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    Former WWE Diva AMY WEBER & Rocker ALEXX CALISE

    in Entertainment

    The UCW Radio Show features former WWE Diva & current recording artist Amy Weber as she speaks with host Louis Velazquez not only about her WWE run but also the battles she has had with serious illness, her latest single "Let It Rain" and more, ALSO female rocker Alexx Calise comes on the show to give us an update on her career as well as showcase her latest single "Outta Here"  

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    You Wanted It, You Got It: Fans Structured Podcast Request

    in Comedy

    Yamaneika is joined by friend and comic Calise Hawkins in Los Angeles to delve into some serious topics, as per the requests of the Yams and Chlones. Great episode, so check it out!

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    Jaw Jackin

    in Comedy

    Charlie Murphy is joined by Calise Hawkins, Nick Vatterott, Tim Rothschild, and Kyle Grooms to talk about the legalization of weed and other topics.

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    A Cavalcade of Niggas

    in Comedy

    This one is a rowdy one ladies and gentlemen! We have 5 people on the mic and we s#!t talking like never before! Yamaneika is joined by her co-host Chloe, frienemy Calise Hawkins, long time comedy brother Sim, and up and coming comedy performer Courtland Faulden

    Sit back and enjoy ... cause it will be awhile before we do 5 mics again!

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    in Comedy

    Nathan and Jon are joined by the incredible Calise Hawkins. Calise is an awesomely talented comedian who tours the country. Recently Calise made the decision to express herself in a completely unfiltered way on Twitter that has created all kinds of buzz in the comedy community. Nathan brings Calise in to talk about what its like to say what you actually want on a medium like Twitter.

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