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    Interview with Bumblefoot of Guns N' Roses!

    in Rock Music

    Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, the current axeman in Guns n' Roses comes on to talk everything from GNR, solo, his current projects, and in the end we take callers from his fans. This is an hour long special episode, as Bumble said, there's no better fit for a shoe, than a foot!
    His Website: http://bumblefoot.com/
    His Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bumblefoot
    His Twitter: https://twitter.com/bumblefoot
    Guns n Roses Website: http://gunsnroses.com/

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    Totally Driven Radio Rocks #1

    in Entertainment

    Totally Driven Entertainment & Radio are tired of the dying world of rock n roll!!!

    So the man behind Totally Driven, Bay Ragni is taking matters into his own hands, and bring the rock back to your ears. 

    Bay will do either weekly or bi-weekly shows, that will feature the hard rock & metal music from the 60's to today from around the globe!!!

    On this Week's Episode....

    Motley Crue 
    The Compulsions 
    Nothing More 
    Stone Sour 
    Lamb of God 
    Texas Hippie Coalition 
    Adrenaline Mob
    Limp Bizkit 
    Chris Holmes Official 
    Butcher Babies 
    Official Motörhead 

    TDR Female Rockers of the Week 

    TDR Now & Then segment 
    Madam X 

    TDR Featured Artist of the Week 
    Alice Cooper 

    **To send in your requests, you picks for our weekly features or  If you want your band played on TDR Rocks email Bay at   Bayragni@gmail.com 

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    Totally Driven Radio #115

    in Entertainment

    Show #115........... 

    The one & only Bumblefoot returns to talk about his new solo album "Little Brother is Watching"

    Model & Reality Star @Kip Force 

    Plus Kristyn Burtt will be calling in with her Hollywood Report 

    And, Bay and Nick will be talking anything & everything.

    The phone lines are open, 718-508-9883

    Call in with a topic & win a prize !!

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    Little Brother is watching!!!

    in Rock Music

    Yes folks after last weeks foul up we need to come back strong. So this weeks show is full of great stuff. Again thanks to new show producer, Joe Gansas, we have Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal who is promoting his latest CD "Little Brother is Watching" on the show. We also have Johnny Collins from "Fuzz on the Lens" apearing as well to promote a some of their up coming events. John is an old family friend who will never be boring. 

    The Rangers and Islanders are in a groove, but the Knicks and Nets Still Suck, 

    A-Rod got a hit and Matt Harvey is throwing stinkin' Dynamite. Will Tanaka's elbow continue to hold up for the season and will Daniel Murphy turn a double play? We have a lot of Spring Training baseball to talk about as well.

    Finally, Football is now a year round sport and with all the big trades that have been going on and with fre agency kicking in officially Tuesday March 10th, I am sure we can find a way to discuss some of stuff from our new National Past time.

    All this and a few big announcements and we have a packed show for you. So as always I ask That you tune in This coming Thursday Night at 6:30 pm est to blogtalkradio.com and search for our show.  If you want to talk to either Bumblefoot or Johnny Collins, call in to (347) 826-9934 and we will try and get your questions on the air.

    See you Thursday

    Keep On RockN'!!!!

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    Say Hi To Anthony Esposito

    in Rock Music

    So how do we top the Immortal "Bumblefoot" interview we did last week? We bring on Anthony Esposito, (Bass Palyer) formerly of Ace Frehley and Lynch Mob and current Producer at OBSCENIC ARTS, Broadcasting & Media Production. Anthony has been involved with some huge names both on stage and behind the console, so I am lucky to be having him call in and talk for a while. And with new show producer Joe Gansas on the loose, you can never be sure who else may be lurking on the phones.

    The Rangers are the best team in Hockey and Zack Wheeler is out for the season, but not to fear Tim Tebow and Chip Kelly are hanging out together, so we can Talk about all of that. 

    Lots of new concerts have been announced so I will give you the lineups and tell you whats new in the Hard Rock and metal scene.

    Oh Yea and I think March Madness starts this week so we can bring that up as well. I will give you my WINNING bracket as well, in case you are inetrested.

    So Tune this Thursday night at 6:30 pm est to see if we can top last weeks show. I think I could use all the help I can get so please take a minute and call in talk for a while.

    Keep on Rockin'!!!


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    Heavy F*#$king Metal!!

    in Rock Music

    I have been buying all sorts of new CD's (Some released recently, some a little older) and I want to share my thoughts on them. Been throwing myself into all of "BUMBLEFOOT's music in preperation for my interview with him on the 12th of March. Some exciting Maiden news as well so we will be doing a lot of music talk, But...

    We will also talk about the Rangers and the their Trade for Keith Yandle and their soon to be announced extention for Mats Zuccarello and any of the roster moves that happen as of the trade deadline (2nd of March). And spring training games are about to start so we will see where the locals are at this point.

    So I hope you guys will tune in and listen to me talk and talk and talk somemore about all of the stuff going on right now. And as always, please call in and give me your opinions on these topics as well.

    See you this thursday @ 6:30 p.m. est on BLOGTALKRADIO.COM

    Keep on Rock n!!!






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    Totally Driven Radio #100

    in Entertainment

    On our 100th show............We will take a look back with some of our past guests will call in with congrats wishes for us, and give us an update on them.....

    Tonights Lineup & Times !! 

    8  Bay & Nick Open Show
    805 – Roxy Astor
    815 – Kristyn Burtt – Hollywood News Report
    830 – Henry Rife
    840 – Tracii Guns
    850 – Samy & Amy Bouzaglo – Amy’s Baking Co
    9pm – Wee Wee
    910 – Mach 22 
    920 - Reggie Wu
    930 – Robert LaSardo
    940 - Bumblefoot
    950 – Krissi Biasiello
    10 – Rachel Lorin
    1010 – Tone the CheifRocca
    1030 – Diane Franklin 
    10:45 – Roy Wood Jr ….. MAYBE

    We also talk with Kristyn Burtt with this week's Hollywood news

    Plus Bay & Nick will be talking all your entertainment, news & stories

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    The Starchamber Show #34 featuring Miles Schuman

    in Books

    This week in the Star Chamber Show we bring you Miles "The Shoe" Schuman from the world of rock radio.  Instead of hosting, he'll be the guest at 9pm EST!

    Miles “The Shoe” Schuman is the 14-year-old host of and mastermind behind “The Shoe” radio show, which previously aired on BlogTalkRadio and now broadcasts from the CMS network. 

    lFrom his very first guest three years ago—hard rock bassist Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne and others)—to his most recent guests, Tom Keifer (Cinderella), Bumblefoot (Guns N’Roses), Eddie Jackson and Geoff Tate (Queensrÿche) and Michael Anthony (Van Halen), “The Shoe” delves deep into the world of classic hard rock and heavy metal.

    In the four years since his first radio show in 2010, he has interviewed dozens of classic rock and heavy metal icons for his now weekly radio show; outfitted himself with professional radio equipment that he taught himself to use; and purposefully honed his on-air interviewing skills to encourage his guests to open up and talk intimately and frankly about their lives. As for the future of “The Shoe,” Schuman has his sights set on syndicating his show to SiriusXM or to FM radio, in the manner of his radio idol Eddie Trunk, a DJ on Q104.3, New York’s top-rated classic rock station.

    In March 2014, Chris and Neeley of the notoriously popular “The Classic Metal Show” encouraged Miles to leave BlogTalkRadio and join their CMS Radio Network. He did so (with Michael Anthony of Van Halen as his debut guest) and since started syndicating the show. It can now be found 957thepanther.com and RadioIo.com as well as CMSRadio.net .

    Originally from Southwest Harbor, Maine, Schuman now lives in and hosts his show from Mystic, Connecticut.




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    Will & Thunder Welcome Sleaze Rock King, Mick James

    in Rock Music

    Mick James is a noted song writer, producer/engineer, musician and actor. He is most widely known for the music included in the hit television show Criss Angel Mindfreak. The highly recognizable “Mind Freak Theme” song was originally written by Micky James/Criss Angel and produced by both Micky and Jonathan Davis (KORN). Micky’s haunting, enchanting melodies have added an extra element of suspense to the show’s illusion for all 6 seasons.

    He has also made music and themes for such TV shows as CBS Football, the 2010 Super Bowl, March Madness from 2011 to present, MTV Cribs, WWE, and more. He has also been a guest on That Metal Show, Entertainment Tonight, Tyra Banks Show, The American Country Awards, and Parenthood on NBC, and now, he tops them all with his first appearance on the Will and Thunder Show! ;) 

    We are excited to have him.

    His current album, 'Mick James is Dead' has guest appearances from rock/metal greats such as Tony Harnell, 'Snake' Sabo, Bobby Rondinelli, and Bumblefoot.

    Here is a video/mini movie from his current album, 'Mick James is Dead' called 'Speeding like a Fiend.' Snake Sabo is a guest on this song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iDpHzRPflg

    So, do not miss this show!

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    Ron"Bumblefoot"Thal from (Guns n Roses) w/ Paul Conklin on The Most Amazing Radio Show Ever (Part 1

    in Entertainment

    Part 1 of 3
    Guns n Roses Guitarist
    Ron Bumblefoot Thal talks with:
    Paul Conklin On The Most Amazing Radio Show Ever T.M.A.R.S.E. about:
    Corn Chowder,
    Axl Rose,
    Freddy Mercury And Brian May Of Queen,
    Randy Rhoads, Eddie Vanhalen and Ozzy Osbourne,
    Yngwie Malmsteen,
    Lamour The Rock capitol of the world,
    Kings X,
    The Head Set,
    Return to Earth,
    Black Pig,
    Baldfreak records,
    Q Ball,
    Ron Scalzo,
    Ustream and Fan Time Live,
    Vigier Guitars,
    George Barris of North Hollywood the creator of  the BatMobile  The Munsters Mobile the Beverly Hillbillies  car and Kitt from Nightrider,
    The Musonia conservatory of Music,
    Staten Island,
    New Jersey,
    Queens New York,

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    Totally Driven Radio

    in Entertainment

    On our 47th episode of Totally Driven Radio, our host Bay Ragni & Frank Naimoli we will have another big week of guest, stories, and talk.This Week's guest..........From the Disney Channel's Imagination Movers Scott Durbin The singer POC from the band POC NATION