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    Factory Farmed vs Pasture Raised Beef - Your Health, Your Choice!

    in Nutrition

    Pasture raised, organic grass fed beef is the meat of the moment! They claim that it is a healthier choice of meat than its grain-fed counterpart. However, it also commands a much higher price per lb. Many consumers would like to eat healthier but shy away from the sky high prices that makes grass fed beef such an elitist food.

    Many of our clients want to know, “If I am going to spend that kind of money… is it really worth it?”

    Advocates claim a trifecta of advantages: Grass-fed beef is simply better for you, better for the animal and better for the planet.

    So, is it?

    Today Dr. Budweiser, founder of Weiser Living, will discuss the difference between CAFO (Confined Animal Feeding Operation) beef and organic pasture raised grass fed beef and whether that price per lb really is worth it or not.

    Some of the points he will cover are:

    The History Of Beef 
    What You Need To Know About The Beef Industry
    Better For The Cow!

    A Cow's Natural Diet
    What Exactly Is A CAFO?
    The CAFO Diet & The Health Implications For The Cow
    WARNING! Not All Grass Fed Is Created Equal!

    Better For The Planet!

    Environmental Impact

    Better For You!

    12 Benefits Of Eating Grass Fed Beef

    CDC Confirms Link Between CAFOs And Superbugs
    How CAFO Meats May Decimate Your Gut Health
    How & Where To Source Your Grass Fed Beef

    All this and much, much more!

    Meanwhile, check out www.weiserliving.com for more information, recipes, articles and products!


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    Are Americans Less Safe than Europeans from the food industry?

    in Health

    US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows the use of carbon monoxide as a "preservative;" by attaching to myo-globin's iron atom, turning it bright red and preventing it from interacting with oxygen. This practice is banned in Europe and Japan, because even though it might prevent color changes, it certainly doesn't prevent bacterial growth.

    80% of the antibiotics sold in America are fed to animals raised in confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs). The antibiotics and GMP grains radically alter the bacterial balance and composition in the animal's gut.  Just as in humans, poor gut health in animals promotes disease.

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    Home Front - A Round Table Discussion on the Farm Amendment

    in Politics Conservative

    We all know about the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, but what about farming?    Tea Party and grassroots folks seem to be divided.   Throw in the fact that "Big- Agri" appears to support this while many small farmers are not convinced.  Is there more we need to know?  Your thoughts and comments are welcomed as well.  Join us as we get into the meat of this amendment.

    You are invited to call in and participate.  If even some of the best legal experts are divided on whether this is good or bad, productive dialogue with you may help us discover the Constitutional answer!

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    Mother Nature is in strange places--Organ-meat is one

    in Health

    What once was, one of the finest methods to consume super nutrients for the body is no more, due to man's interference. The consumption of organ meat has fallen from grace due to the food now fed to the animals and injections that they receive to make them produce faster and more meat.

    Animals raised in confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) have diets of genetically modified food and veterinary drugs injected into them and living conditions of such animals are not likely to result in healthy organs, so be sure to find out where the organs came from, should you decide to pick some up at your local grocer.. Consuming organ meat dates back hundreds of years.