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    An Entrepreneur's Guide to a Lean Business Plan

    in Marketing

    Harness your marketing potential, capitalize on your capabilities and tap into the power of community, conversation and commentary on The Marketing Mojo Show, a 15-minute podcast and Twitter chat for small to medium-sized businesses and organizations. 

    On this episode, find out why your small business needs a plan from Tim Berry, the founder of Palo Alto Software, author of Hurdle: The Book on Business Planning and official business plan expert at Entrepreneur.com.  And whether you're just getting started or are off and running, you'll gain insiight on how to craft a lean business plus get an introduction to a new concept and soon-to-be-published book, Lean Business Planning. Stir the conversation with a response to our question of the month:  Does your company have a formal business plan? Tag responses with #mymarketingmojo for a chance to hear your comment during the live episode and to participate in the live chat.

    The Marketing Mojo Show is produced by LGK Marketing, a&n

  • Business Plan Enthusiast-How to develop a plan that yields a profit

    in Entrepreneur

    Mia O’Quinn is an entrepreneur. For a decade now she has been a business plan writer and is the CEO of The Business Plan Enthusiast, formally known as Moore Consulting. The company started in 2001 and is headquartered in the Inland Empire of Southern California. Mia O’Quinn started this business after graduating from University of La Verne with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. The fact that she earned this degree in three years rather than four makes her stand out from others. Mia O’Quinn returned to ULV to pursue her Masters of Business Administration, and graduated in 2004 with an emphasis in International Business. The mission of The Business Plan Enthusiast is to assist every entrepreneur realize their goal of successful business ownership. As an MBA driven organization, The Business Plan Enthusiast is expert in knowing about conditions and procedures affecting the business climate in California. As the CEO of this organization, Mia O’Quinn is especially adept in research and writing. Her daily motivation is to be a part of revitalizing the US economy, and local community by facilitating the creation of new business endeavors. In addition to belief in the importance of building the American economy through business ownership, Mia O’Quinn also feels strongly about the power of green and sustainability. She reinforces the application of social responsibility throughout all businesses. Mia O’Quinn advocates the urgency of revitalizing and preserving the environment. She realizes that the longevity of the Earth is the longevity of our businesses, our existence and our purpose.


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    Small Business Plan

    in Business

    Many people know they need to create a business plan, but they never do. I honestly think this is the worst mistake anyone could make. Even worse, they find themselves asking “What is a business plan?”
    Don’t get me wrong, I get it! They are typically complicated, have way too many formalities and go off in areas that can be confusing to people who are just starting in their business.  That’s why in this weeks Episode of Buisness Rock Stars we focus on the do's and don'ts of Business plans.

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    What Is The Value Of A Business Plan?

    in Business

    What is a business plan? Is it important for your business to have one? You will have the answers to these questions while gaining plenty of insight on just how significant a business plan is.




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    Empowering Women Series - How to Write a Juicy Business Plan in 7 Easy Steps

    in Motivation

    Dr. Aikyna Finch and Jessica Leichtweisz will be joined on the Empowering Women Series by V. Lynn Hawkins, business mentor, development and funding strategy muse, grant writer, innovator, author, and speaker, as she discusses, "How to Write a Juicy Business Plan in 7 Easy Steps.” If you don’t have a written business plan for your business, whether it’s 2 pages or 62 pages, you’re leaving money on the table.  Writing your business plan with at least a 3 year view, gives you more than a projection of the financial scenario for your business, it gives you the opportunity to share your vision for your business. While sharing your juicy vision, you can also write about how you will do good in the world, which can have a huge benefit to you and your business. In this discussion, Lynn will give you a clear plan strategy for writing your business plan in 7 easy steps. Call in at (949) 203-4763 or chat in at 9pm EST/ 8pm CST on 5/7 and join the conversation. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/changingmindsonline/2015/05/08/empowering-women-series--how-to-write-a-juicy-business-plan-in-7-easy-steps

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    How to Build a Successful Business Plan

    in Business

    Building a Business Plan is CRITICAL in determining if a business concept is viable, raising capital and/or succeeding in its implementation.  However, knowing how to build an effective Business Plan can seem overwhelming.  During this show I will break down the basics and answer questions about building YOUR BUSINESS PLAN and reaching your American Dream!!

    Join me on Tuesday, November 18th, at 11am PST / 2 EST! You can call in and listen LIVE on the road at 646-200-4285, or listen in here from your computer.

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    Failure to make a business plan - Kevin and Jeff TBFS Radio

    in Business

    Kevin Hunter and Jeffrey O'Brien hash out the importance of a well-thought out business plan. Now why would a lawyer need to be a part of your business plan? Tune in to find out why. Jeff has been a part of many start up businesses and can give you not only great advice but an advantage to having a legal guide in your business plan. 

    Why Jeff? Because DIY = SOL.

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    New Year Business Plan Basics with Business Consultant Gary Furr

    in Real Estate

    Happy New Year!  It's a new year and time to set our goals.  Business Consultant Gary Furr with The Growth Coach discusses the elements of a business plan and the importance of a clear focus in order to reach our goals.  Listen to Gary and gain insight to the need for an honest appraisal of where you are in both your personal and business life in order to make this year the best.

    Gary also provided a FREE Business Plan available at the link below


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    Tim Berry Business Plan Expert

    in Business

    I teach Starting a Business and Business Planning. I taught Starting a Business at the University of Oregon for 11 years. I do a SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) workshop on business planning every quarter; and I am now a guest teacher with two Small Business Development Centers. My complete start-and-grow-your business curriculum is online and available free to other teachers.

    I like writing. It reminds me of my first career as a journalist. I was night editor for UPI in Mexico City for three years, and McGraw-Hill World News correspondent for Mexico for five years. I wrote regularly forBusiness Week and other McGraw-Hill publications, and occasionally for Financial Times and others. I even wrote some published fiction — not counting market research — but it wasn’t very good. I’m now blogging often, on my main blog Planning Startups Stories every weekday and also on Amex Open, Small Business Trends, Huffington Post, and Up and Running, among others.

    I’ve seen startups and small business from multiple views, as founder, consultant, co-founder, and investor. I’ve had good years and bad ones. At one very low point, my wife and I had three mortgages and $65,000 of credit card debt, which we survived, but I really don’t recommend . I like to think I’ve never lost track of what’s really important. I’d have to give my wife of 44 years credit for us still being married after three companies, five kids, 5 college educations, 2 graduate degrees, 7 jobs, and I forget how many mortgages.

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    in Religion

    Today's message; 
    Business 101
    HOW to Write a Business Plan
    BUSINESS 101 - Part 2 
    The Business Plan 
    How to Write a Dream Statement
    How to Write a Mission Statement
    How to Write a Purpose Statement
    How to Write a Vision Statement
    How to Write a Goals Statement 
    How to Write a Objectives Statement
    How to Write a Action Statement 
    How to Write a Responsibility Statement




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    "Keys for Success Monday" Having a Business Plan

    in Family

    Why is a Business Plan Important?

    Nearly all business experts agree on one thing: the importance of drafting a business plan. Yet plenty of companies plunge into the competitive arena without a formal plan. A lot of new businesses are carried away and figure their passion and optimism are enough to build a successful company. Others say they were just too busy to develop a formal business plan. But operating without a plan can prove even more time-consuming in the long run.

    An opportunity to test out a new idea to see if it holds real promise of success

    A clear statement of your business mission and vision

    A set of values that can help you steer your business through times of trouble

    A blueprint you can use to focus your energy and keep your company on track

    Benchmarks you can use to track your performance and make midcourse corrections

    A clear-eyed analysis of your industry, including opportunities and threats

    A portrait of your potential customers and their buying behaviors

    A rundown of your major competitors and your strategies for facing them

    An honest assessment of your company’s strengths and weaknesses

    A roadmap and timetable for achieving your goals and objectives

    A description of the products and services you offer

    An explanation of your marketing strategies

    An analysis of your revenues, costs, and projected profits


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