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    California Propositions Review

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    Tonight we are going to be talking about the California propositions and why we recommend the YES and NO recommendations on our "VOTORS PROPOSITION GUIDE." We will be leaning heavly on is Proposition NO. 23 that we are not recommending but telling you to YES vote is a must. Tonight our special guest will be, Gregg Wallace - Promoting YES ON PROPOSITON 23. Greg is from the California Dump Truck Owners Association and is owner of a trailer company in Southern California. He was a guest on KFI’s John and Ken show on Thursday, October 14. Since you only have 9 days before voting day you will want to listen to tonight's show especially if you might be confused about the propositions.

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    Ross Archinal Interview

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    Born on the banks of the Ohio River in 1970, Ross grew into the kind of accomplished all-American kid you can see in Hollywood stories. Captain and quarterback of the football team. Lifeguard, Student Council Representative, Award-Winning public speaker. winner of the Daughters of the American Revolution Citizen of the year award. High academic achiever in high school and college.

    Of course, Ross is anything but typical. Statistically, eight out of ten children follow in their parents' ideological footsteps-but not Ross. In spite of having grown up in a liberal household, Ross grew up to become a strong conservative who loves his country, loves liberty, and hates big government.

    In 1995, Ross witnessed the Hillary Care fiasco and saw the looming disaster associated with government involvement in the medical field(and most other areas of society). And so, in spite of a promising career path a choice which appears all the more prescient today. Today, Ross is working for a marketing company in North Carolina, setting up major deals with companaies across the United States.

    In spite of this demanding job, Ross still manages to devote himself to the full-time role as National Director of AnyStreet. His drive, his ambition, and his tireless devotion to the conservative cause, and to AnyStreet, are nearly without parallel. Ross archinal raises the bar for us all.

    Modest to a fault, Ross is incapabele of writing his own bio, so he actually had the nerve to ask his boss to do it. Fortunately, his boss is rather fond of him

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    Steve Sanchez

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    Steve Sanchez is ingrained in the fabric of his community and country. As a successful small business owner, former active duty U.S. Marine Sergeant, and board member for numerous non-profit organizations, Sanchez brings honor, perseverance and compassion to each of his endeavors. A public relations consultant Sanchez owns a full-service marketing and public relations firm based in the Coachella Valley.

    Before forming his marketing firm, Sanchez served as District Director to State Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia?s. Sanchez's duties included reaching out to constituents to make sure state government was readily accessible to them. Sanchez also coordinated with local government agencies and non-profits on state legislation.

    From an early age Steve Sanchez?s family instilled traditional values and the importance of service in him. His lifetime of service began with his decision to enlist in the U.S. Marines at age 19. At some points deployed 6 to 8 months at a time, Sanchez's tours included time in Japan, Guam, Tinian, Thailand, Kuwait and Iraq. During his service in Iraq, Sanchez's unit in Baghdad was instrumental in the initial push into Baghdad. We would give kids our MREs when we had extras. We were a combat unit but we found time to help locals rebuild their schools and communities. Like most in combat we experienced some very scary moments.

    Sanchez sits on the boards of the Indio and La Quinta Chambers of Commerce, and is a big brother with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Desert program. Sanchez is the past president of the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) of Riverside County that advocates for abused and neglected youth in the foster system. Sanchez also served on the advisory committees of Prevent Child Abuse Riverside County, SafeHouse of the Desert, the Coachella Valley Sexual Assault Services and many more. Sanchez currently resides in La Quinta. He is a recipient of the Combat Action Medal and the Presidential Unit Citation.

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    Hemet Town Hall Meeting

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    This Sunday on Tea Time News/Views, we will be interviewing and questioning 6 of 10 candidates running for two Hemet City Council seats here in the City of Hemet, CA. Six of the candidates, Diana Tavenner, Mellissa Galetta, Larry Smith, David Peters, Jim Claverie, and Joyce Thibodeaux accepted our invitation to attend a small Town Hall Meeting, sponsored by the Menifee and Hemet Tea Party, which provides them an opportunity to come together with many of the residents of Hemet to discuss their position on issues facing our community. The current Council persons were not invited because their position and voting records are already public knowledge. In case you are listening from out of the area, Hemet is a small town in southern California about 60 miles north of San Diego and approximately 10 miles north of the Temecula Wine Country. Even though our town lies in the farm country with mostly two-lane roads, it has many of the same issues as the larger cities - budget, trash, gang, school, and water problems, a need for smaller government, as well as a need for city government to listen to its constituents instead of implementing rules and laws with which its constituents disagree and protest. For more information about the Menifee and Hemet Tea Party, go to: http://www.menifeeteaparty.com and check out the activities and various ways our groups are involved in trying to get this country back on track by returning to the Constitution and the vision of our Founding Fathers. Tea Time News/Views aires every Sunday night at 8:00 PM PST. To listen, just access the website listed above and, at the time of the show, just click on the flashing blog talk widget. To listen to any of the last 5 shows in the archives, acces the widget at the bottom of the page.

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    Tea Time Interviews

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    MEET JEREMY COMPOSER OF "STAND UP." Our open song was composed by Jeremy Dodge who will be our guest tonight September 19th.

    Jeremy loved and had a passion for music for s long as he can remember. It all started when his dad took him to a rock concert at the age of 4 years. He says that as a teenager he became very involved in the church but when he went into high school he decided to go his own way and pursue his dream of becoming a musician. After several years of trying to "make it" he ended up broke, depressed and homeless. Eventually he moved back home and after several months of making wrong choices and after one late night of partying he laided in bed thinking there has to be more to life then this. He ask God if he was real because he needed to know. He passed out and woke up completely sober and had no desire for substance at all. He immediately got back into the church and met his wife. He spent the next 8 years volunteering in his church in several capacities and one of which was his youth ministry. He sincerely cares about young people mentally, physically and spiritually. I honestly feel there is a generation of young people growning up that are not investigating the things they believe in. Instead, they believe what music artist, media, their friends and the internet say concerning inportant subjects like life, religion and politics. This must stop!

    One night he was watching Glenn Beck and had a sudden urgency to write a political sohg. As I watched Glenn Beck I fought the idea of writing it, he kept thinking, what would I do with a political song. Finally, he put all of his doubts aside and picked up pen and paper. Within five minutes, he wrote the song, "STAND UP." He wrote Stand Up out of pure concern about where our country and the gereration coming up in our nation and what they are going have to live with if something isn't done. AGAIN HIS SONG "STAND UP." It is our into song before each show.

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    Chelene Nightingale will be our guest tonight. Chelene is a conservative Independent running for governor against Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman. She has not had the exposure that Mr. Brown and Ms. Whitman has had not even on the KFI Ken and John show. So in order to get her name out we are having her on our show TEA TIME NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT so people can hear what a great governor she would be. I know this show don't have the audience that Ken and John has but it will some day and we will give every one equal time, we will not allow money or any thing to get in the way of everyone having equal time. Let me tell everyone a little bit about Chelene, she believes in government being small, not spending more then we take in, protecting our borders, having our country run according to the constitution, everyone is equal no matter what the their color, race or religion is and she will do what ever it takes to bring our great state of California back to a balance budget. YOU MUST LISTEN ON SUNDAY NIGHT AUGUST 15TH AT 8:00 PM PDT. Once you have heard her talk you will know there is no one else that should be governor.