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    Theory Thursday with Tiffney Cambridge

    in Entertainment

    Tiffney Cambridge from VH1's reality show Married to the Game!! Tune in 

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    The Spirituality of Aging - Dr. Robert L. Weber on America Meditating Radio

    in Self Help

    Dr. Robert L. Weber has a private psychological practice in Cambridge, MA, and is an Assistant Professor of Psychology, Part Time in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and a former Jesuit. He is the 2014 recipient of the American Society on Aging’s FORSA Award (Forum on Religion, Spirituality and Aging) recognizing his leadership, locally and nationally, in exploring the role of spirituality and religion in the aging services field.  Bob gives talks and leads workshops on spirituality, aging and mental health across the country.

    Together with his colleague, Dr. Jane Marie Thibault, Bob established a website and blog, to disseminate ideas about the integration of spirituality, aging and mental health. He serves as editor and chief blogger of this website, which is based on the book he co-authored with Dr. Carol Orsborn entitled, The Spirituality of Age.”  Visit http://spiritualityofage.com  Watch as Dr. Weber & Dr. Orsborn discuss their new book.

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    Positive Impact Radio-Judy Feldhausen - Mission to Eliminate Heart Disease

    in Entrepreneur

    2 pm Central, 3 pm Eastern: "Positive Impact Radio," host Carol Wachniak

    Join Carol every week, to talk to people who are making a Positive Impact in the World!

    Judy Feldhausen

     Mission is to Eradicated Heart Disease     

    Because of her own family history of CardioVascular disease she has been given the opportunity to help make a difference in helping to reduce what is now become the number one killer of men and women worldwide - Heart Disease.

    Her work as a certified technician and distributor using heart rate variability technology allows her to draw a line in the sand for individuals who want to take a "look" at their arterial system and assist them to make lifestyle changes, helping them live more abundant lives.

    Judy's highest honors was being named Illinois Woman of Achievement and recognized in the Cambridge Who’s Who.


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    Two-Sons Pass

    in Comedy

    Mark & Joe are back with stories of Mark's trip to Florida which includes an awkward tryst with an older gal and a rush to make an early flight. Joe also has a story about a rush to make a gig before the guys recap the Erik Bergstrom benefit at the Creek & Cave.

    Come see a LIVE taping of Tuesdays With Stories THIS WEDNESDAY (11/11) in Cambridge, MA at 7pm. Go to https://americanrepertorytheater.org/events/show/boston-comedy-festival-tuesdays-stories for tickets and more info!

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    Shalom Health and Wellness-An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

    in Religion

    Shalom Health and Wellness: Apostle Loretta Williams is a Motivational Speaker and Teacher who will be sharing information that is essential and vital to our physical (body) welfare.  We will learn more on how to stabilize our mental and psychological (the mind and our thoughts) and dealing with our emotions (how we feel).  We should learn as much as possible about maintaining good health so we can live better and fulfilling lives.

    Today’s Lesson Topic: An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure!  Benjamin Franklin the inventor, made this statement  in regards to addressing fire safety, however it has also been used to refer to taking precautions regarding our physical health and well-being.  Another phrase is “better safe than sorry.” Which means it best not to take risks even when it seems boring or difficult, and also we need to be cautious of our anxious and choices rather than having to suffer later (as stated in the Cambridge Dictionary and Wiktionary.)

    Click on the Play Tab Button or link to listen to the “live program” or the recorded broadcast after the scheduled air time.  Be sure to click the FOLLOW Tab on the Fresh Manna Blog Talk Radio Program to be alerted for future programs.

    SCRIPTURE TOPIC: (3 John 1:2)  Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.  

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    Forgiveness & Reconciliation with Father Leonel Narvaez

    in Self Help

    Father Leonel Narváez is a Consolata Missionary Priest, philosopher, sociologist and the Director of the Foundation for Reconciliation in Colombia. He is a graduate of Cambridge University in England and Harvard University and has authored several books on forgiveness and reconciliation.

    Together with colleagues from Harvard University, he developed the concept of the Schools of Forgiveness and Reconciliation where those who have been victims of violence learn how to forgive and use pro-social behavior to resolve inter-personal conflicts. Over 82,000 people have been trained and are part of an international network spanning over ten countries.  In 2006, Father Narvaez won the Unesco Peace Education Prize Special Mention, and in 2007 he received the Order of Democracy by the Congress of the Republic of Colombia for his reconciliation efforts.  http://fundacionparalareconciliacion.org

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    Mindy Abovitz of Tom Tom Magazine October 22nd, 2pm EST

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    900 Seconds warmly welcomes Mindy Abovitz of Tom Tom Magazine!

    Tom Tom Magazine is the only magazine in the world dedicated to female drummers. It a 76 page full color quarterly print magazine, website, events, social media movement and community. Tom Tom serves as the ultimate go-to guide for the latest information of girl drummers and beat makers. We cover drummers of all ages, races, styles, creeds, sexualities, body size, skill level, and notoriety.


    Mindy Abovitz is a self taught drummer and drum machine programmer with a Masters in Media Studies from The New School. Mindy started Tom Tom Magazine; the first and only magazine about female drummers, in 2009. Tom Tom is full color print magazine based out of NYC that is currently distributed globally and is carried by Guitar Centers and Barnes & Noble nationwide. The magazine is also available for free on all Virgin Atlantic flights and in Ace Hotels. Mindy has lectured, performed and held panels at: University of Cambridge, The Apple Store, Sarah Lawrence, Carnegie Melon, Smith College, UCSD, UCLA, CalArts, RISD, Perez Art Museum Miami and MoMA PS1 amongst other institutions. MIndy has received press in FADER Magazine, Paper Magazine, BUST, Miami New Times, LA Weekly, Miami Herald, Gawker and The Smithsonian.

    Website: www.tomtommag.com

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/TomTomMagazine?fref=ts

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    Francis Jackson, Tim Mann, Mark Guidi

    in Business

    Francis Jackson attorney who specializes in disability law for those seeking veterans disability benefits and social security disability benefits.  A founding partner of Jackson & MacNichol. He has also been quoted in USA Today and is listed in Cambridge Who’s Who.He was honored by the National Academy of Best Selling Authors with a "Quilly" award to the Amazon best selling book, "Protect and Defend"  

    Mark Guidi executive coach, business consultant and speaker. He has held senior leadership positions for Fortune 500 firms where most recently he served as Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy for a multi-billion dollar financial services company. He is currently CEO of Centered Business Consulting which helps small to middle-market businesses grow revenue and profitability 

    Tim Mann creator of Couples Finances where he helps couples overcome their money challenges.  He wrote the book Money on Your Terms which became an Amazon bestseller. He has mastered the art and science for getting couples to communicate better about money and has created a winning formula that has everlasting effects on couples’ relationships so they can live in harmony with money and get on the path to financial success

    For more information go to MoneyForLunch.com.
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    Have Bert Martinez speak at your event!

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    Mama Mia NO Sharia with Vito Esposito and AL

    in Politics Conservative

    Barack Hussein Obama and The United Nations are silent yet again after week long increasing of terror attacks by Palestinians.  Was a false social media story the catalist for terror attacks on Israel?  Where is the United Nations crying out for the violence to stop?  Where is Barack Hussein Obama speaking out against the senseless terror attacks on Israeli's?  Barack Hussein Obama inserts himself in a teen building a bomb, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown Crime Spree & Police acting stupidly in Cambridge MA, yet he can't bring himself to admonish the senseless terror being inflicted upon our US ally - Israel!  What will it take for Americans to see that Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama does not like Israel? 

    The Islamic State marks one year as a "Caliphate". What would Mohammed do? Exactly what the Islamic State is DOING! 

    Obama's major Afghanistan announcement last week, American troops will remain in place for most of 2016. I guess announcing your plans to the enemy is a bit overrated, after Iraq fell.  

    Student at University of Missouri burned an Islamic State Flag in a barbecue grill, while hundreds of students chanted "USA! USA!" Yet Muslim Students Organizations chose not to participate in the burning of a radical islamic organizations flag. You know, those radical islamic organizations that have co-opted islam? One would think these so-called mainstream muslims would be overjoyed. 

    Join us this eveing at 6pm EST on Blog Talk Radio, where we may or may not be broadcasting from Little Falls, NY. Website: www.radiojihad.org or twitter: #radiojihadnetwork.  God Bless our Troops and God Bless America! 

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    East Anglian's EDL - CAMBRIDGE

    in Politics Conservative

    An udate on yesterday's Cambridge Rally.
    Also, an update on islamic beating victim Kevin McCarron.
    The Radio Show talking about the Threat to the UK and the World through creeping Sharia, Sharia Law, Islamism, Islamists and Political Correctness. These Issues and more will be discussed on The East Anglian’s EDL Radio Show.
    This show does not hold back, as it delves into the issues that affect England and the Western World. Thank you for joining East Anglian’s EDL Radio Show, as we share our voices and welcome yours, too.
    Thursday, Friday and Sunday at 8:30PM GMT (3:30PM ET)
    Thank you for supporting the East Anglian and Red Fox Radio Programs. “If there were no you, there would be no us.”

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    Tiffney Cambridge - Marrying The Game

    in Family

    MGN Radio chats with Tiffney Cambridge! The Bride! Bright, sassy, and a fun girl, who met her fiancé Jayceon Taylor in a club 8 years ago is finally tying the knot. Tiffney's a small person with a big presence. An elementary school teacher for 14 years, she's used to keeping her kids in line.
    Tell a friend, you don't want to miss Saturday's show at 12noon EST! Listen online or by dialing 917-388-4116.