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    The importance of relaxation for building self-esteem

    in Self Help

    Very many people in today's world are stressed and simply very bad at relaxing. Relaxation is a skill that is important to have if you want to raise your self-esteem. Being stressed is unhealthy leads to low self-esteem. To build self-esteem you need to develop a good health and self-awareness. You need to listen to yourself. By relaxing you can develop high self-esteem by tuning in to what you need and what you want, and it will help you to become healthier. Both are important for self-esteem.

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    Building Self-esteem and Confidence..

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    What's on your mind? Love? Confessing? Should you or should you not? Join us LIVE 9:30pm tonight to discuss. We’re kicking off the show tonight with building Self-esteem and Confidence. Call 818-301-5873 9:30pm est/6:30pst to tune it. Join us in the chat room http://www.blogtalkradio.com/lgbtoutdaboxradio Send an email to blogtalk4511@gmail to remain anonymous and we’ll read your question live on air.

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    Building Self Esteem: Tue:1/22/12:8PM EST

    in Religion

    Self-esteem is a reflection of how you feel about yourself as a person. Monica Kangethe and Anne Muthoga will give us tips on building your self-esteem and creating a personal positive image based on your own strengths, abilities and faith in God. Listen Live:619-393-2852/www.pinnacleofpraiseshow.com
    Thank you for choosing Pinnacle of Praise Show. Beatrice Ndura-Host

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    Youmongus Ad Network - Building your own economy!

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    Building Fortunes Radio presents The Youmongus Ad Network Radio show.

    This segment, hosted by Peter Mingils, takes place every Friday evening at 8:30 PM Eastern Time.  This supports our Youmongus Ad Classified Sites Owners and advertising sponsors.  Join us often for interesting real life examples for advertising and income generation. 

    For other products, look at www.youmongus.com   Youmongus... it's really Big!

    Listen in to previously recorded shows on Building Fortunes Radio:

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    Christmas 2014: 4th Sunday in Advent - Engaged In Kingdom Building

    in Politics Conservative

    Sunday, December 21st, 2014

    4th Sunday in Advent
    St. Thomas, Apostle Day on the Church Calendar

    It's our final Advent message. The Christmas week is here! Joy to the World! This morning the Advent devotion is "Engaged in Kingdom Building." The key verse is 2 Samuel 7:16.

    Today is also St. Thomas Day. We'll say a prayer for St. Thomas Day to open the show, and close with a prayer for this Advent Sunday. Thanks for joining us!





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    Sovereign Self

    in Self Help

    Featuring Host Martin Campbell and Co-Host Ron Mayer

    Martin Campbell is an author and business executive who is dedicated to helping people improve their lives by assisting them in finding out who they are and who they want to be. From being a councillor to writing about bringing understanding, unity and joy into people’s lives, his focus has always been on people’s core needs. As a dedicated supporter of individual spirituality, Martin believes humanity’s last major hurdle is in achieving individual empowerment and freedom. He knows first-hand that expanding human or individual spiritually is not always easy, nor accepted - no matter who you are. He firmly believes it is through our love and individual paths, that together we will propel humanity to its greatest heights. Yet he recognizes that it has been his life’s traumatic events, which provided him with the opportunity to grow stronger. Martin is grateful for all that has occurred. His joys and sorrows have made him who he is today. He says for that - he is truly thankful.

    Ron Mayer has always been a Spiritual Seeker, or as his elder, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha puts it, “A Spiritual Archeologist.” He has an interest in ALL things spiritual as well as a love of art and music, and plays the piano and guitar. He loves to “watch people.”

    Ron has come to the realization that self-development is never complete or a finished process, and when our journey of self-discovery begins, it is a forever endeavor from the heart.

    Expect him to bringing fresh, new and at times controversial ideas about Spiritual Ascension, the science and spirituality of the art of bio-regenesis.

  • New Years Resolution:Commit to self-love,before giving your love away.

    in Music

    Enjoy self-love, before giving your love away.

    •          What is self-love?

    •          How does one attain self-love?

    •          Who is responsible for self-love?

    •          When do you give self-love?

    •          Why do you need self-love?

    Eartha Kitt says: "It’s all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you, rather than looking for love to compensate for a self-love deficit.”

    On today’s show, we will take a look at this often talked about term “self-love.” It is often the case that we give ourselves away before giving ourselves to our selves. It is healthier to connect with and love self before sharing one’s self with another. Self-love fosters a more healthy connection with someone else. I often say to clients: “you can’t give what you don’t have.” So, I encourage us to “enjoy self-love before giving love away.” Please join us today as we talk about the importance of loving yourself before seeking love and expecting another person to love you

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    Dr. Ariston Awitan - Peter Mingils

    in Business

     He has established a non-profit organization called  "The Jularis Non Profit Charitable Foundation". 

     The mission of the non-profit is to help fund a charity hospital in the Philippines, fund the basic sciences in the local college of medicine, and support seminaries through the education of priests.

    Listen live every Saturday at 2:00PM Eastern time.
    You may contact Dr.Awitan at: http://sozoglobal.com/jularis or call (713) 392-5493.    or You can find more details about his latest project on: http://www.getcashbacks.info

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    Master Mind and Mentoring Group - repetition is golden!

    in Business

    For you to have success in sales and build a business, you need to develop the right habits and mindset. This is usually not developed immediately... it takes time, repetition, and a support group. 

    Making Sales or Excuses with the Master Mind and Mentoring Group by Peter Mingils.

    You're either Making Sales, or You're Making Excuses!



  • Be Positive with Shannon Marie ~ Awesome Survivor Tonight

    in Health

    Please join me this Saturday night for a dose of positive attitude, encouraging words from a survivor, and as always some rocking music! Tonight I have the privilege of interviewing Victor Balderas. He is sharing with us his story of victory!!! As we get ready to make resolutions for the new year, I will be talking about the 10 things you must give up in order to move forward in life. I have got some new music from the 1920's to play tonight. Don't even think I'm gonna leave out rocking tunes from Jimmy G and Nate Leslie. 

    You can access the show by clicking the link below or by dialing 424-243-9540, or call toll-free 855-473-3711 in the USA or 202-559-7907 toll-free outside of the USA. You can also Skype in as well. The link can also be used after the live show for "On Demand" listening at your leisure. Join us in the chatroom with your thoughts and ideas on blogtalkradio.com tonight!!!


    Hosted by: Shannon Marie Hilbert

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    Self-Care While Building Your Mom Biz

    in Women

    Like in most beginnings, the first few months— or even years— of being a mom business owner are the most challenging. On top of being in charge of your own business, you also have a household to run while trying your best to be present during the most important milestones in your family.

    There are so many things to juggle that it is not surprising one aspect in the life of a mompreneur gets neglected during this phase of building a successful mom business—self-care.

    Our  guest for this episode advocates self-care and expansion of self-love in order to experience the personal and professional life of your dreams.

    A best-selling author and leader in the fields of women empowerment and coaching, Dr Eve Agee will share with us some tips that will surely inspire every mompreneur to create health and wellness on top of a thriving mom business.

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