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    Michael Jenkins - Productive Change

    in Business

    Michael Jenkins is the president of Intelligent Leader Solutions, LLC and creator of Poductive Change Management, a program designed to develop high-performing teams, leaders and individuals through tension management strategies.

    Michael is a Board Certified Coach and a US Navy Veteran.  He has more than 30 years business experience which includes leading and directing organizational teams. He has a bachelor's degree from San Diego State University, and a master's degree in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenic.

    Michael is also a contributing author of the new best selling book "Experts Wisdom - Life Changing Principles & Transformational Business Strategies from the Go -To Authorities".

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    Episode 2993 - The Prophetic Plan of God and 2016 - Bill Jenkins

    in Paranormal

    Episode 2993 - The Prophetic Plan of God and 2016
    Pastor Bill Jenkins www.churchofacts.org/
    Recorded 11-16-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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    An Evening of Thanksgiving with Elder Emil Jenkins

    in Spirituality


    Elder Emil L. Jenkins was born and raised in Memphis, Tn, to Pastor Eddie and Missionary Martha Jenkins. The teaching he received during his early years laid the foundation for the life and the ministry that he would later come to embrace. Ath the young age of seventeen, and after growing up as a preacher's kid, On August 9,1991, Elder Jenkins decided to yield his life to Christ and know God for himself. Soon afterwards, January 1992, God filled him with His precious Holy Ghost and in March 1994, Elder Jenkins fearlessly answered God's call to preach His word.

    Elder Jenkins served faithfully as the Minister of Music under the leadership of his father, Pastor Edie Jenkins, at Fayette Corner Community Church (1991-Present) He was later appointed to Assistant Pastore (2007-Present) as he helps his fathere build the ministry and continue to win souls for Christ. His dynamic and expressive style of preaching earned him the affectiuonate title of Pastor MADD. Following the leading of the Holy Spirit, Pasotr MADD opened the doors to the Manifestation and Deliverance Destiny Center in Middleton, Tn (Nov 2012-2014) where he officially invited others to come and go "crazy" for Christ along with him.

    On every since Elder Jenkins said yes to to God, he has yet to slow down. While pastoring the MADD center, he continued to serve as Minister of Music and Assistant Pastor at Fayette Corner Community Church. He was also appointed President of the Evangelistic Department (jan 2013-2015) and director of Security (Jan 2002-2012) both for the Tennessee Central Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Church of God in Chriust where Bishop Brand B. Porter is the Jurisdictional Prelate.

    In the early part of 2014, Elder Jenkins miraculouslt survived a traumatic car accident which neatly claimed his life. Refusing to allow his recovery to hinder his God ordained assignment, Elder Emil Jenkins us yet going crazy for Christ.

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    HOMELESS MINISTRY: With the Jenkins

    in Christianity

    The Jenkins return to the show to speak on a mission close to their heart: homeless ministry. It is about bringing the light of Christ to the street of Las Vegas to provide hope love and encouragement. We do this by providing freshly cooked food and drinks, and clothing to meet their physical need. They engage with the people they are serving while also providing for an individual's spiritual need by praying and minstering God's word. The idea is being the hands and feet of Jesus in a broken and lost world.

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    Special Guest Pastor Bill Jenkins - Episode 279 – Thursday November 10, 2015

    in Christianity

    In tonight’s broadcast we welcome Pastor Bill Jenkins to the show. Pastor Jenkins will share his new book and share some prophetic insights into 2016.

    We will take calls for prayer and prophetic ministry. The number to call is (619) 566-0956

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    On Air with Shirelle Hogans and Carla Jenkins!

    in Women

    The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show | www.Sharvette.com | Tuesday at 6:00pm EST 

    First Segment:
    Super excited to kick off Tuesday's show with Shirelle 'Diamond' Hogans! Shirelle is a compassionate Nurse, for 16 years, Maternal Health Educator, for DAPI-Wilmington site, Domestic Violence Advocate, Sexual Violence Advocate, Suicide and Violence Education Teacher for the Criminal Justice Council in New Castle Delaware, International emPOWERment Speaker, Minister and Publisher Author who genuinely wants to instill hope in a hurting community! Check out my blog post about Shirelle > http://sharvette.com/on-air-with-shirelle-diamond-hogans/ 

    Second Segment:

    Excited to feature Carla Jenkins on Tuesday's show at 6:30 p.m. EST! Did you know that October is positive attitude month? Carla is a phenomenal expert specializing in positive change management. Check out my blog post about Carla > http://sharvette.com/on-air-with-carla-jenkins/ 


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    Guest Speakers - Bethany Jenkins & Heather McCullough

    in Current Events

    Join Bethany Jenkins (Utah) and Heather McCullough (NH), daughters of your normal host, while Henrys off hunting.  Go get em' boys! 

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    Kingdom Men's Talk Show Host Dr. Sunny Ogbomo interviews Dr. Bill Jenkins

    in Christianity

    Kingdom Empowerment, Inc.-Radio’s Talk Show Host - Dr. Sunny Ogbomo interviews Dr. Bill Jenkins, Pastor of the Church of Acts, Author, and TBN’s Generations Act Host on November 8, 2015 at 10 AM EST on Kingdom Men’s show.

    **Topic:”What is the New  Prophetic Almanac 2016 All About?”**

    Short Bio: Dr. Bill Jenkins

    Bill Jenkins is the Founder and Senior Pastor of the Church of ACTS.  He is originally from Chicago. He graduated from Christ for the Nations Bible College. He moved to Indianapolis to start the Church of ACTS and held its first service on May 15, 1991. He is a faithful shepherd to the flock of God's people. He and his wife, Britain, have three boys. He enjoys coaching their little league sports teams and collecting sports memorabilia. His favorite version of the Bible is the King James and his all time favorite scripture is Daniel 1:8.


    Call in to the host 1 (646) 668-2413 USA or join us LIVE AND SUBMIT YOUR PRAYER REQUEST at:





    Get Kingdom Empowered Today!

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    Soul Town-The Sound Of Music with Host and Author Reginald Jenkins

    in Music

    The Host and Author Reginald Jenkins who is the author of the book "An Excursion In Soul" which is available on amazon.com where you can check out excerpts and also on Kindle and I-Pads. Some of the greatest talent in the history of music like Michael Jackson, Isaac Hayes, Earth Wind And Fire and James Brown.

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    POWERHOUSE COUPLE: Eva & Tray Jenkins

    in Women

    We have been instructed not to be anxious about anything and to come to the Lord in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. <3 Philippians 4:6 

    We have been reminded to be BOLD with our petitions and specific. How many people have been anxious over their marital status while walking out their faith? How many times has your singleness distracted you from your focus? 

    We will hear the testimonies of two amazing indiviuals who found the answer to their prayers on their pursuit of God and more of Him. They submit, obey, and pursue the Lord with all their heart and in return, God delivered the desires of their hearts. The partner they prayed for! Identical in much of their journey in God's Will for their lives....Now married, Eva & Tray Jenkins as they share their story and mission. 

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    She Doesn't Want Sex? Could be Her Work Place w/Lisa Marie Jenkins, Ep.68

    in Women

    In all this talk about gender equaity in the workplace, T&A tackle the deeper equality issue of approaching work and success with feminine qualities versus masculine, and how both men and women can benefit from ditching their old paradigms and finding a new way of approaching success.  The girls talk with Lisa Marie Jenkins, professional coach, speaker, & author of 'WAKE UP, BEAUTY! It's Not About the Prince' on how exactly we can go about this,  why it's so important and how this affects our male/female relationships.

    Show Notes

    Historically, men were protectors and providers; women were compassionate nurturers. Both sexes were playing very specific roles (11:40)

    The 70’s moved women into the angry, bra burning stage which was necessary to get the ball rolling but that is NOT what feminism is about (11:51)

    The year 1985 is a benchmark-that’s the year when women started earning 50% of all college degrees (12:12) 

    Today, we earn 60-65% of all degrees, Bachelors and Masters’ combined and we’ve been in the work force since the mid-80’s (12:16) 

    Can a woman be nice and competent in today’s workplace? (15:15) 

    Despite the higher numbers for advanced degrees, women only represent 4.7% of CEO’s in Fortune 500 companies and at major tech companies women only represent 20% of employees in all roles (18:30) 

    Where and how do women struggle the most in the workplace?  (21:00)

    What is ‘tentative speech’ and how does it hurt women?  (21:52) 

    Find Relevant Links & FULL Show Notes HERE

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