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    Talking Horses with Buck

    in Sports

    Pass the Buck Talking Horses February 4th 2016

    Buck Grottano, Travis Hembd and Ben Baugh discussing races on Saturday afternoon's at Gulfstream Park and Santa Anita. Plus with the Big Game Sunday with the guys tell how they've pulling for in Super Bowl 50! We hope you enjoy and maybe even get a few laughs while listening!

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    Special Guests Dean Reeves and Danny Caldwell

    in Sports


    Pass the Buck Talking Horses with Special Guests Horse Racing Owners Dean Reeves and Danny Caldwell 

    Dean Reeves and Reeves Thoroghbred Racing are Best known for their Victory in the 2013 Breeders Cup Classic with Fan Favorite Mucho Macho Man. MMM also was the Vox Populi Secretariat Award Winner in '13.

     Danny Caldwell Leading Owner at Oaklawn Park, Remington Park and Prairie Meadows. Danny claimed Herecomesthemannow for $7,500 and went on to win the Oklahoma Classic Sprint Stakes.

    Also joking us Dawn Mellen, founder & President of After the Finish Line. Who help assist Thoroughbred horses after their racing career is over. Dawn will be discussing some funraisers they have coming up for After the Finish Line  http://stores.ebay.com/AftertheFinishLine 






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    Faxual Front Fridays: Bucking the Trend featuring Buck Barnabas

    in Entertainment

    FAXual Front Fridays: Bucking the Trend  (9-11PM Eastern 4/1/16) 
    hosted by The Fax (A Message of Truth) & Devin Crusade

    Listen Live on the Net, or over the phone via (347)-850-8229 (Press 1 to be brought on air)

    Bucking the Trend featuring Buck Barnabas (a Christian Rapper) will be a trip into what it takes to BUCK the Trends of this World in exchange for a Life in Christ. 
    Buck will be sharing his testimony, some theology & definitely some Music for Christ.

    For More Buck Barnabas Click Here

    Tune-in to FAXual Front Friday's with new guests, testimonies, perspectives & as many Fax as you can handle. 
    If there is anything discussed in the show you want more information on please feel free to contact me directly @FAXual Front on Facebook.

    For more Fax & underground Truth musicians, please click: The Fax on Youtube
    Follow @TheFax4Real

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    Cosmic Truth 65 with Janine, Patti & Guest, Quinnie Holland - Relationships

    in Spirituality

    Note our show will be broadcast on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays for the whole of April 2016 at the usual time except today, when we are 2pmPST, 10pmUK, 5pmEST, We will be back on Wednesday on 11th May 2016 at the uaual times, 11am PST, 2pm EST, 7pm UK

    This week show is about Relationships. Janine and Patti have a special guest on the show, her name is Quinnie Holland, an Intuitive Matchmaker. Call in and speak to us, readings as usual.

    Quinnie began her career journey as a tax attorney . She then found herself helping people with relationships issues and she began using many of those same skills to guide friends and family members through various life challenges, including dating and relationship issues.  In doing that work, she discovered a deep sense of joy by being a matchmaker for couples, to help singles date more mindfully and successfully, and to coach people in relationships on healing or gracefully transitioning out of painful relationships.  Having applied the same methods and approaches that she used with others, she met the love of her life, her husband!

    So, it’s no surprise that she has chosen to make match making her career.  She help singles who are having a difficult time in the dating world create more successful and enjoyable dating experiences for themselves.  She is also a bridge that connects them to themselves, to the things that they find most important and meaningful in life, and to partners with whom they can share those things.

    Find out more http://www.auspiciousconnections.com

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    Out of Africa Theory Exposed|AFRICAN AMERICANS AIN'T AFRICANS

    in History

    The myth of the African-American could distinctly be contributed to the European propaganda that Indigenous American Negros and all melanin people originated in Africa and walked to every continent on earth planting melanin people. The concept that people with melanin are aboriginal on the land they were born on should not come with debate. It should not shock people that African Americans ain’t Africans, but it does. We should not be so naïve today to go along with a lie that has crippled a nation. The problem with this ‘Out of Africa’ theory is that it could be easily disproven. It is the system that creates such a fairy tale using it to oppress Indigenous Americans. When foreigners like Africans come to America, they are set up with a position or a business. The American Negro continues to be passed over for foreigners and we’re supposed to be content in that? Why was the “Out of Africa” theory created? Since its inception, what damage has been done to the Indigenous AmeR’ican community? Bring your questions, because the first step is knowing the truth. Join host, The Indigenous One Buck Wylam, Rick Moon and special guests Tuesday as they dissect and expose the “Out of Africa” theory.

    Press (1) and You're in the Cue

    Gabriel Rich of The RICH Report https://www.facebook.com/gabriel.rich1?fref=ts

    Neicey LaShelle of Mocha Masseusse 'Talk Back'

    Michael Hampton of Yesterday's Problems, Today's Issues, and Tomorrow's Future



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    Working My Way to Freedom Part 2 REPEAT

    in Spirituality

    Join us for Part 2 of Working my Way to Freedom.  Queen of the Week, Apostle TaJana Loga.  Book Chat: Lust of Her Flesh, by T. Jeanette Scott

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    Pass the Buck Talking Horses

    in Sports

    Pass the Buck talking horses Hosted by Buck Grottano and Travis Hemdt 

    Recall your most memorable day at the track? Call in and Share your favorite story on the Live on the Air!


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    Interview with Rising Indie Artist BEADZ Hosted by Qween$Ching

    in Hip Hop Music

    Beadz aka The Real Face of Chicago bka Beadz Jones needs no introduction to the music community. This talented artist has been on his grind in Chicago for many years which began during his high school years. Beadz remembers having mic clashes with several of the top artists in Chicago especially world renowned Lupe Fiasco

    Beadz has performed with every blend of hip hop artists from Keith Murray, Young Buck,Slim Thug and Fat Joe to hometown artists including Twista, Shawna and Crucial Conflict.

    Beadz latest singles “2 Shots of Patron” and more recent release “Get Home” featuring Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony has shown this top ranking artist that his music is being heard and with over 30K


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    WATER CRISIS in AMERICA & Flint, Michigan. Bro. Aton Edwards and Sister DAVINA

    in Self Help

    Tonights show wil feature, author, workshop facilitator, lecturer, Aton Edwards. He is a specialist in the field of self-reliiance, disaster preparedness & sustainable living; a design scientist, inventor
    and the Executive Director/Co-Founder of the International Preparedness Network. (a not-for-profit that teaches self-reliance and disaster preparedness to the public, founded in 1989) He is also
    the author of Preparedness NOW!, an MSNBC contributor, host & creator of the Discovery Channel special “Track Me If You Can,” a featured contributor in the Curiosity series How The World Will
    End Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Nat Geo TV’s “Doomsday Preppers” a Grio’s top 100 2012 History Maker, and much more! For over two decades, he has trained thousands of people across the nation and around the world in outdoor survival, sustainable living, green building/renewable energy system technology, urban gardening, emergency evacuation, martial arts. Considered by many to be the “best of the best,” his work has been featured on several national and international TV & radio programs, magazines and newspapers.
    including: Discovery Channel’s “How The World
    Will End” National Geographic’s TV special
    “6 Degrees” NBC News Special “Disaster In Japan,”MSNBC, The Today Show, Current TV,
    Geraldo, BBC, RTL-4 (Holland) Antena 3 (Spain) Spigel -TV (Germany) Fuji-TV, CNN, Comedy Central, New York Magazine, The Village Voice, Daily News, NY Post and many more. Edwards has another potent skill that he often uses during his appearances & presentations. He is a former award winning stand-up comedian that has been featured on numerous TV programs including: NBC’s MotoHe is a man on a mission, providing the public with the information they need to be self-reliant, strong and prepared and ready-for -anything. www.readyforanything.org

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    Working My Way to Freedom Part 2

    in Spirituality

    Join us for Part 2 of Working my Way to Freedom.  Queen of the Week, Apostle TaJana Loga.  Book Chat: Lust of Her Flesh, by T. Jeanette Scott