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    Chief Warhorse, OLMECS still alive in North Americas

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    Historians and archaeologist have confirmed that the first people in the Americas were black. Does this mean the indigenous Americans are black? Yes. Although this information has been kept from us, our true identity is starting to unfold. For years we’ve been told that we arrived to the Americas by slave ship, when in fact most of us were already here. Is it possible that the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade is a fictitious story used to trick indigenous black people out of their homelands and history?“…Omission, not distortion, is the far more serious culprit in hiding the story of the black Indians of America.” Williams Lorenz Katz, Black Indians.Many black people who trace their heritage will not find any African slavery in their family. It’s also not a coincidence that many of us blacks have been told by an elder in our family that, “We have Indian in our blood.” There were no ‘red Indians’ until the colonizers began mixing with the indigenous blacks. Below is a short list of black native tribes:The Washitaw of the Louisiana/Midwest
    The Yamasee of the South East
    The Iroquois
    The Cherokee Indians
    The Blackfoot Indians
    The Pequot and Mohegans of Connecticut
    The Black Californians (Calafians) (CAL in CALifornia literally means BLAK, after the name of the Great Mamma KALi / Queen KALifa)
    The Olmecs of Mexico
    The Darienite of Panama
    The Seminole Indians
    The Creek Indians
    The Chata/Choctaw IndiansMoundville Archeological Park, located near Birmingham, AL is an example of how there has been an attempt to suppress the original identity of the Native Americans. Since the early 1970s, the park’s museum had statues that depicted the Native Americans as black people. In 2010, those statues were replaced with white Native Americans.


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    The Frat House Sports Show #193

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    While it might have felt like a “slow” sports week to you, there’s NEVER anything slow here at Frat House Sports and they’ve got a packed two hour program here to prove it!

    The Frat House Sports Gang are joined right at the top of the show by Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia’s John Boruk to give us some insight into the Philadelphia Flyers unknown new coach, Dave Hakstol. Can this NHL newcomer take the team some place they haven’t been in 40-years?

    NFL owners and “The Commish” Roger Goodell got together for a few days in San Francisco, and suddenly New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is talking contrite. What happened there? PAT’s; games in Mexico and Germany; Los Angeles is a given; Mark Davis would have made daddy proud; are just a few things on our agenda.

    The NHL playoffs are down to the Conference Finals and things have gotten interesting a dicey for a few. We’ve got hockey aficionado and sports author Russ Cohen to help us analyze the now desperate New York Rangers; the eye-popping contract Toronto Maple Leafs contract with Mike Babcock; and, other NHL chatter.

    They wrap it all up with a bit more pro and collegiate football nonsense.

    THIS is one packed program . . . which will also be including you and YOUR calls at 347 – 826 – 9964!

    BRING IT . . . and bring your best to “The Frat House Gang” – Frat House Mike, Uncle Mark, Sidekick, and Brandon!

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    IoUC: Online Civility with Peggy Parks

    in Technology

    You have probably heard of "haters" or "trolls" or "cyber-bullies."  Where did they come from?  Why do they attack?  Has the digital world of social media and mobile created a new underground culture of bad behaviour?  Join Deb and Tom as they converse with Peggy Parks, a leading civility expert form the Parks Image Group, Inc. (www.theparksimagegroup.com) about the lack of civil behaviour online and what we can do to make the Internet a safer place to express ourselves and disagree in a respectful manner with those who we do not share the same perspective.  Respecting boundaries, taking responsibility for our own online comments and conduct, and setting a good example for others are some of the topics we will hit on during the interview.

    About Peggy: Peggy Parks has the opportunity to see people in business settings as well as social ones. A key element in her observations is noticing how people treat each other. That’s how she discovered a lack of civility in the world and decided to do her part to change that.  As the Southeast’s leading Civility Expert, Peggy views good manners, the ability to listen to learn and to appreciate other viewpoints as key elements for civility. And a person who practices civility actually polishes their personal image.  Featured in numerous publications, radio and TV, Peggy is pleased to count UPS, Southern Company and The Coca-Cola Company among her clients. Peggy can be reached at Peggy@TheParksImageGroup.com or 404/266-3858.



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    S4-E5 - Aerospace Manufacturing Series #3 of 5: Mexico

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    Join Steve Calantuoni, Vice President of Marketing for The Tecma Group of Companies, Aldo Rodriguez, Director at Noranco, Inc., and Gale Thompson,renown industry expert and retired Vice President of Int’l Operations for The Offshore Group as they discuss Mexico’s vibrant and growing aerospace industry.

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    G.J.S.B. Vol. 14 ft. CherryBlood, Ace2Face, Mexico Shawty, YKC & Much More!

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    Glass Jar Smoke Break Vol. 14 ft. Ace2Face out of San Fancisco, California taking on "Gas Or Trash", CherryBlood originally from Sacramento California reppin Dayton, Oh & Mexico Shawty all the way from New Mexico!. Be sure to tune in to this weeks epic episode filled with groundbreaking music and join listeners from all around the country and from as far away as Australia! Big announcements coming on tonights show as well! So be sure to call in and let us know whatchu smokin on! Stream this episode at http://tobtr.com/s/7626021. 

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    Podcast Two - May 20, 2015 - News and Music from Taos Experience

    in Radio

    We feature news and music from Taos, New Mexico. 

    This podcast features two stories: "The Old Taos County Courthouse gets facelift money" and "The Taos Farmers Market Plaza location still in dispute."

    The music is from Calling Sister Midnight. Songs are "Blue Bottle," "No Excuses (J.P.T.S)," and "Freedom (Oh yeah)."

    For more information, visit the mothership at TaosExperience.com. 

    News, events, commentary, photos and videos from and about Taos, New Mexico, illustrating the Taos Experience. Published since 1998, Online since 2001. To contact, e-mail taosexperience@gmail.com

    Thanks for listening!

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    Steven Gerrard's Farewell, Leo Messi Wins La Liga, USWNT vs. Mexico Review

    in Soccer

    0:00 - 2:00 - That Champions League Heineken ad

    02:00 - 11:40 - Steven Gerrard's final Anfield appearance for Liverpool FC

    11:40 - 18:00 - Leo Messi's goal that won La Liga for Bacelona , and quick discussion of Carlo Ancelotti at Real Madrid.

    18:00 - 26:40 - Review US Women's National Team's win over Mexico in the penultimate game before the Women's World Cup begins, including a discussion of Sydney Leroux's impact.

    26:40 - end - Total Soccer Show scouting assignments



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    "Good-Bye to the Army of the Potomac:" George & Libbie Custer Start South

    in History

    Custer's Luck Radio Show host Jean Barto reads from the first chapter of "Tenting on the Plains," where Libbie Custer describes the start of her and her husband's journey south to Louisiana and Texas for occupation duty.

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    Travel Today - The One&Only Palmilla

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    This week's episode of Travel Today with Peter Greenberg comes from The One&Only Palmilla in Los Cabos, Mexico. After being hit by Hurricane Odile in September 2014, Los Cabos was badly damaged. Like many other properties, the One&Only Palmilla suffered major wounds and had to close for a massive recovery and rebuilding effort. But now it’s back, and some would say, better than ever.

    The resort’s staff pulled together as a community in one of the stronger examples of a public/private partnership. Arnie Weissmann, Editor-in-Chief of Travel Weekly, talks about disaster tourism and why now is the time to go to Los Cabos. Then the President of the Los Cabos Humane Society, Aida Trujillo, talks about animal displacement after the storm and how visitors can help…including international pet adoption! (Hint—you get to fly your new pet home…for free!). All of this and more on this week's Travel Today with Peter Greenberg comes from The One&Only Palmilla. 

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    Writestream Tuesday with author Steve Schatz

    in Lifestyle

    Tune in to Writestream Tuesday on May 19 at 1 p.m. Eastern when Daria Anne welcomes Steve Schatz to talk about Adima Rising:

    Steve Schatz (rhymes with cats) has been a tour guide, traffic safety teacher, party clown, newspaper reporter, television producer and a college professor. He has written and published songs, skits, short stories and journal articles. Adima Rising is his first published novel.

    Growing up in New Mexico, he visited active pueblos and ancient ruins throughout the Southwest. He has also lived in Texas, California and hitch hiked around the country. He now lives in a small town in Western Massachusetts on the banks of Yokum Brook and spends most of his days writing and adding to his website www.AdimaRising.com.

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    Podcast One - Taos Economic Development and a New Vet's Outreach Center

    in Radio

    We feature music and news from Taos, New Mexico, with a first of a new format which includes news and music.

    This episode includes stories about economic development and a new veteran's outreach center.

    The music is "Mushi-shi" by Calling Sister Midnight, "Black Rainbow" by Pitx, and "Theme One" in the "Taos Weather Suite," by Raymond Blanchet.

    For more stories from Taos, visit TaosExperience.com