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    Business Strategy: Crafting Ultimate Business Mission Statement

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    When you are in the process of establishing and creating a business plan for your new business, you must include a mission statement. A prime tool that can be as vital as your business plan, a mission statement illustrates, in a few succinct sentences, the definition of your business’s goals and the philosophies to which underlie them. Equally essential, the mission statement clearly signifies what your business is all about to you, your business stakeholders, customers, suppliers, and to the market at large. What 10 key ingredients must your mission statement consider in order to be a formidable component within your overall business plan? That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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    Mastering your Business Strategy

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    Natasha Davis-Bowen is a baccalaureate prepared Registered Nurse certified in Emergency and Trauma nursing for over 10 years. She emerged as a Business & Marketing Strategist in 2007, with the launch of her 2nd company Visionary People, LLC a certified Woman Owned Small Business (ED-WOSB), DBE & MBE. Natasha shifted her career focus, and pursued her Masters in Business & Marketing in the Fall of 2009. Her specialty is taking Visions for Success, and Creatively Transforming them into Reality using Strategic Planning and Execution. As a member of the AMA, NAPW, CWW, NAWOSB, WAC, RCC and certified expert in email & social media marketing, she thrives on fixing problems and eliminating frustrations for businesses and their owners. In 2009, Natasha, authored and published her first book “Get Grounded; Stay Grounded” as a way to help people find their purpose. Currently, she is working on the launch of her 2nd book “Unleash Your Millionaire Mindet”. By 2011, Natasha gained recognition as the Executive Professional & Entrepreneur of the Year and noted as one of the 40 under 40 Movers and Shakers in Business by Career Magazine. In 2011, she was also welcomed to The World Chamber of Commerce as the Director of Membership. In 2012, she entered her roles as New Business Ambassador for the Rockdale Chamber of Commerce and Chair of Marketing for the Atlanta World Affairs Council – Young Leaders. On April 30th 2013, Natasha was selected for & presented with recognition as a “Woman of Outstanding Leadership in Business” by the International Women’s Leadership Association – Leadership Category. You can find Natasha pouring knowledge into the community while hosting her popular Radio Show, “Coaching For Success” and TV Show “A Day In The Life Of Business”. 

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    Business Strategy Implementation: Coordinate the Expertise of Key People

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    As you strive to implement your defined business strategy to gain a sustained competitive advantage over your competitors, you should never attempt to go it all alone. In other words, you must enlist the support and involvement of key people. As you align your all-important team star roster, it is equally crucial to identify who not to call upon. That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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    Business Strategy: Crazy Things Successful Entrepreneurs Won't Do

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    Starting or running a profitable business takes a calm, cunning, calculating, and controlled emotional intelligence (EQ). Which business strategies do successful entrepreneurs adhere to - day-in and day-out? Which of these proven business strategies do you apply within the framework of your daily regimen? Although, certainly not an exhaustive list, there are nine (9) business strategies that will help you squeeze the most profit out of every single day. That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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    Business Strategy: Knowing Where Your Business Fits In

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    As we build our business brand along with our product and service line(s), we as entrepreneurs must identify precisely "where" and "how" we fit in relative to our vertical industry sector and within the hearts and minds of our specific target market.

    One way of determining "where" and "how" we fit in is by identifying and understanding historical, current, and the direction of future trends. In other words, as we understand where and why our industry is heading in a given direction can profitably influence our business strategy and planning processes. That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE.”


    Essential Components of Every Press Release
    Understanding Social Media Myths

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    Business Strategy: How to Mold Your Strategy into an Action Plan

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    Your business strategy's action plan comprises a document that starts with your business' strategic goals and identifies all the layers requisite to successfully accomplish them.  What is your current process on behalf of your action plan formulation? What resources will you need? Which "interlocks" (task force, team, or partners working together) must you pool together? What high-level tips will measurably help you craft your business life-sustaining action plan? That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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    Your Business Success Will Depend On Your Business Strategy

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    CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs: If you want more success... more profit... and less stress... then listen to business expert, Howard Lewinter, for business strategies, tips and ideas to improve and grow business.
    Listen to today's 5 Minute Business Strategy: Your Business Success Will Depend On Your Business Strategy.

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    The Big Factor and Business Strategy with Lynan Saperstein

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    The Big Factor and Business Strategy with Lynan Saperstein

    Lynan Saperstein is the go-to resource with a powerful online presence.  Through her various business consulting services and international retreats she guides both seasoned and budding entrepreneurs on how to amplify their impact and strengthen their systems. 

    Lynan has a proven background in coaching and strategizing with trailblazing entrepreneurs worldwide. In addition to creating the Momentum CEO Mastermind Group and leading the Trailblazer’s Retreat, she has built up a following, who eagerly engage with her virtual business architecture tools, touching blog posts and informative video content. Lynan is fiercely devoted to turning her clients- trailblazing entrepreneurs globally into the true CEOs of their innovative companies. She is an emerging expert in the essential virtual team architecture and streamlining of online presence to generate consistent income and shift consciousness.

    For more information visit: http://thebigfactor.com/

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    High Stakes Business Strategy: When and How To Sell?

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    This week on What Keeps You Up At Night, host Paul Segreto is joined by Jerry Baltus, business, entrepreneur coach and business owner. Paul and Jerry will discuss the often overlooked aspects of business strategy when it comes to selling your business to a potential buyer. Some of the important topics introduced will be: Valuations, Emotions, Buyers and Exit strategies.

    About Our Guest

    Mr. Beltus served as Vice President of Sales for Polar Ware Company, a stainless steel deep stamping business serving the food service and medical equipment industries.  He has held positions in various functions for Kohler Co., including accounting, international sales and marketing.  Mr. Baltus graduated from University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire cum laude with a degree in Accounting.

    Jerry comes to us from Plymouth, WI where he is a member of the Plymouth, Sheboygan and Sheboygan Falls Chambers of Commerce, Plymouth Lions and BNI, and is an avid bicyclist, logging over 2,000 miles annually. 

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    Business Strategy: What Customers Expect from You

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    What do customers today really want and expect from your business? Do you even know? 12,000 consumers from 12 countries around the world were polled and the poll began by asking them which brands they consider most authentic and why. An emerging trend took even greater shape that has great application to entrepreneurs and small-business owners, perhaps even more so than for big business. That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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    Public Relations - A Business Strategy

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    Join BluPrint when we interview Craig M. Muckle, public affairs and government relations guru who will enlighten our listening audience on public relations, public relations strategy and the importance of management counseling as it relates to policy decisions, communication and taking into account public opinion and the organization's social and citizenship duties.

    Craig is the manager, public affairs and government relations for the Eastern Division of Safeway, one of North America’s largest grocery retailers, and has served in that role since August 1997. He is responsible for media, government, community and consumer relations activities for all 130 Safeway stores located in the mid-Atlantic region (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.) and is an Adjunct Professor at Howard University.

    This will be a very exciting segment and we look forward to your joining us.

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