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    The Chakra Systems

    in Spirituality

    the ?#‎Chakra? ?#‎Systems?!

    Why they are so important? What are they? How we can clear ?#‎Heal? and ?#‎Balance? them?

    People also ask What is Chakra Energy?

    How many chakras are there in the body?

    What are the seven Chakras and what do they mean?

    Why they are so important? What are they? How we can clear ?#‎Heal? and ?#‎Balance? them?


    Tune in tonight and find out the Answers.

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    Part 2. Of The Buddha-hood The Path Of Enlightenment!

    in Self Help

    Part 2 Of The Buddha-hood Path; Enlightenment. Even Jesus spoke of being the light of the world and to let our light shine. A city set on a hill must have light in order to light the path. Jesus reminded us that he would be a light unto our feet.  How are you letting your light shine. If, we could just be a light shining  as a lamp unto our household, then maybe we could reduce the suffering known to man-kind. 

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    MXMGBTR - 07/23 "True Life Experiences," Singer & Spiritualist Kimberly B. Hicks

    in Motivation

    A show dedicated to "True Life Experiences." The Life & Motivation of Singer, Spiritualist, Vegetarian, Activist, Buddist, and Mom, Ms. Kimberly Berry Hicks. Kim is a New Jersey native, who resides in the Ft. Washington, MD area with her Husband, and two kids! "Kim attended Rutgers University, and has worked as an information technology government contractor for 18 years. 

    A self proclaimed mystic and spiritual seeker, very well traveled with a creative gypsy soul.

    The first half of her life she spent traveling the world pursuing an artistic bohemian life. After marrying and having children life took a drastic turn when she became sole caretaker for her terminally ill mother and aging grandparents. During this time an intense longing for a Spiritual connection emerged. This lead to a very personal journey of self development on a wholelistic level where she took on the lifetime practice of spiritual wisdom becoming a guide for many neophytes new to the journey." 

    Kim, will inspire the audience with her guidance on living a healthy vegetarian lifestyle in the 21st Century, the spiritual wisdom needed in life, and understanding "Raw" foods and their advantages in maintaining your health.  As an activist, Kim had the opportunity to visit Charleston, SC following the deaths of 9 church members by a lone gunman carry a conferderate flag and "Hate" in his heart!

    MXMGBTR - An Epic Experience in 2015'

    Raw & UnCut!


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    in Books

    A  Short History of Buddism

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    Nancy's Story

    in Health

    This week's program features Nancy O'Hara who tells us that she is a Zen Meditation Coach in "real" life and who kills people in her novels which take place in Buddhist monasteries. Nancy has also published popular books in the Self Help area, Find A Quiet Corner, her first book, is A Simple Guide to Self-Peace. Nancy who worked for many years in the corporate world came to her spiritual understandings and personal peace through grief and stress and extended stays at a Zen Buddhist monastery.Nancy has used her experience in Zen and problem-solving in her work as a professional life coach. She works with individuals, couples and in corporate settings.


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    Brother Marcos Program: Dalai Lama & Buddhism

    in Spirituality

    False religions and false teachers abound and do affect Christians because many of these teachings and philosophies find their way into Christian thought.  Marcos does an in-depth exploration of the character and teachings of the Dali Lama and of Buddism.  Join Brother Marcos for discussion and feedback at his new radio show Face Book page.  facebook.com/brothermarcosradio. He posts his Scripture references, videos, and other helpful links to each of his broadcasts on his fb page, so make sure you follow him there.  


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    Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor David Frank Gomes

    in Spirituality

    Ancient Wisdom - Contemporary Strategies
    David Frank Gomes is a Co-Active Life Coach, and Spiritual Mentor.
    He was trained by Master Coaches from The Coaches Training Institute In California.
    He has a 25 year practice in mediation and contemplation in Buddhism, one of the great wisdom traditions and is also a filmmaker and creativity consultant. When he wore a younger mans clothing, he  trained at the Prestigious Vidal Sassoon Academy in London England and worked in one of Canada’s most prominent salons, Sukis’ International as a top hairstylist. He is the human caregiver for Biscuit, the worlds greatest Poodle.

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    Super Soul Sunday After Show: Oprah & Anne Lamott - Prayer

    in Self Help

    Join us for a Super Soul Sunday with Amy Dawidowicz, Martin Salama and Veronica Taylor for the discussion on beloved bestselling author Anne Lamott with Oprah in Maui to talk about the 3 types of prayer that can help anyone through challenging times. Plus, she opens up about her own recovery from addiction, and her ongoing commitment to appreciate the sacred in everyday life. 
    Amy Dawidowicz, Founder of Choose Evolution Coaching Systems, a lifestyle catalyst and business coach, creates radical transformation for clients from the inside out she calls it "Feng Shui of the Soul". Amy helps clients embrace evolutionary awareness and create radical action.
    Veronica Taylor is a Leadership Coach, ELI-MP, and a CPC. As the founder of Life Leaders Coaching, she's designed a 3-step coaching process: Discover, Grow, and Sustain which supports clients through leadership transformation in order to ensure long-term success in all aspects of life. Veronica approaches coaching from a global perspective and often integrates the Buddism into her work.
    Martin Salama is a certified life coach and author.  He became Your Divorce Recovery Coach after finding the skills to recover after splitting from his wife of 24 years. He developed his 7 step system to help others going through divorce recover from emotional pains.  He recently published his first book "Recovering from Divorce: 7 Steps to Recover Without Drama to Create a New Life"

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    Declaring independence from pagan religions

    in The Bible

    Happy independence day, no I'm not talking about America from Britain.  I am talking about people from Christianity, Islam, Mormonism, Hinduism, Buddism and all the other man-made faiths.  The religions of the world do nothing but make people passive, poor, naive, dependent on other people, bring division, and confusion.  I will also be setting up a long distant congregation(church) for people who want a relationship with THE MOST HIGH, and want to learn the truth, but do not want to be a part of their local churches.  Its truth time!!! The Way is the faith(John 14:6, Acts 9:2, Acts 24:5 & 14)

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    Donn Harper's MAN ABOUT TOWN

    in Entertainment

    The MAN ABOUT TOWN is a weekly show exploring cultural and current events and offers an in depth look into the entertainment industry from the perspective of a working black actor living in Hollywood. Host, Donn Harper, is also a relationship expert offering advice to those in need of a love diagnosis.
    Donn Harper is a veteran actor who has appeared in over 500 productions as an actor, director or producer. He has appeared in several feature films such as "Soul Food", "Mimic II" and "Vacant Lot". Donn's television credits include NBC's Emmy wining "Fast Break to Glory", "Chicago Story" "City Guys" ,"The American Dream", "General Hospital",  "Passions" and several national commercials. He has performed at Zebra Crossing, Steppenwolf Theater, Black Ensemble Theater, ETA Creative Arts Foundation, and was nominated for a BTA Award for best supporting actor in "Stoops" and "Comfort Stew".  Directing credits include "Going To The Club" and " Boppin' With The Ancestors". Donn made his film director's debut with the feature length movie "I Dance In Jasmine" which is in Festival circuit. He was Co-Owner of "The Studio" hot Comedy Club in Chicago. He currently can be seen on ABC's hit comedy HAPPY ENDINGS as "LEO" the Hardware store owner