakening our connection to the earth and to ourselves. She sees clients in person and via Skype.  You can find out more info on her website: www.moonsisterherbs.com

    (This show was pre-recorded)


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    Healing with Dr Daniels - The Fight for the Cure and Why the Cure Never Comes

    in Health

    Please join Dr Jennifer Daniels on  Tuesday, September 9th at 6pm EDT for the Healing with Dr Daniels Show. The show's title is The Fight for the Cure, Why the Cure Never Comes

    Listen by phone  (914-338-0695 or online click this link or copy this on your browser:


    Ask questions during the show, or call: 914-338-0695 or go online to http://healingwithdrdaniels.chatango.com/

    The Lethal Dose; Why Your Doctor is Prescribing It.  
    Get Dr Daniels' NEW book here:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DR6JPNW

    Info re: http://vitalitycapsules.com/truth-files

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    A night of News, Blues and Views & time capsules past and present

    in Paranormal

    A night of Insight into the happenings of our times from an angle the controllers would rather us not look at w/guest call-in. Dennis looks at the history of time capsules.

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    Central Florida's Diversity Strengthens the Economy

    in Business

    According to the US Census, Central Florida is the third area in the US, with biggest concentration of Hispanics.  In 2016 the Latino buying power is expected to grow to 51% in Orlando, and 39% in the rest of the nation.

    #Journey is a new segment that explores the adventures that reveal the real stories of Central Florida’s diversity and the richness of its culture.   

    Join Gloria Puerto and Yamira Lee Johnson, for revealing interviews with local and international community leaders and entrepreneurs and valuable informative capsules.  # Journey also shares the latest news about education, business, community, arts and entertainment.