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    Peggy’s journey as a caregiver and cancer survivor

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    Join Mark and his special guest Peggy Leinweber. Peggy is an melanoma cancer survivor and was a caregiver for her husband Mick. Join Mark and Peggy for this very special conversation that will benefit cancer survivors and caregivers.

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    This Week's Guest is Cancer Survivor Angel Howerton

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    Cancer Survivor Angel Howerton joins us this week on The Best Years in Life Radio.  Join us to listen to her story and as we disuss the impact cancer has on the entire family.

    During the first half hour, Tony will go over additions to our website and will talk about any new probiotic yeast cleanse breakthrough.

    During the second half hour, Luella's topic will be Migraines and how we can treat them naturally..

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    This Week's Guest is Cancer Survivor Chris Wark

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    Cancer Survivor, Chris Wark joins us this week on The Best Years in Life Radio.  Diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer in 2008, Chris became cancer free using nutrition and natural therapies.  

    During the first half hour, Tony will introduce new additions to the website and talk about a new breakthrough in liposomal supplements.

    During the second half hour, Luella will talk about the dangers of mammograms.

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    In this episode, we talk with Boston-based educational consultant Michele Rosenthal (Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs at Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University) about navigating cancer and the college experience and the art of finding appropriate on-campus resources. Survivor Spotlight on young adult survivor Mallory Casperson (Founder/CEO at Lacuna Loft.)

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    Triumphs of 120 Cancer Survivors with Cancer Survivor and Author Bill Aron

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    Over 4,500 patients are diagnosed with cancer each day. Not long ago, this diagnosis would have been considered a death sentence, but thanks to advances in treatment, there are almost fourteen million survivors in the U.S. Hearing the words "you have cancer" no longer has to mean an end to your life. Instead it can mark the start of a new beginning. Many people gain a new perspective on life after having it.

    According to today's special guest, Bill Aron, 20 year cancer survivor, author and world renowned photographer of the beautiful book New Beginnings: The Triumphs of 120 Cancer Survivors, cancer proved to be "the best and worst thing that could happen in life" and was the impetus for soulful reevaluation and forging new beginnings.

    His book, New Beginnings features the photographic portraits and narratives of 120 men, women, children and families from diverse backgrounds who have survived cancer.  The book is a convincing testament to the indomitable human spirit and its ability to heal and begin anew. It inspires hope in all of us. 

    Bill Aron is here today to tell us his story, and to share the inspiration and hope he has gained through the stories of the 120 people of diverse backgrounds who comprise this book.

    To learn more about Bill Aron, please visit http://www.billaron.com



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    Journey of a Cancer Survivor

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    eCareDiary will speak to Tami Boeher, author of award-winning book on cancer and metastatic breast cancer survivor about her journey from diagnosis to hope and healing.

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    In this episode, we welcome Dr. Barbara Gitlitz (Principal Investigator of GoYLC), and young adult lung cancer survivors Sandy Jauregui and Jeff Julian to discuss the genomics of young adult lung cancer, clinical trials and targeted therapies. Survivor/Advocate spotlight on Katie Brown (VP, Survivorship, LUNGEVITY)

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    4/13/2015 —In this episode, we talk with Billy Paymaster,  COO/Director of Marketing & Communications for Hope For Young Adults With Cancer and this year's Get Busy Living Award winner Katie Lundy. Survivor Spotlight on Protect The Pecs Director/Founder, Steve Del Gardo. 

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    Cancer Survivor Chris Educates Us On Beating Cancer

    in Lifestyle

    Being a Cancer Survivor is AWESOME. Chris gives us his perspective on beating Myelodysplastic Syndrome. Chris says that being diagnosed with the Big C gave him a different perspective on life. In beating Cancer, you must change your life style and that begins with having a healthy mindset, a good relationship with your doctor and having healthy eating habits. Listen in as Chris gives us a powerful testimony on beating the odds. 

    To learn more about our services, please visit http://www.melonisworks.com. If you'd like to scheudule an appt. to be on our show, please call 443-790-6303.



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    Interview with Cancer Survivor Karen Goeller

    in Motivation

    Karen Goeller went from being the bed-ridden cancer patient to who she is today. Twenty years later Karen Goeller is living a full life, the life she was told she would never have. You will be inspired as you listen to her story.
    Karen Goeller, CSCS has spent a lifetime refining her skills as an athlete, gymnastics coach, strength coach, personal fitness trainer, and business owner. She has educated thousands of coaches, athletes, parents, and fitness enthusiasts with her books, articles, and in person. Goeller has tremendous experience with training in a variety of settings, from NYC health clubs to the NY Police Academy, from her own gymnastics club to world famous Karolyi ranch, and from sports training facilities to the playgrounds along the Jersey Shore. Karen Goeller is the creator and author of the Swing Set Fitness books, the Gymnastics Drills and Conditioning books, and many additional training programs. She has written more gymnastics books than anyone in the USA. Karen Goeller has been training athletes since 1978 and adults since 1985. www.KarenGoeller.com          

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    An Interview with Author and Cancer Survivor Tari Prinster: YOGA for CANCER

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    This December, veteran yoga teacher and cancer survivor, Tari Prinster released her book, Yoga for Cancer, a natural follow up to her 15 year career in the yoga community. In this easy-to-follow illustrated guide, Tari merges modern science and her years of yoga experience to provide a tool for all cancer survivors and patients to support their own path to survivorship.


    “Cancer took my breath. Yoga gave it back,” says Tari 15 years post diagnoses. “I found that through yoga I was able to empower myself physically and mentally. It gave me a resilience that manifested into long-term survivorship.  And now my mission is to provide this powerful tool to the 14.5 millions of survivors in the US today. ”


    The creator of Yoga4Cancer, a unique brand of yoga, has taught thousands of survivors and yoga teachers throughout the country, Tari is an authority on the topic. If you are a cancer survivor and or currently seeking alternative therapies, then you will want to listen to Aging Younger Radio interview Tari and you will learn  how yoga can be used to manage treatment side effects, strengthen the immune system, avoid lymphedema, decrease anxiety, reduce pain, and help the body repair damage caused by the cancer and conventional treatments.