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    Tackling Bulling: Lets Get Rid Of It

    in Spirituality

    No More Bullies!
    282,000 students are physically attacked in schools each month.
    160,000 kids stay home from school everyday because they are afraid of being bullied.
    Today Michael tackles the subject of bulling and how together we can stop it. Michael will be sharing his own painful journey of being bullied and also how he is healing and letting it go.
    Today we will learn what bulling is and how to help the kids stop it.
    most of todays ifo comes from this website
    Michael also will be opening the phone lines through out the program at 347-327-9316

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    Duluth Politics radio show episode 35--- Start our special on bulling.

    in Politics

    Tonight we kick off our specail week about bulling.  Tonight I am hoping people will call and tell story's about being bullied, I know it is hard but it is importain to see how deep this issue really runs here in Duluth and around our country.  You can call the show at 1-516-387-1778.  

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    Show #10- Building Purpose Around Childhood Pain With Author Amy Madge!!

    in Self Help

    Amy Madge has built purpose around her childhood pain. Amy was bullied relentlessly. Her school experience was compounded by an experience with a teacher. A teacher whose words opened the door with the children following suit. Amy has written two childrens books "Eggy the Egg and the L.B.N. Club" and :The Adventures of the Kwun-Gee and Uba Dooba Boy" each addressing the problem of bulling with hopes of them being available to be used in schools for awareness. She has begun what she has coined the L.B.N. clubs for elementary students... the Let's Be Nice club.  -- 

  • Dudley Enterprises will Speak on Cyber Bullying

    in Computers

    For more than thirteen years, Dudley Enterprises Computer Sales and Repair has supplied its customers with quality desktops and laptops. We are a business partner, a trusted provider of Business and Residential Computer Service Contracts backed by a solid guarantee.

    Our mission is to listen to our client's specific needs and deliver quality products through continuous operational excellence.  We carry complete product lines such as Dell, HP and Lenovo.

    Please bring pen and pad, as these two Georgia entrepernurs Mr.Tyrone Dudley, and his wife Mrs. Cheryl Dudley,aid parents to squash their household 'Back to School computer budget', as well as, trying to help protect and squashing the fastest growing danger for teens, right behind 'Testing While Driving. Its called, 'Cyber-Bulling'!

    The Dudleys' are now a part of the best hyper-local news site in the country, OurTown Media. Just listen for now and take good notes Parents

    The Tech Duo, will be presenting continuous suggestions, and help correct your computer needs, from time to time. Before you buy five I Phone 16000 , or buy the Windows 4500, parents just listen and help us save ,'One Life'. 

    Simply call 1-646-478-0188 exactly at 6:00 pm(est), August 6, 2015. You can call from any phone. It will only be 30 minutes, and will able to hear anytime from the host site.


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    The Italian Voice Radio Show !

    in Current Events

    Good Evening Everyone,Welcome back to The Italian Voice Radio Show,tonight i will be touching on Bulling and how bad and dangerous it is to people and how the punkass bullies don't and will never realize how it Effects the Victims,And that Can and Does Lead to Suicide a friend of mine her sister is getting bullied which drove me to scheduling a show tonight,i watched a video of her and her sister and i immeditaly got very angry how can someone do such a horrible thing to sit their and bully someone ?? So Please Call in tonight @7pm @347-426-3972 And get Involved with The Most Honest Talk in New Jersey with you're Amazing Host Dom Calvitto on brought to you by Blogtalkradio.com,Also Checkout my Website @www.italianvoiceradioshow.com!

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    Cyber-Bulling with Author Margie Gelbwasser

    in Moms and Family

    Award-winning young adult author Margie Gelbwasser tackles cyber-bulling in her latest novel titled, Pieces of Us. A book that focuses on the growing issue among teens. Margie's depiction of two families and four teens in their respective journey in life will resonate with readers and listeners alike when it comes to real life, real situation. 
    Please call 347.327.9995 on Tuesday April 3rd from 10-11 am U.S. CT to learn more about cyber-bulling and what you can do about it. 

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    Stop Bulling

    in Health

    I  am dedicated to my vision of a world where more opportunities are created for girls and women to live from a place of heart centered leadership:  A world where we celebrate our individual uniqueness while living and loving wholeheartedly.   A world that resembles a herd of horses. 'Carla Webb'
     Are you still awake at 2 AM  and can't sleep with worry or anxiety then Download my Music 'Sleep Well CD from my HealingTV.ca on-line store; Click here,   http://www.healingtv.ca/online_store.htm

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    Child/Adult Bulling, as well as Entertainment are the focus this month.

    in Entertainment

    Can you identify a specific topic you feel strongly about pertainment to bullying?

    Have you ever been bullied? 

    How has this impacted in your online presence?

    Has your experience highlighted any other issues?

    Do you think you can overcome this issue? If so how? 

    What advice would you give to someone in the same situation? 

    For more information about Bullying, Seek out what your passion is and focus on what our victims young and old go through being bullied. A movement that should have been

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    Dr. JJ Spinner with Boyd and Lucinda

    in Lifestyle

    Dr. JJ Spinner is an individual whose purpose on earth is to serve his community (locally and globally) and positively impact the lives of every individual that he encounters. His personal mission statement for his life is:  “I was placed on earth not to serve myself but to serve others with my life, ensuring that the work that I do while on earth outlives me because of the effect reflected by the lives that I impacted.” His vision statement is to serve others by encouraging others to think big beyond their life’s obstacles; by standing in the gap for those that have been rejected or ostracized; and by representing hope to those that have given up and have no hope for a better tomorrow. At a height of 6’11’’, he figuratively and literally understands the “tall” assignment bestowed upon him.  In 1994, he founded Big Spin Enterprises, which has been recognized for its community service and activism, especially its youth program. As the C.E.O of Big Spin Enterprises as well as a former professional athlete, a minister, an educator, a writer, an actor, and a community activist, he has established effective programing that the youth can relate, learn and be impacted by because of the plethora of experience and connections that bring much needed support and resources to those that need it the most.  Whether it is his anti-bullying or his personal development programs for the youth, Dr. JJ Spinner along with Big Spin Enterprises seeks to end all types of anti-bulling, domestic violence and self-abuse by building character, redirecting challenging and negative behavior and motivating them to be positive role models in the community. 


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    Duluth Politics radio show episode 36- Buddies not bullies .

    in Politics

    Tonight I intereview two people from a new facebook page that was start last week or so.  It is to raise awareness of bulling in our community and offer support and ideas to fixing the problem.  

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    The Bully Factor / Part Two

    in Parents

    Why do some children become bullies and others become their victims?  The reason is not that difficult to understand once you see the fine line between being a bully and being a victim. You see, before they start to bully others, many bullies were victims themselves.  I now help parents offer their children the inner strength they need to avoid being targeted by bullies or becoming bullies themselves. Listen to my 2 part podcast series to learn six key steps to enhance your parenting skills.