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    Someday & Bucket List Vacations

    in Travel

    How often do you say Someday I will go...? Or do you have a Bucket List of places you would like to visit? Do you have both someday and bucket lists vacations? Why should we even care about them? On today's show we talk about the someday and bucket list vacations and what we can do to make them happen.

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    The Bucket List

    in Christianity

    Brief Audio reflection on Matthew 5:13-20. "The Bucket List." The Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany, Year A. 

    A few years back Hollywood discovered a sure-fire formula for a big box-office payoff: Caste a couple of aging mega-stars as seniors who put together a “do-before-you-die” list of outrageous escapades. Then have them carry-on like out-of-control adolescents… while they drain the bottomless well of old-age jokes. The premise is valid if you view this life as all there is. In that light, I suppose, it makes perfect sense to put together your own “bucket-list” and live it up while you can. Get it all in. Get it all done… next stop, oblivion. But God doesn’t see it that way.

    He’s got his own list for us. We are here for a purpose – his purpose. We are God’s beloved… here to return his love in this world and be happy with him in the next. We are only visitors here, just briefly passing through, following Jesus on our way home to the Father.

    The reason Christians don’t have a bucket-list is because we don’t kick the bucket. Rather, we have a to-do list of God’s purposes and God’s gifts. We never check them off. We just keep sharing them all the way home. 


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    Your Bucket List!

    in Spirituality

    Before the end of your life's road, have you been working on your "Bucket List"???

    We don't need to wait until then to create it or live it. Tune in tonight and let's visualize and manifest ours NOW!

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    JA - No Regrets Bucket List

    in Spirituality

    Author Marion Witte will discuss her new book about a life on purpose, The No-Regrets Bucket List.

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    What and Who are On Your Bucket List?

    in Entertainment

    Bucket List is a list of things you want to do before you die. People you desire, Scores to settle, or Relationships to patch up. What's on your Bucket List?
    Join the Debonair Duo as they Save the world... One laugh @ a time.

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    Alaska-Glaciers, Wildlife, and Nature -Bucket List

    in Travel

    Everyone has a bucket list and Alaska is usually one of those destinations at the top of the list.  On this show we will have Jeannie Robertson from Holland America Cruises on the show.  Jeannie is not only a business development manager who helps agents sell cruises, she and her husband worked as entertainers on Holland out of Alaska for over 20 years.  If anyone knows Alaska, it's Jeannie.

    Listen in as she describes with such enthusiasm the call of the wild.  You will be drawn into her passion about this magnificent and majestic destination that is part of the United States.

    We'll discuss our group opportunity this coming June to visit Alaska.  We'll talk about what makes Holland America different.

    We'll discuss theme or activity cruises, like comedy and music.

    We'll discuss additional fall deals.

    Of course we'll discuss travel news, travel trends and Shellda's Fun Facts.

    Join us as we explore Alaska on It's Travel Time with Karen



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    Bucket List w/ Miss April: Premiere! What's a bucket list?

    in Goals

    April Vidal's premiere episode for the Seika Network's new show!
    The "Bucket List" features chats on starting a bucket list....a list of goals that you want to achieve before you pass away. Discover your dreams! 
    April's 1st guest is Quinton, a man who realized that if he didn't make changes to his lifestyle to control weight, that he would die. Find out what he did that started out as "doctor's orders" but turned out to be a passion that not only changed his body for the better, but changed his outlook on life.

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    The Bucket List: Guest-Mark Biallas

    in Goals

    Join April Vidal as she talks with guest Mark Biallas about his bucket list....ghost hunting being one of the things on his list!!
    "The Bucket List show with Miss April" wants to talk to YOU, the listening audience, about the things you want to do or achieve before you pass away. What may seem as a pipe dream today, may indeed be a goal achieved tomorrow! Nothing is too wild or impossible to put on your list. Write it down, and instead of thinking "why can't I', think instead "Why not???"
    Carpe Diem!!

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    Your Bucket List

    in Self Help

    Who Do You Want to Be Before You Die?
    When you mention a bucket list, many people think about the movie of the same name starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.  The characters they play are critically ill, and as such they create a “to do” list of things to accomplish before they kick the bucket. The idea depicted in the film generated an interest in the public in preparing their own bucket list, with an emphasis on activities to engage in or things to acquire during one’s lifetime.
    The No-Regrets Bucket List suggests there is also a need to create a bucket list for living, one that establishes the criteria for who we want to be during our lifetime and how we can live a more authentic and purpose-driven life.  This tool can aid the preparer in creating a more meaningful life, as opposed to winding up with regrets for the life they actually lived.
    Join us as Marion will discuss how we can develop a bucket list for living!

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    Bucket List Weight Loss

    in Women

    Jan Manning battled weight issues for nearly five decades.  Hers is a common story of scale phobia, gym class nightmares, bullying in high school, heartbreak, multiple hip replacements, and eventually a dream-come-true discovery of self that  has forever ended her weight concerns. 
    Now 60 years old, she wears a size 4-6, enjoys model thinness, and is in the best health of her life.  She accomplished her transformation without drugs, injections, pre-packaged meals or special programs, and wants to share her 11-concept weight-loss system with others whose "bucket list" includes getting truly thin and healthy, once and for all.
    Author, Bucket List Weight Loss

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    Bucket List Weight Loss

    in Self Help

    With the beginning of a new year, many of you have a resolution for finally stepping up and shaping up your body.  Unfortunately, more than half of you who start off gung ho will drop the ball before this month even ends.
    Join me and Jan Manning author of Bucket List Weight Loss as we discuss the best way to start a weight loss program and stick to it.  
    Call into the show with questions and comments at (818) 668-5432.

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