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    Tackling the bureaucracy of the Veteran's Administration to obtain your benefits

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    The story is the same for many Veterans that have completed their enlistment in the military or retired and are now seeking to receive their benefits for disabilities connected to their combat service.  Many Veterans are frustrated with the process, the delay and often times the denial of those benefits when sufficient evidence exists to award compensation.  Tackling the system can be a daunting process, but they're are options.  Listen in to get help and learn of resources that can make the journey to benefits a little less painful.

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    The latest in US-Cuba issues with Jorge Ponce

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    Guest:  Jorge Ponce, Cuban American writer, joins me for a look at the latest from Cuba.........Raul Castro delivered a very stern speech to the Communist Congress......more bad economic times coming....he also complained about the bureaucracy and its unwillingness to reform.........a Cuban ship with illegal drugs stopped in Panama.....memories of similar incidents over weapons and other goods in violation of UN resolutions.......

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    “Democracy“, Bureaucracy & The Corporate Empire

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    The U.S. president and other officials are puppets acting out a fake democracy. The transnational corporate statist bureaucracy seeks to expand its hegemony to the point of global tyranny in The New World Order Empire.

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    Keys to Sustainable Franchising

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    “I don’t do well with micro-management and bureaucracy. That’s not what I was raised on; it’s not who I am personally. If you give me a task and freedom, it will get done.” - Susan Beth

    This week on Franchise Today, Susan Beth, Operating Partner at NRD Capital joins co-hosts, Stan Friedman and Paul Segreto. Susan sheds light on what her and her team at NRD Capital look for in a franchise brand around unit-economics, culture, technology and more - all cornerstones of a sustainable brand. In situations where brands are not hitting on all cylinders, Susan shares examples of her recommendations on how to make improvements to get the brand back on track and begin building [again] towards a solid future with focus on franchisee success.

    Franchise Today airs LIVE Wednesdays at 11AM CT / 12PM ET with on-demand access on iTunes.

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    Stew and The Nunn, Episode 30 w/ Congressional Candidate Rick John

    in Military

    A long time friend of the hosts and supporter of the military be it active, deployed, wounded or veteran Rick has led the way in his community so we just had to have him on the show! Here's a little about him.Rick graduated from Loyola College Preparatory before receiving his Bachelor of Arts from Tulane University in 1990. He earned his Juris Doctor degree from LSU and immediately began his own practice.

    Married to Dr. Angela Cush-John, Rick generously donates his personal time and skills to his community. A champion for veterans, Rick helped lead Soldiers’ Angel, a national group that 
    supports the U.S. military, including soldiers on active duty, wounded warriors, veterans, and their families. He’s exposed corruption in the VA system and will work to trim a bloated bureaucracy. Rick feels compelled to use his skills for the public good and hopes to bring his brand of smart, sensible thinking to Washington.

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    The reality of TRUE REVOLUTION IS AFROCENTRISM in every sense of the word, but what is Afrocentrism. How do we define the action, because it is truly an action of resistance and resistance to the status quo is TRUE REVOLUTION. TONIGHT we ill discuss “THE AGE OF AFROCENTRISM”  chapter 5 of “Judas Factor The Plot to Kill MALCOLM X” by Karl Evanzz.   

    “We have said that the colonial context is characterized by the dichotomy which it imposes upon the whole people.  Decolonization unifies that people by the radical decision to remove from it its heterogeneity, and by unifying it on a national, sometimes a racial, basis. Frantz Fanon “THE WRETCHED OF THE EARTH”

     Are we going to continue to pivot on the edge of being colonized or are we going to center our selves around the African political system of our Ancestors of self sufficient people?

    “Two new devices for political organization and rule over foreign peoples were discovered during the first decades of imperialism. One was race as a principle of the body politic, and the other bureaucracy and a principle of foreign domination.” Hannah Arndt “Imperialism”

    We live in an Imperialist society in the world today governed by the Illuminati and the World Bank two of the most defendant systems ever created. How do we bring them to an end is the question?”It may be said of them (the Dutch) as of the  Spaniards, that the Sun never sets upon their Dominions.”  Thomas Gage  “New Survey of the West Indies”

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    Back II Basic Episode 477 : Commenting on the news stories of the day!!!

    in Politics Conservative

    Our condolences go out to the Scalia Family! What happens next with his vacated seat on the Supreme court?

    Also we will be talking about Democratic Socialism and the bureaucracies they create!! We have a good example today of why the government should not be in the business of business!!!



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    Ron Nawrocki - Wealth DNA

    in Finance

    Retirement Insecurity - The Wealth DNA radio show is dedicated to helping you increase your wealth, as well as educating savers & investors. February is a great month for a financial planning, and one of the hottest topics for the last few years has been dealing with rising healthcare costs. Whether you work for a company, are self employed, or retired this is a topic that affects you. On this show we'll focus on the US health insurance system for retirees, commonly know as Medicare. Our listeners outside of the US will have a great opportunity to see how the US government can take a straightforward concept, and complicate it sufficiently to justify a large bureaucracy !
            Our guest to discuss Retirement Insecurity is Danielle Kunkle, a Founding Partner of Boomer Benefits, an health insurance agency. Danielle specializes in Medicare related insurance products, is a Medicare Supplement Accredited Advisor, and a regular contributor to industry publications on Medicare-related insurance for consumers. She is also a continuing education instructor in Texas, teaching a certification course for insurance agents who wish to enter the Medicare insurance sector.
            Although we can’t possibly address every individual situation in just 1 hour, we will try to answer some of the key questions you may have. What are the Medicare eligibility requirements? Is there an advantage to postponing applying? Are there deductibles & co-payments? What coverage is there during international travel? Why would anyone need supplemental insurance? What's the difference between Medicare Part A, B, or Z? And what the heck does insurance have to do with doughnut holes?! If you don't already know all these answers, then prepare your questions, and grab a cup of coffee, glass of wine, or your favorite beverage and join us on Wealth DNA radio for Retirement Insecurity ...

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    The Mis-Education of the Negro on The RICH Report~Hosted by Gabriel Rich

    in Education

    Prominent educator in the school system, Acquilla McKoy joins Gabriel Rich on Thursday on The RICH Report.  February 4, 2016. All our lives we’ve been told that education is the key to success. You want to do the right thing for your child. You want to  give them all the tools they need for a successful life to succeed and as a parent, you believe you are doing the right thing. In the classroom, education tells a different story when bureaucracy comes with it. In this episode of The RICH Report, we will examine how the educational system has affected Indigenous Amer’icans over the years. On The RICH Report, we ask the question, should government education continue or should parents step up their game with other resources.

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    There is an America worth dying for, the Land of the Free and home of the Brave

    in Current Events

    The nation of the united States of America is so very unique in the history of the world. Many of the people who came to this nation had suffered terribly under the old world tyrannies, governments that had treated liberty as something to be despised and denied to those under the rulership of various crowns and kingdoms and one of the greatest freedom movements in world history resulted in God creating a nation that celebrated a religion of liberty, Protestant Christianity. Now many people will point out the terrible religious ignorance that motivated early American Christians to treat aboriginal Americans as heathen savages. But there were many things that American Christians accomplished in the New World that brought great blessings into the society of men. If things were so terrible in the founding of this nation, why has America been undergoing such a long and ugly descent into the presently expanding cultures of depravity? Let us examine, tonight, the lines of battle for the soul of America.

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    Greg Glaser Explains Case By Case Government Bureaucracy

    in Legal

    HWC Partner FreedomizerRadio Chat will be off HWC-BTR, Please visit Freedomizer.  Call in to 347.324.3704 to ask questions or comment Alan Phillips | Current Events in Vaccination News. He keeps you ahead of the curve. Become politically active.  Debby talks about coping with stress using homeopathy at 2:30PM EST
    Sept 26, 2013 Special Guest: Greg Glaser Explains Case By Case Government Bureaucracy
    Alan Phillips, J.D. of Chapel Hill, NC, the nation's leading vaccine rights attorney. He advises individuals, families, attorneys, groups and organizations throughout the U.S. on vaccine exemption and waiver rights. Visit HomeopathyWorldCommunity Vaccine Rights Guide