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    California Quake vs. SoCal Breakers!

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    Join the Scorekeeper and the Big Dog as they call the play-by-play of the IWFL California Quake vs the SoCal Breakers at Fullerton High School. For Part 1, check us out here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sportstalkwiththeguys/2010/05/23/california-quake-vs-socal-breakers

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    California Quake vs Modesto Maniax

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    The Big Dog and the Scorekeeper call the play-by-play for the Hometown California Quake @ Downey H.S.

    The first 10 minutes or so is just noise, but be patient and it will continue with a live connection. Sorry for that.

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    California Quake vs. SoCal Breakers!

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    Join the Scorekeeper and the Big Dog as they call the play-by-play of the IWFL California Quake vs the SoCal Breakers at Fullerton High School. Pre-game show is at: 5:30 P.M. with game time at: 6:00 P.M. At 7:30, join us on our sister station: NDB MEDIA.

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    California Quake vs Sacramento Sirens

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    1st & 2nd Qtr California Quake (1-3) vs Sacramento Sirens (3-1). Saturday, 5/09 6:00PM @ Downey High School Football Stadium. 11040 Brookshire Ave Downey, CA 90241.
    If you can't stream online call 347-826-7278 to listen. Also follow ALL IWFL Score updates via twitter http://www.twitter.com/iwfl.

  • CherylBarnes

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    Cheryl Dyrithe Barnes is a Cleveland native living in Southern California. She is a classically trained jazz singer with remarkable depth, range and technique. Beloved around the world as a captivating live performer, Cheryl shied away from making records for nearly a decade. Cheryl Barnes harbors fond memories of music’s presence throughout her early life. “My father, Calvert Barnes, played music 24 hours a day in the house from his collection of old 78s and LPs – all the big bands, all the singers, all the jazz. Then on the radio he enjoyed the rich beautiful melodies of Mantovani and the 101 strings. No rock n’ roll allowed in the house!” Raised Catholic, Cheryl – unlike many Black singers - did not grow up in gospel yet sought and loved that and ALL music just the same.  In 2014, Ms. Barnes returns with her fourth and finest album Listen to This, produced by Rahn Coleman and featuring her husband Phil Cabasso on piano, saxophonists Rickey Woodard and Pete Christlieb, pianists John Hammond and Joel Scott, and trumpeter Nolan Shaheed. Ms. Barnes is the quintessential performer, wowing audiences worldwide with her unerring sense for creating and sustaining a musical and personal rapport, be it within intimate club settings or commanding concert stages. The lady has shared the stage with Quincy Jones, Wynton Marsalis, Lou Rawls, J.J. Johnson and Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr. 




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    2015: The Ephah, the Eye, & the Aliens

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    Tonight on PROPHECY QUAKE, we will delve into more revelation from the prophet Zechariah about the connection of the universal occult symbol of the all-seeing eye to the coming alien deception of the fallen angels. God's Word is AMAZING!

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    Live Jumu'ah From Masjidul Waritheen - "American Apartheid"

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    Jumu'ah From Masjidul Waritheen Oakland California

  • Books and Films that Inspired the O.T.A.

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    On Christmas night December 25th, 2014 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke
    Runyon will present a special program in which Frater Thabion, your host
    and the founder of the Order of the Temple of Astarte, will trace the
    books and films that influenced and inspired him to create and develop
    his unique American system of Magick. I grew out of the Oz books and
    graduated to the Mars books (John Carter) then into a teenage
    fascination with Richard Shaver's hi-tech Lemurian survivor stories. I
    will go to my 1950s early college days watching films such as Jean
    Cocteau's Orpheus, and Orson Welles Black Magic (on Cagliostro and
    Mesmer) and move on through to a study of Voodoo in line with my
    Caribbean adventurer-fiction writer persona. The Saragossa Manuscript
    for Kabbalah and mirror magick, Graves The White Goddess. Then my
    illness which I tried to cure with self-hypnosis. This led to a serious
    study of hypnosis along with Tibetan Tantra (Evans-Wentz) and finally
    Western Magick. Mastering the Goetia with the mirror method led to
    Jungian psycho-philosophy and the study of anthropology culminating in a
    Master's Degree in the subject from California State University. During
    this program I created the modern Hermetically oriented Neo-Canaanite
    Seasonal ceremonies for our magical order The Temple of Astarte, The
    main purpose of our Goetia was to bring up and reestablish the Secret
    Goddess of old King Solomon himself. We use the 1770 Hermetic-Masonic rite of Crata Repoa as a structure for our system and I will discuss the sources behind this. Perhaps some of these books and teachings will help others to understand our perspective on the Western Tradition and what we expect to
    accomplish by what we call The Great Work.

  • Nsearch Radio 12-25-14

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    Join www.project.nsearch.com and contact Glenn Canady there if you are interested in earning extra money social networking and making $1000 to $3000 for every solar energy system you give away to people in California or Massachussets (10 more states to follow in 2015).  The solar systems cost nothing to the homeowner and they even get the first year of power for free (up to $2000).  Contact Glenn Canady at www.project.nsearch.com and tell him you heard about this on Blogtalk Radio!  

    Listen to Nsearch Radio from 8pm to Midnight EST every night!
    Monday Thru Thursday
    (8pm - 9pm) God’s Word - Jeff Osburn, Greg Laurie
    (90pm - Midnight) Many various Christian programs - you’ll learn something new every day!

    (8pm - 9pm) Terry Clark & Friends
    (9pm to Midnight) 9:00 - 9:30 God’s Word - Jeff Osburn,  9:30-Midnight - Various shows

    Saturday and Sunday
    (8pm to 11pm)  8:00 to 8:30 God’s Word - Jeff Osburn,  8:30 - 11:00 assorted shows

  • a chat with Lauren - California and stuff in the news ... Getting the talk out .

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    this and that, it's chat .. . she seems very knowledgeable and has a lot to share !

    (after some months of being off line, back and just getting back into it with a new online friend)

    California dreamin' ...

    Future and past .. Many topics being touched upon...

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    Wellness Wednesday End of year celebration

    in Self Help

    Join "Miss Erudite" as she express herself freely about all topics.
    Building Communities through. Knowledge, Wisdom, & Understanding.

    #SparkPlenty is the moderator for this segment featuring Mr. California, DeeKae, The Professor.

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