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    Author Rod Adkins on Write Now Radio!

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    2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 714-464-4891)

    Viki Winterton interviews Rod Adkins! 

    Rod Adkins is a business and executive coach based in Melbourne Australia, who believes that anyone can make changes for the better in their lives and business with the influence of someone they can trust.

    He became interested in investigating cancer issues after being diagnosed with skin cancer and seeing his father dying from melanoma and 2 other family members recently dying from lung cancers. He noticed that where radiation and/or chemotherapy were instigated, this potentially made the cancer worse. 

    From what he has researched, Rod agrees with many that the cancer cells are part of us, within us from the start, and it is either an event or our environment that causes the cells to gradually turn malignant. 


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    The Rod Eccles Show 3 9 2015

    in Politics Conservative

    On this edition of the Rod Eccles Show, Rod gives his take on the change in Cuban relations and why its not a great deal for the ordinary citizens of Cuba based on the Castro regime history.  But its just another sign of Obama giving in to dangerous governments and dictators.  Is Obama setting the USA up for a huge fall from the world stage?  Plus some new poll numbers about Obama and what the American people think about, well America.  Plus a whole lot more.  So dont miss a single minute of this powerful episode.  It all starts at 8pm Eastern Time on Blog Talk Radio and re-airs on CPR, Red State Radio, SHR Media and others.  

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    Sports Vibe

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    Sports Vibe

    Join Jerry Chiles and Mike Paulson at 9pm ET/6pm PT as they cover topics in NFL, NBA, WWE and more....

    Major Topics Include:

    NFL:  Emmanuel Sanders, Michael Crabtree, NFL Draft Info

    WWE:  Triple H & the Future of the WWE, AJ Lee retires

    NBA:  Russell Westbrook

    NCAAF:  NCAA Committee Receives Violent Threats

    NHL:  Mascot name for Las Vegas franchise

    Listen to the show at www.SportzAddix.com and click on the live radio player or listen to the show or call in at 646-378-1303

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    RTU: #229 - Streaming/Recording LIVE Thursday, April 16th at 10pm ET

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    Ready to Unload: With Cal & Sanpete

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    Also available on STITCHER HERE

    We are extremely excited to announce that we'll once again be co-hosting a LIVE streaming joint podcast with the guys from TurnOnTheJets.com at Five Mile Stone in NYC and featuring award winning craft beer from Gun Hill Brewing Co., NFL Giveaways and free merch from SeatSwap! Thursday, April 30th at 7:30pm. Go to 2015DraftPartyPodcast.com for details!

    RTU: #229 - Streaming/Recording LIVE Thursday, April 16th at 10pm ET

    Main Course: A ton to get to tonight including the NHL playoffs and the return, for at least one night, of The October Islanders, the Rangers in action, how to watch playoff hockey, the Mets off to a good start but losing their captain, the 10-27 prediction, and the NFL Draft is in 2 weeks, and we got a show to do. Now get out of our way. 

    Plus the FUNLOAD will be all about the Star Wars trailer and why maybe, just maybe, JJ Abrams is going to reinstitute our childhoods. 

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    The Rod Eccles Show 4 8 2015

    in Politics Conservative

    On this edition of the Rod Eccles Show, Rod talks about the Iranian Nuke deal and why its a bad deal not only for the USA but the whole of the Middle East and the World.  Also the Enviro-whackos want to take some of your health care away because it harms the environment.  The hypocricy of the Liberal Left CEO of major well known corporations and a whole lot more.  So tune in at 8pm ET.  Tell your frends and family about the show.  Let them see why this is a fast growing talk show.  

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    Celebrities making stupid decisions cause they have money and power!

    in Entertainment

    Tonite on a speical quick  edition of The Absolute Truth we will be discussing the rise and fall of ex- NFL star Aaron Hernandez, plus RiHanna is in love with the CoCo?????? All this and more tonite on the next Absolute truth with your host The Hot Rod and Sean B. 

    Where we tell it like it is!!! 

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    Summerwind Solar Who? (ARIZONA BEWARE)

    in Dreams

    I'm Walter Rossie Jr. and I'm on this week's episode I will be exposing a company called Summerwind Solar Cal LLC, and sharing my negative experience in dealing with Bud Rice and Bill Roush. I sold solar for Summerwind Solar LLC to save money so I could use that very money to live my new dream as a motivational speaker and author. I was the top performer in sales for our California office but Bud and Bill decided not to pay me $36,000 and fled back to the Arizona office where they are operating a similarly named company. I'm especially irritated because this week I have to spend money on a a lawyer. So my mission is two fold:

    First to expose Bill Roush and Bud Rice for what they've done in California and the lives they've damaged so people in Arizona will know who they are dealing with.

    Second is to bring to light the inescapable and sometimes devistating effects of the law of Cause and Effect. A law the ignorance of which can make you very sick or even kill you when violated, like Bill Roush. I witnessed Bill suffer a second heart attack, panic attacks and looked half dead the last time we saw him. I believe it's due to negative energy he's absorbed by doing financial harm to good people that trusted him. Bill was once a good man and now his soul is suffering and his body is reflection of that. We will talk about a spiritual solution to Bill's problem and maybe we can all assist him or anyone else who is suffering the consequences of choosing the Left Handed Path.

    I'm a survivor of darkness myself and will share the truth of how I was able to step out of my own darkness and live in the light. "A single sunbeam is enough to drive away any shadows..." ~St. Frances of Assisi



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    Cen-Cal Pro Radio - "COLD WAR OF WRESTLING"

    in Wrestling

    Live from the 805... Cen-Cal Pro Radio is LIVE once again this week with arguably the most infamous man in all of Cel-Cal Pro, he is the Super Czar, Sasha Darevko! His debut at Cen-Cal was an absolute explosion! Fans who were in the audience got their first taste of his Cold War on Cen-Cal.. Alliances were forged right away on both sides at the first show, which brought the reunion of Creepshow, as JD Horror came from the Bottom of Camp Crystal Lake to help maintain order! Sledge isn't afraid to call in some old friends to even the odds. The Cold War of Wrestling is coming to Cen-Cal... Wrestlers from all sides will be taking a stand at this next show... which side wil YOU be on? Sasha Darevko makes his declaration to the Fans and Locker Room of Cen-Cal Pro this week! Join host Jimmy Ray live from the trenches as he gets the Manifesto of a Madman! WE are Cen-Cal Pro, and we will NOT be stopped!!

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    Washington Redskins Tracy Porter talks to the "Yahoo Sports Kings"

    in Sports

    Former New Orleans Saints, Denver Broncos and current Washington Redskins CB Tracy Porter joins the Sports Kings to discuss how GM's determine who they will take in the NFL draft. 

    The Sports Kings can be heard weekly on Yahoo Sports Radio and Yahoo Sports Radio.com. Make sure you follow us on Twitter MeanGene @sportskings, Ronnie Brooks @sportskingshost, Rod Johnson @YSKROD

    We are proud to have DraftKings as one of our business partners and encourage all of you Fantasy Sports fans to join DraftKings at www.draftkings.com and please enter our special promo code: SK2015

    MeanGene, Ronnie Brooks and Rod Johnson are the Yahoo Sports Kings.

    Yahoo Sports Radio



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    LFTA EP65 Nick 'The Mastermind' Darden & Terry F'N Houston

    in Wrestling

    This Week on the Show.......
    We are pleased to have first time guest Nick 'The Mastermind' Darden Wrestling Manager stop by to talk wrestling, the lost art and role of a manager in wrestling, and we'll get his take on the current landscape of Indy Wrestling!!
    Our second guest is no stranger to the show.......$5 Wrestling Icon, Grindhouse Wrestling Show Legend, MileStone Wrestling PrimeTime Player, One of the Hereos of Burke County and Show Friend, Terry F'N Houston comes by with a Special Announcement that you do not want to miss!!!!
    All this plus the Weeks Indy News, Upcoming Events, Happenings & More as Only We Can Deliver Them!
    Recorded LIVE on Blog Talk Radio 7pm EST Wednesday Night
    Studio: 213-816-1605
    We Are on iTunes Podcasts
    Streamed Worldwide to the Masses via: www.fnx.network
    Please Support: www.sslclothing.com

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    The Rod Eccles Show 4 6 2015

    in Politics Conservative

    On this edition of the Rod Eccles Show, Rod talks about The American Dream.  Is it still alive and well?  Rod says yes but its not the dream you were told it was.  Plus Rod brings you up to date on the important issues and events that took place over the week end.  As well as some important and exciting announcements.  You don't want to miss a sinlge minute.  So start your week off on a truly positively American foot.  Tune in LIVE at 8pm Eastern Time

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