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    How To Burn Belly Fat At Work (Part 2)

    in Fitness

    Did you know you could burn belly fat at work without a gym or an extreme diet? Yes, you can burn belly fat IF you know what to do. In this show I will give you the tools to make better decisions to facilitate rapid fat loss at work.  You'll have more energy and have more muscle tone.  In this episode we'll discuss exercising at work. 

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    Burn The Fat With Tom Venuto

    in Weight Loss

    Burn Fat, Build Muscle and Transform Your Body Forever.  Tom Venuto Will Share the Secrets of the Leanest People in the World!

    Toms best selling book, Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle has been changing bodies and lives for years and now he has updated it and improved on his already proven formulas.

    Listen in and start burning fat with Tom Venuto.

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    How To Burn Belly Fat At Work (Part 1)

    in Fitness

    Did you know you could burn belly fat at work without a gym or an extreme diet? Yes, you can burn belly fat IF you know what to do. In this show I will give you the tools to make better decisions to facilitate rapid fat loss at work.  You'll have more energy and have more muscle tone.

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    How to Eat to Burn Fat

    in Fitness

    Healthy foods are not the same as fat loss foods, but fat loss foods are almost always healthy foods. When you are attempting to lose weight, eating the right foods at the right time is one of the best things you can do for your weight loss journey.

    Today, we are going to talk about 3 things:

    The State of your Hunger. Is it real or imagined
    How to eat at Each meal
    10 Healthy Fat loss foods

    So get your pen and paper and get ready to learn how to eat for Fat Loss, not just weight loss.

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    The Burn Barrel - The First Episode

    in Current Events

    Tuesday night at 4:30 pm Alaska time (5:30 pm Pacific, 8:30 pm Eastern) Mark and Marcy getting ready with some fodder for the fire! Be sure to call in on Tuesday (347) 326-9930! If you log in on your computer you can chat with us and others in the chat room. We will be sharing links to the articles and websites we reference. Topics for the first episode will be: who we are, why we are doing this, discussion of current events and whatever else suits our fancy.

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    Losing Fat 4 Life

    in Health

    SHOW DESCRIPTION: Have you been bamboozled by the billion dollar weight loss industry? If so, you are far from alone! What if everything you have ever heard or read about losing weight was wrong? What if dieting is actually making you gain even more fat? You should not even think about starting yet another diet before hearing what Brad King has to say about why diets don’t work long term. Diets cause destruction to your fat burning engine—your metabolism—making it harder and harder to lose weight with each passing year. You will never need to go on yet another diet ever again and will be given the tools to retrain your metabolism to burn fat effortlessly 24 hours a day for life. Brad will share proven strategies with you that will need to live a lean life with the abundant energy that you so richly deserve.


    Your host of Transforming Health with Brad King is a highly sought after authority on nutrition, obesity, longevity and one’s health and he has been touted as one of the most influential health mentors of our time. He is the creator of the life-changing Abundant Health System and the Losing fat 4 Life System. He is an Award Winning Nutritional Formulator who was honored with the Best in Canada Award for Health Motivator/Educator and Public Speaker in 2010. Brad was inducted into the Canadian Sports Nutrition Hall of Fame in 2003 and sits on the board of Directors for CHI the premiere sports nutrition education center. He is the author of 10 books including the international bestseller Fat Wars, the award winning Beer Belly Blues and the newly released 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before... Losing Fat 4 Life!

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    Encore Presentation of our Show with Asher Fox, Author of "Fat to Fearless"

    in Self Help

    Have you given up on getting fit and losing weight?  Would you like to enjoy permanent weight loss and end emotional eating...for good?  Then, join Beth Donnelly and Dagny Grant on I AM U Radio as they run an encore recording of their interview with Asher Fox...author of Fat to Fearless #1 Amazon and Kindle bestseller.  

    Asher Fox suggests that will isn't enough, and that you have to defeat your self-sabotaging subconscious.  He did it for himself, and you can hear more about his story by tuning into the show today at 11 AM Pacific Daylight Time at the link below.


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    Radio Show: How Your Intestinal Health Helps You Burn Fat.

    in Health

    In this show you’ll learn:

    More about the gut and its metabolic properties.
    How dieting can actually lead to increased weight gain.
    Natural ways to increase gut hormones.

    Background and Guest Information:

    Good nutrition and high-intensity exercise are just two of a sequence of ingredients that are needed to make your body lean. There are additional ingredients, such as gut health, intestinal bacteria, biological rhythms, inflammation, the stress response, leptin signaling, and fat cell health that are essential to fine-tuning your metabolism and overcoming weight-loss resistance.

    Join Dr. Ritamarie and Mike Mutzel as they share information, tips, and secrets to empower your body to balance leptin and insulin levels, hack your stress response to burn more fat, heal your gut to burn more fat, and more.

    Mike has a B.S. in Biology from Western Washington University and is completing his M.S. in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport.  

    Check out Dr. Ritamarie’s VITAL Health Community for additional resources on the role that food plays in your health, and strategies for planning your meals so that you can live your life full of energy and vitality.

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    Curtis Discusses Why You're Not Losing Fat and How To Get It Started Again

    in Fitness

    I know this seems like an obvious mistake, but many people truly don't know how many calories they're actually eating. For example, ordering a salad might seem like a healthy choice, but you could be getting a 600-calorie meal without even realizing it. Sauces, dressing, ketchup, and oils all have calories you probably don't even think about. Especially if you don't regularly cook at home, you're probably eating more calories than you think.

    We're told over and over that the simple weight-loss process is to eat fewer calories than you expend throughout the day. However, this "calories in, calories out" methodology oversimplifies matters. Hypothetically, this system would work if you ate 1,500 calories worth of cheesecake per day and burned 2,000, but the human body isn't a calculator. The type of calories you eat matters. A carbohydrate-only diet will not help you reach your fat-loss goals. You need the right combination of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats to build muscle and burn fat.

    For most people, a 40/40/20 ratio works great. If 40 percent of your food comes from carbs, 40 percent from protein, and 20 percent from fat, the stage is set for positive change. However, that ratio is not the golden rule for all body types and goals. Do research and find what works best for you.

  • Ep 126: Karen Donaldson on Beating Belly Fat Blues

    in Books

    Dr. Angela Lauria of The Author Incubator interviews author Karen Donaldson on the publishing of her book, Beat the Belly Fat Blues: Mind-Body Solutions for Permanent Weight Loss. 

    Karen is an Emotional Freedom Techniques trainer and weight loss coach. She is an expert on emotional eating and speaks about the subject to hundreds of women who want to shed the weight and keep it off as they learn to love and accept themselves and heal the hurts that caused the cravings and emotional eating in the first place.

    Karen knew from the start that the book was something that she had to write and bring to the world with its special message to women. She did not know how to begin the process at first but Angela Lauria helped her get on track and was successfully able to realize her dream. 

    Read more and get the transcipt here: Karen Donaldson on The Author Incubator

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    Drink Up: Water for Fat Loss

    in Weight Loss

    Here is tip number two from my ten tips for breaking a fat loss plateau.  You may be surprised by some of the benefits of drinking enough water.  No, it won't magically fush fat out of your body, but it will boost energy and lower stress, among other bentifts.

    Plus, learn about the upcoming Little Black Dress/Sugar Freedom Challenge starting 9/8/15.

    To apply to join the challenge e-mail Catherine here:   catherine@sugarfreedom.com

    To get the Sugar Freedom program visit www.sugarfreedom.com