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    Jason Mattera, Lois Lerner's Worst Nightmare

    in Politics Conservative

    Jason Mattera has made a name for himself in the conservative movement with his "ambush interviews" of liberal sacred cows. His recent video questioning a frantic disgraced IRS bureaucrat Lois Lerner as she begged a neighbor to let her in the house went viral. Jason will call in to discuss the Lerner video, the state of conservatism and his new book "Crapitalism: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars." The book details how liberal elites like Steven Spielberg, Al Gore, Jay-Z, George Soros and Harry Reid have gotten filthy rich at taxpayer expense. 

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    Home Front with Mark Kiser- The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate

    in Politics Conservative

    Are you tired of watching the courts make up new laws?  Is there anything the elected officials can do when the unelected bureaucrats twist the constitution into a mangled mess ?
    Today we talk with Mark Kiser about a concept and some new vocabulary words: The doctrine of the lesser-magistrate. 

    What is the right response to a bad law?  Whose job is it to oppose injustice?  What should the elected officials do when faced with a conflict between the Constitution and a misguided bureaucrat?  Accountability is critical, but who creates that accountability?  

     Mark Kiser is the President of Reclaiming Missouri for Christ. http://www.missouriforchrist.org/   He shares with us his insights on what it's going to take to be a conscience for our culture.   Join us for a history lesson and some fresh hope.

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    Emmy Nominated Actor Freddy Rodriguez

    in Entertainment

    Tune in for a special morning edition of That's Entertainment as I talk with Emmy Nominated actor Freddy Rodriguez.  Rodriguez is best known for such movies roles as "Dead Presidents," "Poseidon," "Nothing Like the Holidays," and the Quentin Tarantino directed horror-action flick, "Grindhouse."  On televisions, he starred in "Ugly Betty," "Scrubs," and "Six Feet Under." And now he can be seen on the NBC medical drama, "The Night Shift," playing a strict enforcer of hospital protocol and a bureaucrat who is determined to cut cost.  Please join me this morning as I talk with one of Hollywood's most versatile actors, Mr. Freddy Rodriguez at 10:30am ET on www.blogtalkradio.com/tammyjones-gibbs.  Call in to listen at 347-637-2656.





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    Escape, Life On The Run, Homeless, Death, Mobbed & Survival with Ion Baleanu

    in Entertainment

    It's Thursday on the Brian The Hammer Show as Brian welcomes his guest today:

    -Ion Baleanu, Actor, Voice Artist, Musician, Author. As a child of 3 yrs in Romania Ion's Father witnessed a murder by some Securitate (Secret Police) and he wanted justice. Not knowing this was something ordered by mid-level government bureaucrats he thought he was following the chain of command by reporting it. Through this they tried to get "rid" of him by putting him in a mental institution, putting Ion's family in orphanages, etc to shut him up so he sought political asylum in the US.

    What Ion learned from his life experiences:

    -Our family's escape from communist Romania; Fortitude and never give up. When you are told you can't, show them you can!

    -Homeless as a teenager; Find the Fight in You! Although Ion had nowhere to live he still found a way to live and survive each day.

    -The death of his son Elijah of Anenecephaly in 2005 (Anencephaly is a condition where a baby is born without a skull, mostly dur to a lack of folic acid in the mother prior to conception. As tragic as that was for Ion he learned the he can't let it keep him in a funk!

    All these life lessons have taught Ion that he doesn't belong to himself, that he is on this earth to help others. Through his various art forms he touches others.

    Ion's most recent project is being selected to be involved with Asociatia Romanilor din New England. He is also involved in a play "The Annulment", written by Plymouth playwright Sheila Kelleher. Ion is taking character classes with well known voice over Wren Ross. Ion is also starting his own food line. And would like to one day open his own technical school.

    Of all Ion's accomplishments he is happy to have reconnected with his daughter on live national TV on the hit show "Mobbed" starring Howie Mandel

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    Radio Free America with Duke Brooks: The GOP vs. IRS

    in Politics Conservative

    At the intersection of policy, history and politics lurks Radio Free America!

    Tonight, after more than a year, the Gov't. Oversight Committee of the House of Representatiaves finally considers former IRS bureaucrat Lois Lerner to be in contempt of Congress. What will happen next?  If she is found in contempt of Congress, she could serve up to a year in jail.  But...if she's found in violation of the laws governing the conduct of IRS employees, she could be liable to serve up to 11 years in prison.

    Plus, some hangar flying, various current events, Civil War history and...your calls!  Don't miss it!

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    SwCA Ep. 034: HR.: Employee evaluations that create lawsuits? Not on your watch!

    in Business

    SITE: http://www.courtneyanderson.com/swca-episode-034-hr-heroes-hangout-series-employee-evaluations-that-create-lawsuits-not-on-your-watch.html

    SHOW NOTES: Our HR HEROES HANGOUT™ series is dedicated to those who serve our societies each day, toiling in the bowels of the human capital infrastructure issues that fuel all organizations (hiring, retention, engagement, compensation, legal compliance,  etc.); our HR HEROES! These are the unsung heroes that ensure that organizations achieve and sustain maximum human capital competitive advantage! In this episode our topic is, “Employee evaluations that create lawsuits? Not on your watch!”

    Employee evaluations (aka performance reviews) appear to some to be dull, meaningless tasks that some bureaucrat requires simply to waste time. No. The HR HEROES know that these deceptively simple tasks are the foundation for developing, deploying and maintaining organizational competitive advantages regarding human capital. If an organization needs the best team members, the evaluation process is the stealth tool to success.

    Poorly run organizations ignore the entire concept of feedback (whether formally or informally, verbally or in writing). Average organizations expend some time on basic compliance (ensuring that everyone completed the required forms by the required dates) but with no education to team members about why the process exists and how it could benefit them. There is no meaningful follow-up or integration of the documents into the employee life cycle. Exceptional organizations understand the true purpose and underutilized power of the review process. They customize processes that fit their unique culture and maximize the review as a single swiss-army knife (to increase employee retention, engagement and loyalty while simultaneously mitigating the potential of successful legal action). Awesome!   

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    #41 - House Republicans Are Completing Obama's Job by Forcing Insurers to Sell

    in Politics Conservative

    These boneheads in Congress really don't get it! The policies that have been canceled are gone forever! That market has been destroyed by Obamacare! What's next forcing people to buy something they don't want? Oh wait! THAT'S ALREADY HAPPENED!  How about a wild idea? Let's let the free market and competition (which hasn't existed in years) drive down the cost of health care. This reminds me of when the politburo in the USSR "decided" they could grow wheat in the winter. Just because some idiot legislator or do-gooder or bureaucrat "decides" something doesn't mean it will really be that way. Kind of like Global Warming.

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    Citizens Primetime -Don't Be Alarmed Its Just the Government

    in Politics Conservative

    Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet “See Something, Say Something” Napolitano says there’s no reason for people’s fears to be raised about a surveillance state, even in the wake of Edward Snowden’s exposing of the NSA’s PRISM project. Besides, we’ve got plenty of checks and balances in place that would prevent any agency from misusing people’s personal data. Napolitano even referred to a “privacy officer” who is “constantly reviewing [their] policies and procedures.That should make us feel better, knowing that they have someone going over their policies all the time. And approving of them. And why shouldn’t we believe that? They want surveillance cameras everywhere. They want surveillance drones everywhere. By 2020, we’ll likely have more than 30,000 drones watching over us. Practically nothing we do is secret anymore. Everything we do on a computer or a cell phone is tracked, monitored, recorded and stored. It sounds like they’re “going willy-nilly and using any kind of data [they] can gather.” Speaking of an “Orwellian state,” remember this from 1984:  "There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment. How often, or on what system, the Thought Police plugged in on any individual wire was guesswork. That pretty much describes our situation today in the “land of the free.” The NSA revelations show us that at any given moment, some bureaucrat or some agency might be watching what we’re doing. Watching what you type in your e-mails. Watching how you comment on blogs. Watching which blogs you frequent. Listening to your phone conversations. In fact, they’re probably doing that for everybody. To prevent terrorist attacks, of course. And any of that information could be used against you in a secret court of law    

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    I Refuse

    in Finance

    Are you ready for the wolves? They're headed to your door! Imagine that Fascism, taxes, inflation and debts as a pack of ravenous wolves. Now imagine those wolves attacking your money aka your wages, bank accounts and retirement investments. Being the dedicated hardworking  person you are, your focus has been on providing for your family, (earning & creating more money). But the wolves are getting closer! If you keep ignoring the wolves that are surely coming (to raid & devour what you have), soon you will have nothing left! The wolves are feeding on our society. Everyone,  be they doctors, lawyers or Indian chief's, professionals athletes, business owners and people like YOU & I! Our common problem is our silence as well as our silent partner Uncle Sam and his many bureaucrat cousins, the IRS, ATF Soc Sec. central banks or one of the many bureacrats constantly attacking our financial nest eggs! Making money is one thing keeping the money you've made is quite another. Get help! There is a solution! Listen to Knox on Finance Made Simple, "I Refuse" and learn what to do now to insure a brighter tomorrow.  

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    Take Back Kentucky

    in Politics

    Greetings, we go in depth on the executive, legislative, judicial, bureaucrat, and media of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  We also continue honoring the late  Norman Davis extended family by touching on his accomplishments during his life.  We shall also cover the latest breaking current events stories from Louisville Metro, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, the rest of the United States of America and internationally.

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    "The Lerner Rule," Government Accountability

    in Politics Conservative

    With the recent IRS scandal and learning the Lois Lerner is on paid leave, it appears there is no better time than now to propose  “The Lerner Rule, The Bureaucrat Accountability & Responsibility Act."
    Of Course I'll likely cover other items relating to this and the Constitution, as time permits.

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