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    E2E Podcast Episode 329 - 22lr vs 12ga and Utility of a Blade Discussion

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    Fire Ant Campstove Part 2 

    Doom and Bloom Survival! Kickstarter

    Training with your children part 4

    Survival Question: .22lr or 12ga shotgun

    Knife Selection Discussion: How does one actually use their knife? What role does this play in the selection process?

    E2E Forums Monthly Challenge:



    Our friend Skylar at Able2Survive has closed the doors, but only temporarily. Skylar his having his website redone, and one of the things that he will be doing when he returns should be very interesting.

    His idea is to have a chat room with a embedded movie player, where the room will watch a video of a Kit, or a review, and have a live conversation about the video. http://able2survive.com/

    Gear Spotlight: 

    Dan:  Cordura fabric Robert mentioned it to a while back and i am excited I have had trouble getting some hard numbers but it looks promising enough that I am having a tarp made and am looking forward to putting it threw it’s paces this summer

    Robby: Claytor Hammocks Expedition Hammock :


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