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    Business Hippies discuss having a business of passion. Success and Failure.

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    Join professional musican Earl and professional artist Hannah in a frank discussion on having businesses of passion, navigating our successes and our failures.

    What is a business of passion? A buisness of passion typically refers to a business that is creative based. This thought could include artists of all kinds. Painters, Musicians, Photographers, Writers, Professional Bloggers, Beauticians, Coaches,Chefs, Healers and so on. But it also includes everyone who is an entrepreneur in our opinion. Passion is a vital ingrediant to being successful in any business. So is a plan of success. 

    We call ourselves "business hippies" which actually started as a joke in our home. Truth be told the term "hippie" was not one that either of us really thought of as defining or even desirable. But! Once we learned the value of aligning our internal core values with our work choices we ended up in a space where we were almost forced to rebuild our businesses to reflect what was important to us, which were very simple living, rooted values. Sooo the term "business hippie" became a title that we now love to hold! 

    Tune in and share with us your thoughts on having businesses of passion, discuss how you are planning your success to include corevalues such as love, joy, family time and so on. Hear some stories about our journey to alignment with our core values which brought us a ton of success and challanges and share with us how your journey is coming along. 

    First person to call in or chat in will win a prize this week!

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    Is Social Media Killing Your Small Business?

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    Is social media killing your BOP? Small business and medium businesses have grown to rely on social media to help them brand, "connect" and sell thier services. Some businesses pay to "boost" thier posts for a seemingly larger reach, increase thier fan bases and elevate the awareness of thier BOP. Most believe that though the stats are promising, they are not effective. Many businesses are awaking to a space of confusion, dissapointment and discouragement over things like lack of reach, connection and interactions with thier brands. Many people have seen a sharp decline in the amount of people who see thier posts. Many people have put so much time into social media that they are killing thier businesses. Social media is an illusion. Yes....it is "social" Yes, people (about 6%) will see your posts but even General Motors with 50,000 fans has realized that there is no more money and time to be wasted in trying to build the brand with face book. 

    We Business Hippies have awoken from this illusion as well. We are leaving face book in 2015 and we already have cut it down to no more than 20 minutes a day for our whole social media portfolio. We realized that we were killing our business through our reliance on facebook to carry our networking weight. The truth is, no one in your news feed really cares, they are not going to buy your products enough to sustain your business, They are likely to not even see your posts. "They" are not the problem. We are. So tonight we will chat about this honestly. Where we went wrong, how we have damaged our business and what we are going to do to thrive in this ADD nation. Join in the conversation! 

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    Passion for Christ

    in Religion

    Passion for Christ is a weekly ministry of the Graceview Church of Christ in Anderson, S.C. and it's teacher Bryan C. Jones. This ministry helps people deal with the issues we face in today's society by providing practical biblical applications from God's word. We are passionate about Jesus Christband placing everyday people in contact and communication with Jesus Christ. 

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    How to Stand Up, Stand Out and Get Noticed with Steve Lowell

    in Marketing

    Every business person or entrepreneur should be ready and willing to take the stage at the drop of a hat and speak about their business, message, passion or book. It's the one on the stage who claims their position as the known expert in their field and that's who gets the business. In the session you'll discover simple secrets that be prepared to take the stage so you can stand up, stand out and get noticed. 

    You'll discover: 

    Why every entrepreneur needs to be ready to take the stage all of the time 
    Critical mistakes that most entrepreneurs make when they do take the stage
    Tips and techniques to help you prepare for the stage
    Delivery principles that will help you speak with power and influence

  • Saturday Business Talk - Call In

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    We always welcome you to call in anytime to talk about your business, project or anything that you would like to let our listener know. Maybe you want to talk about you have something to sell or even let people know about your website or business opertunity. 

    Saturday Business Talk "It's all about you!!!!"

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    Cincinnati Business Talk #217 Michael McCormick - Tax Planning & Finance

    in Business

    Cincinnati Business Talk has as our guest Michael McCormick, CPA.  Mike will share some of his best ideas on tax planning and financial planning

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    You ever notice your friend in a relationship that you deemed beneath them? When does telling the truth about someone’s love life become ok, when in actuality you don’t have to lay down with the person their loving? So why do you care. Inevitably, when the toxicity spills out into other parts of that person’s life and involves you… that could be an appropriate time to brooch the subject. Minding your business can be a slippery slope, especially when dealing with loved ones, who love ones, who are dangerous or destructive. When is it OK to intervene in your friend’s toxic relationship?

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    This weekend on the Sunday edition of the Vent we will be going further into copyright protection and Royalities. We will also discuss Music Contract Law and have a special guest doing Spiritual Readings for Musicians and a special Artist will be stopping by with some new Independent Music.

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    Working for Lunatics, Sociopaths and Liars

    in Business

    Having been in the recruiting field for as long as he has, he has owned agencies and worked for agencies.

    On this show, he explores some of the odd people he has worked for and with during his career.

    Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter has been a professional recruiter for more than 40 years. The American Headhunter podcast is one in which he will talk about his career as a recruiter, challenges he faces, his experience as an agency owner and much more.


    In addition to his work as a recruiter, Jeff creates content for job hunters, HR professionals, small business owners, hiring managers and now recruiters to help you do your job better.


    This is the first show of "The American Headhunter Podcast series. Sit back and enjoy the ride.


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    #howtoradio this is the show for you

    in Self Help

    #howtoradio will show you how to do what you can't 

    God created you to do something on this earth 

    God created you to win 



    Winning is a part of life it's not because your so great it's God who made you great 

    Win is what we are suppose to be doing not losing 

    There is a place you are suppose to be not in a cave your suppose to be in the palace 

    #howtoradio is part of what we are suppose to be doing in the kingdom today 

    Listen talk what you want but we are suppose to win not lose

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