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    Inciting Incident #10 - Campus Culture, RE: Jonathan Haidt, Sam Harris

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    NOTE: Technical difficulties in the first fifteen minutes. Apologies in advance.

    Our topic will revolve around the recent dramatic shift in campus culture. Ideas we're going to discuss are sort of an extension on our PC discussions, but specifically focusing on what's going on with college campuses, especially on how someone can risk losing their job by saying something or using a word. This will be a follow-up to a discussion on episode 280 of "Waking Up With Sam Harris" and the description of the dramatic shift in atmosphere that Jonathan Haidt explained.

    Al Laiman is a double major/minor at the University of Pennsylvania. He has written and contributed to The Fourth Estate, lordsofpain.net, the Philadelphia Film Society, and the Penn Moviegoer. He won Audience Choice for Best Film at the Third Annual Hershey Student Film Festival, and pens the wrestling review "In Laiman's Terms." He also hosts the show "Jaded Hope" available on YouTube. 

    Brian is the co-host of NXT: Breakdown, a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, and frequent panelist at Tekko, Bronycon, and Zenkaikon. He and Al have been best friends for 18 years. 

    Heather Vincent is an aspiring comedian, utlizing social media to get her voice, her jokes, and how adorable she is in a box at Taco Bell, out there. She can be followed at : https://www.facebook.com/HeatherVincentComedy/

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    Twitter - Al- @AlLaimanLOP, Brian - @BrianTheFuzzy, Heather - @HV_OverMyHead

    YouTube - www.youtube.com/c/AlLaimanLOP

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    Presenting The Young Greens Rising Green Party Chapter HCC Ybor campus

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    Presenting The Young Greens Rising Green Party Chapter HCC Ybor campus-

    Hillsborough Community College now has Greens representing! Host of Vanguard Youth Radio Al is back in environmental activism in his campus! Here in Tampa we support Stein for president with the Green Party USA in 2016. We hope to garner support from Bernie supporters if he is not nominated, we strive for environmental activism.

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    Spartan Life Radio - NSU Joins HBCU Tobacco-Free Campus Initiative

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    Norfolk State University recently held its Tobacco-Free Initiative kick-off event on Feb. 29. NSU now joins 33 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) involved in the Tobacco-Free HBCU Campus Initiative. This effort, led by Truth Initiative and former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin, aims to change attitudes and beliefs about tobacco use on HBCU campuses. The event will feature Ritney Castine, managing director of community and youth engagement at Truth Initiative. Our guest on this episode of Spartan Life Radio is NSU professor Dr. Cythia Burwell who also heads up the tobacco-free campus taskforce.

    The Truth Initiative is a nonprofit public-health organization seeking to increase awareness about the dangers of tobacco through education, research and outreach. Burwell says the Initiative is imperative. “Smoking tobacco links to so many diseases and disparities, especially in low-income and minority communities,” said Burwell. “Many tobacco companies have targeted African Americans for decades, with menthol cigarettes in particular,” Burwell said.

    Smoking-related diseases are the number one cause of death in the African-American community with approximately 47,000 African-Americans dying from smoking-related diseases each year.

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    Campus Conflict Resolution

    in Legal

    To provide a free, confidential conflict resolution service, assisting the campus community to collaborate in a safe and professional environment

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    Title IX and the Impact It Has Had on Addressing DV on College Campuses

    in Family

    Over the past few years an important national conversation has grown around the experiences and rights of sexual assault survivors on college campuses, there's been little attention paid to the reality of other forms of campus gender-based violence, particularly those perpetrated by intimate partners. Intimate partner violence (e.g., dating violence, domestic violence, relationship abuse) may include sexual assault but doesn't always. Tonight we are going to take a closer look at the other forms of intimate partner violence i.e. dating violence, domestic violence and relationship abuse.

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    The Waiting Game...

    in Self Help

    Wright, founded by Dr. Bob Wright and Dr. Judith Wright is a principle-based learning organization that brings together the best of neuroscience, development, existential, humanistic, Adlerian, and positive psychologies and philosophies into a proven, practical system for learning the skills to have a great life.

    Kate Holmquest is a coach, curriculum developer, and campus director for Wright and the Wright Graduate University for the Realization of Human Potential who believes that dating is one of the best possible playgrounds for discovering and transforming yourself! Potential movie titles that describe her quest for satisfaction in single life are “40 First Dates” (a.k.a. dating with velocity), “Ten Things I Hate About You” (a.k.a. telling the truth on dates), and “The Thing About My Folks” (a.k.a. noticing and breaking the relationship rules I learned at home). 


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    Voice of Rio Grande with Susan Haft - NEW STUDENT ADVISING Apr 27, 2016 3:00 pm

    in Education

    April 27, 2016 at 3:00 pm – Voice of Rio Grande with Hosts Dr. David Lawrence and Dr. Donna Mitchell features Susan Haft, Director, New Student Advising Office, and Testing & Career Services.  The New Student Advising Office, Testing and Career Services provides an open-door information center for students and alumni that provides academic advising, career services and / or testing services leading toward a successful degree completion.  Discussions surrounded the services they offer which can include:  Academic Advising and preparedness, a wide realm of testing for the campus and outside communities, Resume Building, Interviewing skills, New Student Advising and much more.

    Susan Haft

    Director, New Student Advising Office, Testing & Career Services, New Student Advising

    115 James A. Rhodes Student Center

    University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College

    Rio Grande, Ohio   45674

    Office:  (740) 245-7276

     EM:  Shaft@rio.edu


    Donna Mitchell, Ph.D.

    Dean, College of Professional & Technical Studies,

    122 McKenzie Hall

    University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College

    Rio Grande, Ohio   45674

    Office:  (740) 245-7303

     EM:  Mitchell@rio.edu


    David Lawrence, DMA.

    Associate Provost, Academic Programs, Dean College of Arts and Sciences

    225 Wood Hall

    University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College

    Rio Grande, Ohio   45674

    Office:  (740) 245-7182

     EM:  Lawrence@rio.edu

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    Why College Students Will Always be Broke

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    An excerpt from Campus Grotto The inside source at College


    College students have a lot of different stereotypes. One of the main stereotypes college students often get, and perhaps one that couldn’t be truer, is that college students are broke, frugal beings always looking for a bargain. This can be seen in the referring of ramen noodles as the de facto diet of a college student.

    College prepares us for the real world, and surviving without money is almost a life test in itself as a college student. The fact that many students are broke makes them scavengers in their own way, hopping at any opportunity to get free stuff. This is why you used to see so many on-campus kiosks giving away free swag at the expense of filling out a student credit card application; a credit card that is more likely to harm the student, rather than help.

    So, it seems, the typical college student, who eats ramen noodles, drinks PBR, and illegally downloads music, will always be broke.

    Join Zaiyah and Uptown as they discuss this and other important topics on this weeks edition of Zaiyah's House.


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    The Batchelor Pad show for Tuesday April 26th 2016

    in Current Events


    Barry Barnes of The Locker Report  and Locker Talk joins us to discuss the latest in the NFL.

    Tom Donelson of America's Pac and America's Majority 

    And Professor La Della Levy,Political Science Faculty, College of Southern Nevada Henderson Campus, joins us to discuss the primaries Tuesday night.


    Later: Lea  MBA MA CMA CFM CBM, President/CEO of F.O.C.U.S. Resources joins us to discuss small business and her upcoming business workshop.


    Listen live beginning 6pm Eastern at 646-929-0130 or listen online atwww.blogtalkradio.com/la-batchelor

    Interested in advertising on the show, email us at labatchelor40@gmail.com 

    Follow us at padnation@facebook and padnation2@twitter      


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    Our good friends at E School News bring us Meris Stansbury, managing editor of their E Campus News on what obviously is a hot topic in Higher Ed.

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    Dr. Huntington Potter, of UC-Denver, Looks to Reverse Alzheimer's Trend

    in Caregiving

    With the American population living longer, Alzheimer’s disease is becoming more prevalent. According to a professor at the University of Colorado at Denver, about half of those older than 85, or 5.2 million people, suffer from the disease. The current cost to the American economy is about $220 billion a year.

    Our guest today is Dr. Huntington Potter, who works in the Department of Neurology and the Linda Crnic Institute for Down syndrome, said that if the disease could be delayed, even by five years, it would decrease the cost significantly.

    Dr. Potter recognizes that as humans age, various health problems arise, but Alzheimer’s is one of the most expensive conditions because it requires around-the-clock attention in the middle to late stages.

    Through their work, Potter and his colleagues at the Anschutz Medical Campus have discovered that people with Alzheimer’s have, over the course of their lives, developed Down-Syndrome-like cells throughout their bodies. These cells have three copies of Chromosome 21 rather than two. Those with Down syndrome, who are born with these cells, typically suffer Alzheimer’s in their 30s and dementia in their 40s

    Join us in this intriguing conversation of hope through Dr. Potters amazing research.  Call 929-477-1393 today, or download and listen later. You don't want to miss this!