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  • Deadly Sins Burlesque & Side Show - Janie Slash!!

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    Deadly Sins Burlesque & Side Show Janie Slash is the producer of Deadly Sins Burlesque and Sideshow, which is celebrating their two year anniversary. Deadly Sins perform monthly at Wits End in Deep Ellum. She has been a performer for 3 years. Janie enjoys combining circus skills and sideshow into her performances. 

    How did you decide to become a burlesque performer, and start your own troupe?

    Tell me about Deadly Sins! How it got started, your troupe members, circus acts, sideshow acts? How did you decide to do burlesque plus unique addition of circus acts and sideshow acts?

    Tell me about your next show at Wits End – performers, acts.

    What demographic/audience does your show attract? Enthusiastic following? Where can we follow you and Deadly Sins?

    Janie, would you recap your upcoming show: date/time/location, how to get tickets?

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    Burlesque: A Path to Feminine Empowerment - Susan Harper, PhD

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    Burlesque: A Path to Feminine Empowerment - Susan Harper, PhD

    Susan Harper, Ph.D., is an educator, activist, advocate, and ritual specialist. She holds a PhD in Cultural 
    Anthropology from Southern Methodist University and a Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies from Texas 
    Woman's University. 
    Susan is passionate about making spirituality accessible, practical, and personal. Her workshops focus on using 
    spiritual information and techniques to facilitate transformation in our personal lives. She seeks to help people equip 
    themselves with skills and tools that will aid their continuous growth. 
    Susan has over two decades' worth of experience with Feminist Spiritualty, Wicca and other forms of NeoPaganism, 
    energetic healing modalities, Tarot, ecstatic movement, and other transformative practices.

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    Miss Malicious & Lollie Bombs Burlesque -7th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Show

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    Miss Malicious & Lollie Bombs Burlesque

    It's that time of year again! The 7th ANNUAL BREAST CANCER AWARENESS SHOW is here! We've pulled out all the stops for this one with TWO special guest additions; Club Wood AND comedian Sherry Etzel! Mark your calendars for August 14th &15th @ 11:15pm, and let us entertain you for a good cause! 

    Pocket Sandwich Theatre, 5400 E. Mockingbird Lane Ste 119, Dallas TX

    Reservations: Eventbrite.com

    Tonight! we are tantalized by Miss Malicious, Honey Hula-la, Jai Le Bait, and Louie Luxxe!!

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    Cirque du Obscura - Devil Doll Burlesque! Exploring the Darker Side of 1920's

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    Showgirls Outlaw Annie, Classi Chassi, Lady Thorn, and Helena Isis!!


    Showcasing the DARKER side of the 1920's! 

    Arial Performance, blades and wax, body contortionist, vaudeville and so much more! 
    Don't miss this amazingly exotic show! We will be performing all the darkness from the 1920's era! Everything bizarre, obscure and mostly seen when it required a special password to witness such artists! 

    Please join us to witness fortune tellers temptress experience on stage, fans, masquerade and to top it all off! We have an exciting arial performer who will fall from the sky on her silks with moves and drops you most certainly won't be able to take your eyes off of! 

    12 beautiful women here to entertain you in the darkest of ways to show you a treat you won't want to miss! 

    We also encourage attendees to dress up for this time in the past! The 1920's were the hunting grounds for sideshow, serial killers and so much more! 

    There will be live music before the burlesque tease, headlined by the gravity defying Tasseled Squirrel and emcee'd by the most solicitous sass in town, Miss Maria VonShutYoTrapp ! 

    Performers that you will be tantalized by are! 

    Tasseled Squirrel
    Helena Isis
    Olive Avira 
    Nox Falls
    Lady Thorn 
    Sabor Insanity (joining us from Austin!)
    Wicked Leigh Divine (from San Antonio!) 
    Scarlet Peach
    Sinn La Vie
    Mina Volare
    Vivi La Chanteuse 
    Outlaw Annie Korpse 

    What an outstanding dark and delightful night this shall be! 

    Free parking as well! Plenty of seating available! 

    Please make sure you bring your dollars for our raffle prizes!!! And of course, tipping is always appreciated. :) 

    21+ is $12, 18+ is $15.

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    The glorious Queen of Burlesque Gypsy Rose Lee once said that to make it big in BURLESQUE "Ya gotta have a gimmick." Join me 3 pm ET, Wednesday October 3 as The Halli Casser-Jayne Show explores the bumps and grinds and every aspect of Burlesque with writer and performer TravSD; with Michelle Carr, founder of neo-burlesque and L.A.'s burlesque house, the Velvet Hammer; with writer-filmmaker Liz Goldwyn author the book and film Pretty Things; with contemporary burlesque dancer Angie Pontani; and from the heyday of Burlesque, Dixie Evans, "The Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque". The Halli Casser-Jayne Show is Talk Radio for Fine Minds and Lovers of the Art of the Tease.

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    Ever wonder about the freaky, erotic, and wild world that is Burlesque? We talk with two burlesque dancers to find out! The word derives from the Italian burlesco, which itself derives from the Italian burla – a joke, ridicule or mockery. It involves parody, travesty, caricatures, and over-the-top performances. Join us to learn more! http://cougarchatradio.com

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    Lily LeCroix! Carmel Sutra!No Mija/Fuego Danza Ritmo Caliente

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    Lily LeCroix is the "Caribbean Mamasita of Burlesque". This fireball is the producer of No Mija 
    Productions. She is also the Executive Director and Choreographer for Fuego Danza Company.   
    LILY has had a love affair with dance and performance since she was old enough to shake her hips!  
    Her training on stage started with The Caribbean Dance Company of the Virgin Islands.  Her first 
    love is Bellydancing, then Cabaret Burlesque which she started back in 1999. Lily started her love 
    affair with the Art of Burlesque in 2013. She has studied as a “faux queen” (a female “drag queen”) 
    where she learned all the stage secrets of over-the-top glamour. She is most at home (Texas) 
    performing burlesque for a huge audience or mingling with other burlesque performers. She is also 
    the creatrix for LeCroix Creations. She is always surrounded by feathers or rhinestones designing 
    one of a kind Headdress, Feather Backpack and much more! 
    Carmel Sutra has been a dancer her whole life. In 2012, she discovered Burlesque and fell in love 
    with dance all over again. She's the newest member to join Fuego and will be making her debut in 
    her first Fuego show on Friday. She also competed in the San Antonio Burlesque Festival with 
    Fuego. She joined Lemme Addams Stardust review this year and has been a part of Whiskey 
    Tongue since 2014, as a performer and head mistresses of the stage kittens. She's the sauce you 
    wanna lick, the one you can't resist. 

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    The Riveting World Of .... BURLESQUE! Taking A Tour Of DFW Cabaret & Burlesque

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    Cher starred as Tess in Screen Gems' Burlesque (2010) and cativated the viewers with ...

    A Room With A View... if I may, into the glamour and excitement of the world of Burlesque!


    I will share a tasting of what the Dallas Fort Worth area has to offer.  As well as let the..."cat out the bag" about our Hotter Than HOT month of June we have planned.

    Each Late Night Friday we will get LIVE!!! After Dark with 4 stimulating Troupes as they share their adventures, and showcases with us. Permitting if you will , a little taste of the thrilling shows, costumes and travels.

    ***Super Entertainment Co-Host Amy Green will be sitting in studio with us the next 4 weeks in June!

    As she introduces us to the glamous night life of Dallas Fort Worth BURLESQUE!.


    Join me tonight...

    As I Get LIVE! After Dark!

    I am your host tonight... Diamond Ryan

    Betty Lewis will return next week to join our panel.


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    Scarlett Peach - Siren, Songbird, Showgirl! The Sweetest Chanteuse in the South!

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    Scarlett Peach - Siren, Songbird, Showgirl! The Sweetest Chanteuse in the South!

    Scarlet Peach is the owner and designer at Luscious Scarlet Peach Creations formerly known as Luscious Peach Burlesque Boutique. She loves celebrating and sharing her divine feminine power through multiple facets. She expresses herself by being a modern day pin up, graphic artist, costume designer, signer/songwriter, and burlesque dancer. She is a fun-loving and naturally sensual woman committed to enriching her life and others with her passion for divine self-love.

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    TONIGHT The Creme De La Creme Burlesque!

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    Join us TONIGHT as we are joined in studio with Creme de La Creme!!! Of DFW BURLESQUE!
    Tonight's show is our hotter than July Wonderful World of Dallas Fort Worth burlesque!
    Call in...
    Listen in....
    Join in...
    As we get LIVE AFTER DARK!
    Your hosts:
    Entertainment Commentators Amy Green & Diamond Ryan

  • Burlesque Review! Get LIVE! With Vivienne Vermouth - Broads & Panties!

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    Join us TONIGHT as we get LIVE! With the Dallas & Fort Worth area Burlesque Review.

    We will be sitting in with fantabulous VIVIENNE VERMOUTH of Broads & Panties! She will share the behind the curtains excitement, upcoming show dates and glamour and hard work of the world of burlesque!

    TONIGHT will be a sizzling show so don't miss out!
    Come on!
    Let's. get LIVE
    After Dark!
    Your hosts: Diamond Ryan and Amy Green!