• Re-Awakening Minds with Dr. Nailah Bakari Gilliam & Guest Jeremiah Camara

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    Do your soul a favor and give it something refreshing to "drink"!

    WARNING: This truth is 180° proof and guaranteed to get you high(er) in conscious awareness! Join us tonight on Re-Awakening Minds…where we're re-awakening minds, one mind at a time. Are you awake yet?


    When we know about our ancestors, when we sense them as living and as supporting us, then we feel connected to the genetic life-stream, and we draw strength and nourishment from this.

    Wearing the conscious cloud...In truth there is only energy. There is no separation. We are constantly in relationship with all beings, at all times. Real relationship requires that we engage all others from the disposition of love, serving and inspiring one another’s awakening to consciousness.

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    Manifesting Visions with Milton Jackson

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    12:30 AM EST Join Psychic Medium Miranda and Meri with Special Guest Milton Jackson! How does one manifest Visions? Can we manifest Visions? Great conversation, fun and get your FREE mini reading tonight.


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    Author and Healer Francine Vale

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    Join Psychic Medium Miranda and Meri with Special Guest Author/Healer Francine vale.

    Do you have questions about health? Ask Francine. If you have any other questions ask Miranda.




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    Do long distant relationships really work?

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    Join Psychic Medium Miranda, Meri and Garrett for discussions, fun and FREE mini readings! Get advice from the experts...



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    Serving Communities in Christian Love and Leadership

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    Greetings!  Join me, Doctor Dayciaa Smith for a fabulously informative episode of Divine Experience on Sunday, October 5, 2014 @ 5:30 pm CST.  I'll give personal updates, talk about P.O.I.'s of the week and list the five essential elements of a flourishing, thriving church congregation.  Today, we have special guest Raleigh Seventh-Day Adventist Church's Community Services Director, Meri James, to share some of the exciting and engaging spiritual outreach efforts of the organization, as well as convey to people how they can contribute and benefit from the cause.  Tune in for a grand blessing!

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    A conversation with Author, Director, and Producer, Jeremiah Camara

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    This episode of the Forbidden Fruit is a special one and has been in the making for some times now. We have in the studio, Jeremiah Camara, who is an author, international speaker, activist, mini-movie and documentary filmmaker. He is the author of the books Holy Lockdown: Does the Church Limit Black Progress? and The New Doubting Thomas: The Bible, Black Folks & Blind Belief. 

    Jeremiah has producesed a feature length documenatary entitled "Contradition" . Contradition explores the impact of religious loyalty and how unyielding commitment to faith in and omniscient and an omnipotent being is affecting society, particulary the African American Segment.

    Call in line to listen and/or talk to us: 347-202-0492

    Follow us and listen on demand: blogtalkradio.com/theforbiddenfruit

    Like us on facebook: facebook.com/theforbiddenfruitradioshow

    Follow us on Twitter: @TFFradioshow

    Email us at: AppleBrain@Live.com

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    Soulmates with Milton Jackson

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    What does the term Soulmates really mean? Join Psychic Medium Miranda and Meri with SPECIAL GUEST Milton Jackson. Talk, fun and FREE mini readings! Join us.



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    Wanda's Picks Radio Show: Save Nubia

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    Professor Manu Ampim is an historian and primary (first-hand) researcher specializing in African and African American history and culture. He earned a Masters of Arts degree in History & African American Studies from Morgan State University in 1989. He joins us to speak about the Save Nubia Project which has a program this Sat., Sept. 27, 1-3:30 at Contra Costa College, 2600 Mission Bell Drive at the John & Jean Knox Center, 2600 Mission Bell Drive, San Pablo, CA http://savenubia.org/about-us/who-we-are

    Currently, Prof. Ampim teaches history at Contra Costa College (San Pablo, CA), and a Africana Studies/Study Abroad course at Merritt College in Oakland, CA. He also teaches a pioneering 7-Step Primary Research Methodology Course at Advancing The Research.

    We continue our conversation with Mr. A. Dwight Pettit, attorney and author of the recent memoir, Under the Color of Law (2014). www.iuniverse.com

    We close with UbuntuTheatreProject.com members to talk about the closing performances this week of 4 plays in three locations: Sept. 24-27:

    N'Jameh Camara
    - Actress (Dance of the Holy Ghosts, Marguerite to Maya Angelou: a moment in prose)
    - Playwright (Marguerity to Maya Angelou: a moment in prose)

    Walker Hare
    - Actor (Campo Maldito, Radicalisation of Bradley Manning, Waiting for Lefty)

    Emilie Whelan
    - Director (Grounded, Waiting for Lefty)
    - Actress (Radicalisation of Bradley Manning, Waiting for Lefty)

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    Do we really need psychic classes?

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    12:30 AM EST Join Psychic Medium Miranda, Meri & Garrett for Topics, fun and FREE mini readings!!

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    the Ndustry w. Akia & Nicole

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    MEET ONE OF THE INDUSTRY'S MOST PASSIONATE ACTORS AND YOUTH ACTING COACH, THE PHENOMENAL... THEA CAMARA! JOIN THE EXCLUSIVE, LIVE INTERVIEW, ON THE NDUSTRY RADIO SHOW, SEPTEMBER 7TH AT 7 PM EST/4 PST. THIS WEEK, THE NDUSTRY INTRODUCES THEATRICAL PERFORMER, ACTOR AND COACH, THEA CAMARA!  Thea Camara discovered her passion for acting at an early age. However, she began to pursue her long time dream with vigor in 2008. Since that time, Thea has had the opportunity to perform in stage plays, commercials and on the big screen. Thea Camara has trained under the watchful eye of Tasha Smith from “Why did I get married I & II and now trains the youth. Join us as she shares her nuggets to navigating through the industry and tips to avoid pitfalls.          LISTEN LIVE AT 347-989-8385 OR AT WWW.WELCOMETOTHENDUSTRY.COM YOU ARE NOW IN THE NDUSTRY!

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    The word Holy Bible derives from the Greek Words Helios Biblos. Helios means Sun and Biblos is derived from the ancient Egyptian word, papyrus, which means paper. "Holy Bible" means Sun Book (or compiled papers) and represents the knowledge of the "Children of the Sun" as recorded by the original inhabitants of Egypt.The biblical Jesus, for the most part, is the SUN in the sky. The fiery SUN. John 3:19 "I am the Light of the world," Psalms 84:11 "the Lord God is a sun….," Deuteronomy 4:24 "God is a consuming fire," Mal. 4:2 "Sun of Righteousness," and John 12:46 "...a light into the world" are just a few examples. The 12 apostles of the biblical Jesus are the constellations.People are not born from virgins. The Virgin birth is the SUN having its start (solar calendars) in the constellation of Virgo as it was in some areas of the world. (Virgo is Latin for virgin) The name Mary is symbolic to the names Auset-Meri (Isis) and Maya. Isis was the Virgin mother of the astrological Sun God Heru (Horus) of ancient Egypt. In Buddhist mythology, Maya was the name of the virgin mother of Siddhartha (the Buddha of 2,500 years ago). There are more astrological virgin mothers besides these three. In fact, there were over 10 "crucified saviors" before Jesus, because these are mythological and esoteric stories based on the SUN and it's movements. Virgo is the only female constellation, the celestial virgin.The resurrection of Lazarus is a plagiarized story taken from the Ausarian Resurrection of over 12,000 years ago, which was also based on the SUN. In the story, the God Ausar (Osirus) was killed by his brother, Set (origin of the word Satan). The son (Sun) of Ausar (Osirus), named Heru (Horus in Greek) avenged his father's death.

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