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    Nathaniel Lobas. Some people know me as Pete.After attending the Basic Reconnaissance Course, I began my military career at 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion in Okinawa,Japan in 2000. I attended the Urban Reconnaissance and Surveillance Course and Airborne School in order to support the 31st MEU, aboard the USS Bataan (LHD-5). On the 31st MEU my platoon trained in Thailan ,Australia,Guam,South Korea, and Singapore.Highlights of this deployment include a mock beach landing and hike up Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima, 2 years in Okinawa I rotated to 2nd Force Reconnaissance Company in December 2002. Shortly after checking-in I was issued gear, began CQB training with my new platoon, and boarded the USS Essex en-route to Kuwait. My Force Recon platoon were among the first Americans to enter Iraq, March 23rd 2003. We fought in the Battle of An Nassaryia, and were involved in the Jessica Lynch rescue. We worked our way to Al Kut, and ran weapons interdiction mission on the border of Iraq and Iran.I ended my tour of duty with the Marine Corps as a Sergeant in January 2004.

    Dr. Leona Di Amore Hm3 Navy Corpsmen Stationed with East Coast Explosive ordnance Disposal 1987-1992. Served as the Medic to this elite group of bomb experts/Navy Divers. Traveled on operations & training exercise. was awarded a Navy Achievement Medal for Life saving measures as a result of a situation on an operation.After serving in Navy,Leona returned to college and became a Doctor of Chiropractic 1998 Since that time Dr. Leona has worked with / volunteered with Post traumatic stress Unit at camp Pendelton California. The focus was to remove NEUROLOGICAL STRESS which is associated


    Tony Aguiniga (AKA Tony Pino) is a U. S. Army Veteran, who served from 2001-2012. He was in special forces as a Green Beret and part of an activated team during the invasion of Iraq. Tony is an entrepreneur and involved in many entertainment projects, including the movie, Range 15.

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    Episode 48: Special Guest, Ms. Martha Pino

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    This week our special guest is Ms. Martha Pino.  This week we will be discussing the power of video marketing and Livestream.  The question we will be answering is "Did you know video is where your money is?"

    Ms. Pino is the founder of a land developing company in Florida where she was successfully able to raise over $35 million dollars in private funding and exceeded over $68 million dollars in sales. 

    She has helped many novice investors make the right decisions when purchasing properties. She also coaches clients "one-on-one" basis so they can build up a million dollar networth in properties. She pays special attention to investment strategies, budgeting, marketing techniques and achieving goals in a timely manner. 

    Back in 2008, Ms. Pino decided to write a book that would teach people how to become successful. She came up with a unique concept where local businesses could also benefit from the distribution of the book by being featured in it.  "A Millionaire's Approach", her first book , is receiving wide acclaim among the local business owners that realize how a book can help them  increase their sales. 

    Ms. Pino is currently enjoying her passion : Real Estate, consulting clients on a one-to-one basis and hosting her own LIVE TV-SHOWS right from her SMARTPHONE.

    Link: http://www.realtyaway.tv/

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    High Intensity Running Plan for Obstacle Racers

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    Training and racing for obstacle races such as Spartan, Atlas, Tough Mudder and Battle Frog places unique demands on an athlete.  These events require the ability to perform at far greater intensity than preparing for a marathon.  Richard Diaz and his guest Dr. Harry Pino, a renowned sport scientist discuss these demands and the program written by Richard Diaz tailor made to prepare these athletes for the rigors of these intense competitions that he has justifiably named “The Dark Side” Lactate Tolerance Training for high intensity running

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    The Things We Do For Love

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    With Valentines Day next week join Fred and William as they set their copies of 50 Shades of Grey down, put their hair up in curlers and relax with a bottle of Pino to discuss some of the wilder things done all for the sake of sheer love!

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    The Benefits of Monitoring Heart Rate for Endurance and Speed

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    Anyone who exercises or is training for a Marathon or Triathlon needs to listen to this show. Richard Diaz and guest Dr. Harry Pino, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, discuss the benefits and methods of effective heart rate training and why you should do it. 

    Dr Pino is a practicing East Coast Physiologist who performs VO2 max tests on athletes to prescribe effective heart rate specific training programs.  Our host, Richard Diaz is a West Coast Clinician and coach with 20 years’ experience prescribing training programs for athletes based on the VO2 max testing he performs.  This is East meets West, a coming of minds on the topic of heart rate specific training.  How best to conduct the principals of training for endurance and speed, what to expect and all details in between.  This show is perfect for anyone interested in health and fitness or competition in any sport.

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    Blue Sky Highway™ [episode 007 v1] - "Thoughts from Waking Dreams"

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    Welcome to this episode of the Blue Sky Hiighway, entitled, Thoughts from Waking Dreams, and a program that takes you further along the highway, into a place where dreams may be envisioned not only while asleep, but in your waking hours.

    Featured in this episode are the following selected artists:

    EvenS: Cosmic Dream
    Pino Rastovich: KARADUMAN DREAM
    JeminEye: I AM YOU {Spoken Word}
    James Mix Larsen: Mixhous vs Enigma
    East Elysium: The Beauiful Possession
    POP ETC: Speak Up {Chasing Tao Edit/Remix}
    Synthland: Lost/Found
    Chants: Don't Miss U {fea Ramzi Awn}
    GMAKS vs Lisa Gerrard {COTXETXE MASHUP}
    Michael Ash Sharbaugh: Infrastructure
    Luke Prater: Alice {Spoken Word}
    DollChe Viva: Landing of the Dandelion Seeds on the Lake
    Pinscape: The Moon Woke Me {IG88 Remix}
    Mayven: Lost Girls {Read by Xe Sands}
    Cocteau Twins: Song to the Siren (Here I Am) [Andre Melt Remix]
    Relax Your Heart: Gopala: "...So Smooth"
    kenetik: Departure
    • Bonus track - OTSO: The Beginning of the End

    Please take a moment to 'share' and/or 'repost' this episode, so that artists who have been selected to participate in "Thoughts from Waking Dreams," may have their work heard by others.

    No one with the BSH receives any financial remuneration from this episode.

    For information on artists, links, and/or to contact the BSH, please go to:

    Please take a moment to 'comment' and/or 'share.' Thank you!



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    America's Classical Music Jazz

    in Music

         Today, Sunday, April 27, 2014, joining and sharing his music with us is Michael Bowie a Washington, D.C. native who is internationally known.  He is a bassist, composer, educator, and musical director. While studying music in Washington, D.C., he was a recipient of the National Endowment of the Arts Award in Jazz Studies and trained with Betty Carter and Keter Betts. After completing his studies he signed with Verve Records as an original member of "The Harper Brothers".  In addition, he performed, recorded and toured with Abdulla Ibrahim, Michel Pettruciani, and Betty Carter.   During period that Michael recorded and performed with Betty Carter, she won a Grammy for the CD, Look What I Got.  As musical director, he has worked with many artists worldwide including Patti Labelle, James Ingram, Jeff Majors, Abbey Lincoln, Angie Stone, and Isaac Hayes. He has shared his talents in the recording studio and on the stage with Sarah Vaughn, Joe Williams, Abbey Lincoln, Manhattan Transfer, Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra, Della Reece, and Michel Camilo and Ricky Skaggs. Recently, he toured with Dee Dee Bridgewater.

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    LOTL The Comfort Zone Presents JAGUAR WRIGHT

    in Entertainment

    Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter Jaguar Wright's name can be added to the list of such Philly-based neo-soul talents as Grammy award-winning rap band The Roots and multi-platinum hitmakers Jill Scott and Musiq Soulchild. Wright earned rave reviews for her background vocal stint at Jay-Z' MTV Unplugged appearance during December 2001. Around February 2002, she began appearing in a national TV ad for Coca Cola. Her energetic stage shows garnered favorable write-ups in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, and Rolling Stone. In a kind of homage to the old-school, Wright covers fellow Philly singer Patti LaBelle's hit "Love, Need and Want You" on her debut album, Denials Delusions and Decisions, which was issued by Motive/MCA on January 29, 2002. With production by members of the Roots, James Poyser, Richard Nichols, Scott Storch, Pino Palladino, Larry Gold, and Vikter Duplaix, the album is a provocative brew of gut-wrenching soul and incisive, life-influenced lyrics. The results spins a "fo' real" autobiographical tint (helped along by salty language on the uncensored version of the album), moving some to drawing comparisons to her contemporary Mary J. Blige and R&B/rap-roots mother Millie Jackson as well as Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone. Still, on Denials Delusions and Decisions Wright offers an enticing, unique portrait of a young woman trying to find her way through life, through songs that are mesmerizing whether they're biting or beautiful. T

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    Blue Sky Highway™ [episode 004] - A Journey (fea Alan Watts)

    in Lifestyle

    Welcome to this episode of the Blue Sky Highway, entitled, A Journey, and a program that takes you further along the highway, on an excursion of sound and inner-vision that may guide you into a deeper state of contemplation, awareness, and to the real you.

    This show is 'titled' and not numbered, since it flows along with a theme that beckons one on toward a journey of self-exploration and personal growth.

    Featured artists for this episode:

    Frank Webster

    Michael David Ash Sharbaugh
    Marek Iwaszkiewicz
    Mary J. Gunderson (ValKyrie, vocals, Alan Watts, spoken word)
    James Harker (Vast and Harker)
    Maira Huisman
    Chasing Tao
    Bryant O'Hara
    Pino Rastovich
    Johnny Clyde
    Louis Berwald 1

    For information on artists, links, and/or to contact the BSH please go to:

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    Digitunzz Interviews a Star

    in Music

    Tonight we interview the exciting and very beautiful and talented Jae Camilo and introduce to you her incredible rendition of a classic song "Total Eclipse" with a great twist you will absolutly love this song and I urge you to tune in to listen for the song and as usual we have Digitunzz recording artist Tito Carlyle with his "Reggae Lingo" segment and much more including great music.

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    Feed Your Head w/ Ruthann Amarteifio

    in Current Events

    Nutrition For Your Brain We're talking "Revolution"-------
    Dr. Julio Pino, associate professor at Kent State University, originally from Cuba, is with me.  What is happening in Cuba, now?  Is it time for Fidel and Raoul to take a backseat?  Is the immoral US embargo hurting the country?  What does the future hold for the US' nearby island neighbor? We'll be talking Revolution, in other countries, also.  How can we get rid of the systems that obviously aren't working, and what do we replace them with??