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    How to Run Your Career as a Business

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    The CEO of any company runs the company.  CEOs direct all critical operations such as sales and marketing, research and development, strategy, finance, corporate culture, human resources, community affairs, public relations, and so on.

    CEOs are primarily responsible for setting the corporate strategy and vision.  They decide which products to introduce into which markets and against which competitors.  CEOs decide how the company will brand itself and differentiate itself in the marketplace.

    Ultimately, the CEO is responsible for the success or failure of the company.

    In this episode of Own Your Career you will learn to incorporate into your ME, Inc. Enterprise

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    The Best of 2015: Business and Finance

    in Women

    As the Kwanzaa season winds down, we look at the influence of our collectie withholding of consumer dollars and our spending during the Kwanzaa celebrations, hopefully giving vendors who support positive community development the benefit of our patronage.  This was a year of economic flexing muscles, shutting down shopping on Michigan Avenue,and having a major impact on Black Friday. Will boycotting continue to be used as a weapon to put pressure on elected officials to remove certain people from positions of authority? What about readiness to take over bueinssess in major shopping centers? Are famiies in communities ready to pool their money to cooperatively own th places where they shop? What shows about business inspired you this year and what would you like to see us address next year? Robert Moore of United For Better Communities discusses strategies for unified efforts for economic empowerment.

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    Manage Your Career as a Business

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    Once you start the network machinery running, the next step is training yourself to think of your job search as a business with you as its CEO.  All of the decisions affecting your job search begin and end with you and you will learn the fine art of taking responsibility for them.

    Every so often someone crosses your path who becomes a lightning rod that changes your life forever.  For me, the turning point was meeting Mr. Rod Colón back in January of 1999.  While exploring consulting opportunities, a friend suggested I contact Rod to discuss tactics and strategies.  As I recall, he had no leads to share with me at that time; nevertheless I walked away from that meeting with a strange and inspiring thought:  Whatever Rod Colón was involved in, I wanted to be a part of it.  He had brilliant business insights, an animated, uplifting and thoroughly engaging personality, and what appeared to be a sixth sense about how to help people find jobs. (Carl E. Reid)

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    Today on Hammer 96.7, we will talk about the FBI virus; the FBI virus is the prompt that holds your phone hostage, and demands you pay or all of your information will be leaked to the world  Our guest---Murali---is a high tech security expert, and will tell us how to get rid of malicious viruses and keep yourself and devices safe from hackers.

    We will also be talking about small business; if you are a small business owner, call in---646-595-3032. We also have finance, and will talk about investing your money wisely.

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    Mini Workshop - Advance Your Career & Your Business: Be A Personal Entrepreneur

    in Entrepreneur

    The world is changing rapidly and in order to keep pace we need to watch the horizon for changes and be nimble to respond to any threats that may impact our ability to earn a living.  Even if you are already a business owner, you need to practice Personal Entrepreneurship.  Learn what it is all about in this mini workshop.  Take stock of yourself to see if you are sabotaging your efforts.  You may be surprised at how often you are without even knowing it.

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    Commit to Owning Your Career in 2016

    in Jobs



    Host: Rod Colón

    Date:  Monday, January 4, 2015

    Time:  9:00 PM (ET) / 8:00 PM (CT)

    Listen-In:  www.BlogTalkRadio.com/OwnYourCareer

    Call-In with Your Questions/Comments:  347-857-3320

    In this episode of Own Your Career host Rod Colon will answer your career management and job search questions plus ...

    9:00 PM:      Commit to Owning Your Career in 2016

    You, The Enterprise:

    Think about the major functions carried out by any great enterprise: branding, marketing, sales, R&D, public relations, etc…

    Start thinking about your career as a great enterprise

    All of its day-to-day operations must be managed and coordinated …

    Who else but you is better qualified to take charge of this great enterprise?

    9:45 PM:      Navigating the Corporate Highway of Success with Wanda Sharif-Rodriguez

    The PIP – Performance Improvement Plan

    9:55 PM:      Personal Branding Segment with Chip Hartman

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    Let's talk business and finance.

    in Politics

    Tonight we talk business and finance and answer questions pertaining to various fields of business.

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    The Wonderful World of Small Business Finance

    in Business

    With 22 years of business ownership and management experience and work in the medical industry, two aspiring entrepreneurs decided to open a pizza franchise in Fort Worth, Texas. The husband and wife team knew that in order to turn their aspirations into a reality they would need to secure financing. “We have been open for business for about two months now, and it would not have been possible without the financing we secured through BoeFly,” said a partner. “The process was clear and extremely efficient, and it allowed us to establish a relationship with a nearby bank that is funding our loan.” 

    This week's special guest on Franchise Today is Mike Rozman, CEO and Founder of BoeFly. Mike discusses how BoeFly puts small businesses in control of their financial future via a step-by-step approach that helps business owners complete an effective loan request and match their business to the right lenders. Rozman also shares his insight on current state of business finance and how business owners can best position themselves ahead of needing capital for startup, acquisition or expansion.

    Franchise Today airs LIVE Wednesdays at 11AM CT / 12PM ET with on-demand access on iTunes.

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    TCE Career Talk ~ Free Style Wednesday - Open Mic

    in Jobs

    'Moving People to Profit' ~ Powered by The Career Engineer (TCE) - www.tcenow.com

    Open Mic Wednesday ~ Ask TCE your pressing career and business question(s)

    The new year is days away. What would you like to ask TCE as you transition?

    The Mic is OPEN - Call In - (718) 664-6880

    **In the new year, TCE Career Talk will transition to airing on Saturdays at 12:00 pm starting January 2.


    STOP Living, Breathing and working BENEATH your Purpose! Join TCE's Career Talk Radio along with special guests as we share employment, economy tips, e-business tips and solutions to help you make Monday Mornings...BETTER! Create the life of your dreams.

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    Finance Friday: Create a Business

    in Entrepreneur

    We are going to tell you how to start a business, get customers, and maintain your business in 30 minutes. If you ever wanted to be in business or yourself, and didn't know where to start? This is the program for you. 1) If you need an idea to start your own business, we will show you how to create ideas! 2) How to run your business with what you have! We will share some great ways to run your business with less and still get big results! 3) How To Build from a super small business to 'Moving On Up'! How to create steady growth! 4) What to do with your profits? Where to put the money you make?   --- Stop by and see us at 30MoGo.com

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    Guide to the Business Soul—Decoding a career of hope & happiness!

    in Business

    The Building Your Xtra-Ordinary Business Radio Program!

    Guide to the Business Soul—Decoding a career of hope & happiness!

    My guest this Wednesday is Robert Clancy. Robert is a gifted entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and author from the heart of upstate New York.  At age 19, Robert had a divine spiritual experience that greatly altered his life-path. His daily Facebook inspirations are followed by nearly a quarter of a million people worldwide.  Through his passion for exceptional design & innovative technology, he also co-founded Spiral Design Studio (www.spiraldesign.com) over twenty-six years ago to lead an award winning creative team in the evolution of corporate brands, marketing & web development.  Major clients include: Citi, Home Depot, Sears & Activision.

    Log onto www.blogtalkradio.com/Jim-Nemley  on Wednesday, October 14th 2015 at 7:00 pm EST. Guide to the Business Soul—Decoding a career of hope & happiness!

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