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    The Turn Up Episode 36

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    Well we're back baby! Come join us for a very special episode on Sunday June 29th at 9pm. We will have Ali Kat and Studio 202 production on hand for a live taping of the show. That's right people we gonna be on TV. 
    We will be discussing the increasing blurred lines in society, not the Robin Thicke song but what seems to be the trending asexual push in society. We will also discuss homosexuality, is it nature or nurture. Are we born gay or are we taught to be gay by society. 
    So be sure to tune in @ blogtalkradio.com/theturnUP or call in @ 914-803-4939 to listen, ask a question or leave a comment. We ask in advance to keep the questions and comments respectful. This will be a constructive conversation not a show to bash anyone! 
    So we hope you join us

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    The Turn UP Episode 33

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    What it do Turn Up listeners hope to have your ears tonight as we go through current events the only way Vincent & Camelia can. If there's injustice out there you know we will touch on that as well, so make sure you log on to blogtalkradio.com/theturnUP @ 8pm Call in @ 914-803-4939 to join the show or just listen

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    The Turn Up Episode 34

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    Its been a long time since we've blessed the airwaves with the Turn Up radio show, so be sure to join us on Sunday night at 9pm. We will be discussing current events and the pros and cons of gentrification in Brooklyn. Tune in at blogtalkradio.com/theturnUP and call in at 914-803-4939

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    The Turn Up Episode 30

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    What is going on with the kids today? Is it the education system, parenting, or society in general that has turned this generation of children into little monsters. It seems like every time you turn around the youth today are involved in more and more heinous crimes, from the Knockout game or more recently the spraying of mase of an elderly man in the Bronx. 

    Join Camelia and Vincent as we exam this alarming trend and what if any can something be done about it. We will have a long time friend and experienced educator Medea Brooks join us on the show to shed light on the educational aspect.

    We encourage our listeners to call to join the conversation of just listen at 914-803-4939

    Log on via computer, Ipad, or smartphone @ blogtalkradio.com/theturnup

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    The Turn Up Episode 32

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    Come join us tonight as we discuss current events and the goings on with our collective communities, actually I don't have a given subject to talk about but we'll make you laugh and think

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    The Turn Up Episode 31

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    Join us Sunday night at 8 for a great show. Although we don't have a subject as of yet we will as well usually do bring it! NO EXCUSES PEOPLE! No Superbowl or boring ass awards shows to get in the way just your ears and our mouths! 

    So make sure you log on @ blogtalkradio.com/theturnUP listen in and get in on the chatroom

    You can listen in from any device or call in at 914-803-4939 to listen, comment and ask questions

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    The Turn Up Episode 27

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    Tonight on the Turn Up we will discuss hair and how it effects ones self esteem.  Many women and men have been programmed to view different types of hair as being "good" or "bad".  These stereotypes create phobias within the minds of people who take those views too heart.  These phobias generate billions of dollars in the hair care business because of men and women's search for what they percieve as beautiful hair.  

    So join us tonight as we discuss this topic and as always bring the current evets and goings on according to Vincent and Camelia.  We are looking forward to hopefully getting some callers to ask questions or make comments

    So log on at blogtalkradio.com/theturnup  9:00pm 

    Call in at 914 -803-4939

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    The Turn Up Episode 26

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    Well we've been gone too long and that is no bueno...So tomorrow we come back with a vengeance for a pre-Turkey day show. So while your making that Mac & cheese, cutting up them greens and getting your drink on listen in @ blogtalkradio.com/theturnUP @ 930pm 
    So call in and join the party @ 914-803-4939 

    Tommorows topic is still in the works but as always we will bring the TRUTH that only Vincent & Camelia can bring....so listen in

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    The Turn Up Episode 24

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    Come join Vincent & Camelia tonight on The Turn Up tonight @ 9:30 as we go in on trending topics and much more.  

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    The Turn Up Episode 29

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    Last week on the Turn Up we dove head first into marriage and relationships. We covered communication and how it is necessary for a working relationship. We spoke about compatibility and touched on the ever important SEX. Well this week's show will be part two and it will probably get a little rated R/XXX, well maybe one X. So put the kids to bed early or send them to the other room cause we promise to make it grown & sexy 

    Don't forget to call in @ 914-803-4939 to ask any questions, make a comment or to just listen in

    You can also log in to blogtalkradio.com/theturnUP on any device...yes even your smartphone to listen to the show starting @ 8pm

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    The Turn Up Episode 28

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    Its been along time since we been on air but we are back on tomorrow. So after you finished getting your praise on and stuffing your face at Grandma's Sunday dinner make sure you log on and listen @ blogtalkradio.com/theturnup

    Call in with your questions and comments at 914-803-4939