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    Business Connections: Sherry Mirshahi-Totten

    in Business

    Sherry Mirshahi-Totten, Founder/CEO, Make Your Brand in Demand, will be my guest today.
    Business Connections is all about YOUR business. We discuss different ways in which to promote your business, how to find and keep customers, how to get referrals and much more. Stay tuned each week for more details as we have sponsored guests and people calling in to ask questions  Please help spread the word and tell your friends and family and share on social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
    Cindy Freland, Maryland Secretarial Services, Inc, is the host of the show. http://www.marylandsecretarial.com, cindy@marylandsecretarial.com, (301) 352-7927

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    Connections in Business- The Importance Of Personal Interaction

    in Entrepreneur

    Welcome to At Your Service Yes Radio, hosted by Daniel Barth! This broadcast will talk about Connections in Business- The Importance Of Personal Interaction

    This is a relational, personal field. This is a people business, and connections are vital to your business' success.
    We explore this idea, and share some good application for your business.

    Of course we also share a couple of news items from the day and also an encouraging word for you!

    Thanks for listening to At Your Service Yes Radio!

    We look forward to helping you with your business

    At Your Service Yes Radio

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    Lifelong business growth! The value of building your community connections

    in Training

    Starting a business isn't easy.  Nor should it be done completely "ALONE".  You need the support of community connections.  You need to break out of your comfort zone and start reaching out and building connections.  These initial networking gatherings can serve you through the longevity of your business and beyond!

    Today I chat with Leigh Schwarz.  Founder of Oh Baby Fitness, Leigh and I will chat about how connecting with each other 8 years ago has served our businesses and relationships over shifts, moves, changes and time.  One thing we have always agreed upon is how working collaboratively is what builds a community stronger.

    I can't wait to share with you some of our authentic networking strategies and how you can build your own community of refererals to grow as a Care Professional.

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    Business Lunch with OB - Leveraging Emotion, Effective Connections and Energy

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    Business Lunch with OB is 60 powerful minutes to help you move closer to optimal at work and life and make tomorrow better than today.  It’s hosted by Michael O’Brien aka OB.  Michael is a business leadership coach, motivational speaker, and president of Peloton Coaching and Consulting. (www.pelotoncc.net). 

    Business Lunch with OB airs on the Life Coach Chat Channel on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month from 12pm to 1pm eastern.  Business Lunch with OB will feature contemporary business challenges, steps to achieve your best results, and interviews with exceptional business leaders.

    Feb 6th is dedicated to leveraging Emotion, Effective Connections, and Energy.  I will pass along:

    Exercises you can use with your team
    Stories that illustrate the power of Emotion, Effective Connections, and Energy
    The benefits of outcome detachment
    A great offer on a Leadership Assessment that helped me recalibrate my leadership approach

    Michael brings 22 years of leadership and executive experience to his coaching practice. He’s seen success in the field, the conference room, and the boardroom.  Peloton Coaching and Consulting aligns with his passion of business leadership development and changing lives through great leadership. 


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    Spirit Connections with Donna Marie -Guest: Holistic Business Coach Bob Crawford

    in Spirituality

    This week's guest is Holistic Business Coach Bob Crawford. I'm doubly excited this week, because not only is Bob an empowering coach who changes lives, he is also my wonderful husband! It took a little arm twisting, but I finally got him to agree to come on the air with me. Bob is the founder of GrowingYourHolisticBusiness.com, and helps holistic practitioners, and those drawn to the holistic field, attract more clients, make more money, and create more freedom in their lives, all while remaining authentic and heart-centered. During the show he will be sharing his insights into what it takes to succeed in the holistic field, plus he will share the seven step system that you can use to grow your practice right now. To learn more about Bob and how he can help you take your holistic practice to the next level, visit http://www.growingyourholisticbusiness.com


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    Spiritual Connections Radio, Mark and Pamela, Mon 8pm

    in Spirituality

    During this special New Year show of Spiritual Connections Radio, creators of the network and spiritual teachers Mark Rawson and Pamela Latour host this special show to talk about spritual topics.

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    Linda Howe, Spiritual Connections Radio, Mon, April 6, 8pm EST

    in Spirituality

    Our Guest will be Linda Howe, Teacher and Author

    On the radio show Linda will talk about:
    1) What has changed over the past three years as far as what can be done with the Akashic records.
    2) What new programs does she have out at this time?
    3) What it the biggest earth change that has happen this year?
    4) She will share stories from working with different teachers and students?

    Linda Howe is the founder and director of the Center for Akashic Studies and the leading expert in the field of Akashic Studies. She is the author of two award-winning books: How to Read the Akashic Records(Sounds True, 2009) and Healing Through the Akashic Records: Using the Power of Your Sacred Wounds to Discover Your Soul’s Perfection (Sounds True, 2011).

    Linda is a gifted teacher with an international following of students from every walk of life: mystics, artists, writers, business professionals, psychiatrists and therapists, academics, and healers. Linda is committed to empowering her students to recognize the Light within, and to know their own soul more than ever before. With this greater awareness of their truth, her students are more successful at living lives that demonstrate the universal goodness of the human soul.

    Specializing in the use of the Akashic Records for personal empowerment and consciousness development, she has successfully taught thousands to work in the Records as a spiritual practice since 1996. Highly regarded as a beloved teacher, Linda Howe is known for making spiritual ideas understandable and useful in the daily lives of her students, enabling them to experience the growth and transformation they seek.

    Website: akashicstudies.com

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    Transforming Business - A Shaman's Perspective

    in Business

    Musician, shaman, and author Francis Rico Hayhurst combines ancient and modern shamanic wisdom with a irrepressible advocacy for having fun and enjoying life – assisting his clients, students and fellow adventurers in awakening to the gift of their lives. He will be sharing his experience with collaboration in the music business and how it is indeed possible for all to prosper and thrive. Join us for this enlightening and inspiring show

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    Gerry Gavin, Spiritual Connections Radio, Monday, Mar 9, 8pm EST

    in Spirituality

    Spiritual Connections Radio show- Monday March 9, 8pm ET

    Hosted by the creators of the network, Pamela Latour and Mark Rawson

    Our Guest will be Gerry Gavin

    What if You Could Talk to an Angel? 

    In writing his newest Hay House book, If You Could Talk to and Angel, (scheduled for release in early 2016), Gerry Gavin, author ofMessages from Margaret, and Hay House Radio host, channeled the angel Margaret, who assisted in answering the most burning questions that were submitted by readers, other Hay House authors and Celebrities, and general questions submitted from all over the world.  In this show Gerry gives listeners a sneak peak about what were some of the most universal questions that came up in the writing of the book. Gerry will also will channel Margaret live to take questions from the audience.

    Gerry Gavin is an angelic channel, speaker, life coach and author of the bestselling Hay House Book “Messages from Margaret,” currently translated in seven languages. He also hosts a weekly Radio show on www.hayhouseradio.com, and channels the angel Margaret live answering caller’s questions. Gerry also does worldwide private readings. (www.gerrygavin.com)

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    Small Business Meetings; More

    in Business

    Rabiah Sutton, SBC Industry Chair, discusses an exciting event for small business leaders.

    Mike Payne, the Product Manager for Presenter at ClearSlide,talks about bringing team members together.

    Successful small business leaders, experts, accountants, lawyers and other specialists offer advice, guidance, strategies and suggestions to help small business managers increase profits, add sales, better manage cash flow, improve employee management and streamline operations.

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    Are You Social Selling Your Business

    in Social Networking

    Are You Social Selling Your Business?

    Social Media isn't just for kids anymore.  It's a powerful strategy for every small business owner and entrepreneur.  It's no longer an option.  It's a way to attract talent and customers, help you sell your products and ideas, and establish your credibility and authority in your market space.  Experts refer to it as Social Selling your business.

    If you connect with your target market using social media to promote your product or service, you're Social Selling.  Join Rick & Bill and learn 3 simple tips to help you leverage the power of social selling your business.