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    in Politics Progressive

    On the April 9, 2014 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

    Hashtags galore have been created dealing with the dissapointment some twitter users have with Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher over jokes made on their shows. Common consensus among those who are angry is that as white men they shouldn't be making those jokes. Supporters of the shows suggest that perhaps intent should matter. I will go into my opinions of the statements made, including where Suey Park lost me, and about the backlash against hashtag activism.

    Tuesday was #equalpayday. But what does the main point of #equalpayday leave out?

    Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was rebuked by the courts who affirmed the stance of Liberal Dan Radio that he has no idea what the first amendment means. I will go a little more into this.

    Finally, Louisiana Congressman Vance McAllister was caught on film making out with one of his female staffers (who he fired on #equalpayday). When will the GOP stop being taken seriously as the party of "family values"?

    Those topics, tweet of the week, headlines, and more at 8pm Central on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That's Right.

    If you missed the live broadcast you can always comment on liberaldan.com.

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    Episode 16

    in Current Events

    Personal milestone, #CancelColbert, a SPECIAL Co-host, and your calls. TONIGHT on Joe Prich Radio

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    in Comedy

    Nathan and Jon discuss the #CancelColbert hashtag that blew up over a joke on the Colbert Report. Nathan 'Jazz Rants' about Tindr. Song used for the 'Jazz Rant' is The Incredible Jimmy Smith song, Back At The Chicken Shack.

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    Aboriginal Press News Service public radio is hosted by "The Angry Indian" Abiyomi Kofi, Editor General, as  "Fourth World Radyo."

    It and other shows are available at  the extremely informative  ANG-Newswire blogspot.

    This episode originally aired April 4, 2014 as a podcast and was titled, "Deconstructing Popular Activism and Absolutism Within the New Left."

    From the summary: TheAngryindian presents his analysis of the #CancelColbert Internet scandal and the unintended consequences of Left-Wing political fallout as the original anti-Redskins mascot debate became instead centred around US activist Suey Park and the newfangled zealotry of Obama-era progressive activism. American African clinical psychologist, Dr. Na’im Akbar, speaks on the damage done by Europocentric racialism within an internalised colonial state of affairs.

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    Cancel Colbert Already, but not for racism; Dead Wrong Radio's CLFA Roundtable

    in Politics Conservative

    Dead Wrong Radio is...

    an irreverent attempt to make deathly-serious topics more accessible to freedom-loving Americans, Dead Wrong Radio covers a full range of issues including Gun Rights, Border Security, Free Market Capitalism and common liberal myths.

    Join the Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance panel as we talk about:

    RINOs, Moderates and Liberals

    The State of Conservative Non-Fiction

    The Obamacare Delay

    Changing the cultural landscape through fiction

    The Totalitarianism of #CancelColbert

    Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance Roundtable Guests: 

    (Cohost) Jack July 

    Kia Heavey

    Jamie Wilson

    Declan Finn

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