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    Another Ebola Update and 4 Reasons Bugging Out To The Woods Is A Bad Idea

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    Tonight 9/17 episode we will go over 2 Ebola updates, and an article on why bugging out to the woods is a bad idea.  Also starting next week program will be broadcast on Contra Radio www.blogtalkradio.com/contraradio .  This is being done as a smart financial move for me.  While it is true that Contra Radio is for preppers, it is not true it is ONLY for preppers, hence we will start to cover Patriot news and viewpoints on Contra Radio. 

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    The (Almost) Deadly Mistake on Bugging Out!

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    The Gun Show! With Dave Womach on American Preppers Radio Monday *7:00pm/Est *6:00pm/Ct *5:00pm/Mt *4:00pm/Pt Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/The Gun Show, Dave Womach reflects on some major issues he encountered on his recent survival camping trip – One that nearly cost him his life, yet the buddy system prevailed. From close encounters with Grizzly bears, to temperature extremes and exhaustion. The Bug Out Bag is an essential item, and one that is always debated. This show will focus on the key items to NOT forget. Additionally, what if you could take just one luxury item in your bug out bag? What would it be, and why?
    Learn from the hard lessons of this survival camping trip, without having to go through them yourself. Or call in with your tips and tricks to make camping out of a backpack a breeze.
    Tags: The Gun Show, Prepare, Self Reliance, Weapons, Self Defense, Guns, Bugging Out, Prepper Broadcasting Network, Mistake

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    "Bugging Out" During Man made or Natural Disasters

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    Hey guys, tonight's show will cover the general aspects of "bugging out", the terminology for getting out of the area where you happen to be, either living or visiting, when an event occurs.
    The show will start a bit later tonight, 8:00PM CST as I have prior committment which has me getting home later than usual.
    I hope to see you all there!

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    bugging out

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    Why i would choose to bug out then to bug in.What you need to have in you bug out bag.Where to go when you need to bug out.What skills and training do you need have when bug out .

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    PFTWHFTB- Prepping Philosophies

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    I. Preparing for the Worst, Hoping for the Best- Philiosophy 

       A. Preparedness-It's not always worst case scenario- loss of job, disability-

           1.It's a physical savings account of goods, 

           2.The mental restraint to "Lose It" when bad things happen, being your own source of calmness in a storm.

       B. Getting in the mindset- resourcefulness, awareness, problem mitigation

           1. But we need to consider the worst case, and prepare as much as we can

           2. It is NOT giving into the urgency that the sky is falling tomorrow.

           3. An example of being resourceful- mulitple use items, more than one way to complete a task

           4. Awareness but NOT Paniced-watching the news and even questionable sources of information

               a. Consider all posibilites do exsist

               b. Keeping your not so favorable opinions in check to gain credibility 

               c. Example of mitigation- 

    II. Short Term Vs. Long Term

      A. Job loss, hurricaine 2 weeks- 6mo, 

         1. Bugging IN- very short definition

         2. Expecting Help- When? And Who? 

         3. What have you experienced?

      B. Long term

         2. Bugging OUT- very short definition

         3. Survivor Of Bosnia (link)

         4. Post WWI Germany- Philipp's part

    III. Levels of Prepping 

      A. Level 1 thru 5 - emergency planning with you, and family is aware, calling tree, 1 mo. food




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    Reach Out America: America's Health Crisis

    in Current Events

    Join Paulette Young for another episode of America's Health Crisis

    The topic is "How safe is your cell phone?" 

    What do we really know about the materials that are used to make cell phones?

    And how do these things affect our bodies?

    Most of us use them everyday and many of us hold them in our hands or pockets through out the day, 

    and most of us have know idea there is even any danger. 


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    Reach Out America Second Amendment

    in Current Events

    With Raqel Okya

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    "coldest music out" is a radio show that airs 2 days a week for 120 minnutes. its hosted by cold cash and focuses on playing the hottest music worldwide by signed and unsigned artists. it also incorporates caller interaction as well as interviews.


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    Testing This Out

    in Jobs

    All that we're doing is testing this out.

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    "Reaching Out Radio" with Evangelist Montell Fields

    in Religion

    Jerry Blase will be joining me tonight. He has an amazing testimony!


    God delivered him out of the world of darkness he was a satanist in a bad that worked towards hating God all he stood for was against God. Praise God he came into the light!! 


    He is also an author and has some powerful books. 


    When we joined forces last week WOW  power of God fell and we had church on the radio!!

    Anticipating good things tonight.


    Love you in Christ 

    Evangelist Montell Fields

    "Reaching Out Radio" with Evangelist Montell Fields