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    Tickets out, ALL ABOARD Cameroon.

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    During today's show I will be talking about Cameroon. Similar to last week's show this will be done through facts, music, culture, and guest speakers! You DO NOT want to miss this!

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Esther Lamnyam of Imitate Nature

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    Bowie, MD – Just as we might use natural products to improve our physical health we should use natural principles to help us confront our emotional challenges as well.

    Esther Lamnyam is the founder of Imitate Nature, a coaching practice focused on promoting wellness to help individuals create fulfillment in their lives. Imitate Nature is unique in that Esther teaches clients to tap into “the laws of nature,” the tools that exist around them and within them, to help achieve their goals.

    “There are rhythms and cycles to life,” explains Esther. “There’s a time to plant and there’s a time to harvest. When people realize this, they can tap into these cycles for their relationships, their business and their health.

    “There are so many modalities out there and there is so much conflicting information,” adds Esther. “That’s why I started using nature as my guide. I realized if you follow these principles, they work across the board, whether it’s your health, your relationships or your business. The beauty of having these tools is you can always come back to them. They’re constant.

    “Some people don’t need a lot of help; they just need to put the pieces together,” adds Esther. “They have everything they need within them to achieve their goals.”

    Originally from Cameroon, today, Esther’s story has come full circle. She’s currently part of a new effort to mentor in African villages in life success strategies.

    “I’m most proud of the children I’ve been able to help,” says Esther. “Joy and happiness is our fuel, our energy. I encourage them to pass this message on. That makes me want to keep trying.”

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    Top Stories in the Champion and Premier League

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    In this episode of Soccer Saavy, presented by The Red Light Sports Network, Troy Otradovec and Mike Murphy will talk about the Champions League.  Match Day 5, will be played on November 25th and November 26th.  Some teams could make a move to advancing, others could find themselves with nothing to play for on Match Day 6.  What is going on in the Premier League, and are there any intersting games coming up this weekend.  We will talk a look at some soccer across the pond.  Listen in, give us a call, or leave some comments on twitter; @rlsnsoccer or @RedLightSports.

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    Cameroon: What's Happening in ICT?

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    Cameroon is country with a budding ICT sector in Central Africa. Joel Nlepe of 24Labs in Cameroon shares some insights into this sector.

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    Cameroon Football News

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    News about Cameroon football/Soccer players and teams. The latest scores, performances and targets. From Eto'o and Amgwa in Russia via Matip and Choupo in Germany, Tchoyi and Song in England to Nkoulou, Mbia, etc in France. 

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    Just Soccer! Tonight we talk anything soccer

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    In tonights episode of Soccer Saavy, presented by The Red LIght Sports Network, Mike Murphy and Troy Otradovec, will chat about soccer.  Yes, tonight is just a general soccer show.  Mike travels to the Phillipines often, and we will chat about growing soccer, in that country.  A sport that many want to play, but he finances make it hard for them to have equipment.  We may look ahead to the Champions league games that will be played next week.  Listen in and give us a call, lets chat soccer.

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    in Politics Conservative

    Joining Audrey for this week's REELTalk - As the march of the Left/Islamists continues toward stealing a Free Speech rights, our pushback continues. From across the Pond, GEORGE IGLER, Director of the Discourse Institute will be here...PLUS, to discuss the connection between the Sicilian Mafia & Islam, author & Islam analyst RAYMOND IBRAHIM will be with us. AND, direct from South Africa, PETER HAMMOND will be here to update us on Boko Haram's activities in Nigeria and now in Cameroon! No matter where the fight for freedom takes place, we are there...because an attack on freedom anywhere is an attack on freedom EVERYWHERE!!

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    Champions League ~ Match Day 4 is complete, who is in control?

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    In this episode of Soccer Saavy, presented by The Red Light Sports Network, Troy Otradovec and Kevin Cunningham will discuss Match Day 4, of the Champions League.  This is considered the flip game, the teams that played on Match Day 3, turn around and play each other again.  On Match Day 3, there was a number of lopsided wins.  Did the same results occur on Match Day 4?  Listen to Kevin and Troy discuss the current up to date standings.  Who is in control of their group?  Which teams are in trouble?  Give us a call with your thoughts through 4 matches.

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    Premier League results and Women's World Cup Qualifying

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    In this episode of Soccer Saavy, presented by The Red Light Sports Network, sponsored by Subway of Latrobe, Troy Otradovec and Mike Murphy are joined by Kevin Cunningham.  The boys will be talking about the latest news in the Premier League, and then turn the second half, of the show, over to Women's World Cup Qualifying.  Chelsea holds a four point lead over Southhampton (23-19), after nine games.  Manchester City and West Ham, are third and fourth; respectively (17;16).  Three teams from the CONCACAF have qualified; United States, Costa Rica, and Mexico.  Fasten your seat belts and put your foot on the gas, we are talking soccer across the pond, and Women's World Cup.  Listen in live; or give us a call on your thoughts about the Women's World Cup.

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    LOTL The Comfort Zone Presents Andy Allo. Debuts new single " Tongue Tied "

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    “Tongue Tied,” Andy’s newest single, releases on 

    October 14, 2014, and officially welcomes her to the pop/rock genre. Her third project which consists of an EP 


    Every so often, an artist comes along that transcends the norm. 

    An artist who is truly paving her own path with a sound and vibe 

    that is uniquely her own and connects to fans on a deeper level. 

    Such an artist isn't bound by genre and is intent on creating a 

    unique musical expression of herself. Cameroon-born singer and 

    songwriter Andy Allo is that artist. 


    Andy was first introduced to a musical instrument at age seven when her mother 

    taught her to play the piano. The youngest of five children, Andy soon found her 

    voice, harmonizing with her older sisters. Andy recounts, "Growing up in Cameroon, 

    Africa, I was surrounded by music. Every morning there would be records playing, like 

    Dolly Parton and Miriam Makeba; my father and I would listen to Fleetwood Mac." 

    In her first album, UnFresh (2009), Andy created a genre called Alter.Hip.Soul. Two 

    years later, in 2011, Andy joined Prince's New Power Generation as a singer/guitarist 

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    Kansas Coffee Bar

    in Politics

    Program Summary 27 Oct. 2014

    Hear Rep. Bill Otto and "the Lineball Sisters" discuss all manner of smalltown life in Kansas in the second hour after these news stories.

    Counterspin (30 min.)

    Description: As the Ebola fear-mongering seems to be letting up a little, one thing that hasn’t changed is media inattention to the xenopobia that has gone hand in hand with the panic, and any real exploration issues of inequality and how they play out in treatment of the deadly disease. We’ll talk to medical ethicist and award winning author Harriet Washington about Ebola.

    Also this week: Polls show pretty clearly that the public isn't enthusiastic about getting involved in more wars. To many elites, this is dangerous isolationism and a retreat from America's rightful position as a superpower. Carl Conetta of the Project on Defense Alternatives has taken a deep look at public opinion and the problem with elite rhetoric about isolationism.

    Free Speech Radio News (30 min.)

    Description: Canada honors soldier; PM calls for swift action on ramped up security powers; Election 2014: Wisconsin battle for Governor’s mansion
    Los Angeles seeks to renegotiate multimillion dollar fees owed to Wall Street banks; Bedouin communities face forcible removal from Jerusalem periphery
    Q&A: Mexican citizen patrols find mass graves while searching for 43 missing students; Cameroon’s education model out of step with Baka culture

    Co-hosted during the second hour with Rep. Bill Otto, formerly of the 9th district, in the Kansas legislature listen in to conversations with "Traditional Republicans" who have lived small town life in Kansas across the generations.

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