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    Gentrification In Urban American Communities~ Hosted by Buck Wylam and Rick Moon

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    The buying and renovation of houses and stores in deteriorated urban neighborhoods by upper- or middle-income families or individuals, thus improving property values but often displacing low-income families and small 

    It appears that changes are going on in neighborhoods known as “The Ghetto’ in America. What used to be classified as so-called Black neighborhoods are becoming open season to a new class of more affluent residents who move in.  A new development of the property comes and usually, it is accompanied by a severe increase in housing prices which could displace the neighborhood’s longtime residents. This is called gentrification and it follows a long practice of invaders to the American lands.

    African Americans Ain't Africans

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    THE JONAH BEY SHOW !!! the buck act and the straw man

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    CALL IN (914) 338-0126

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    #57 - I Will Teach You to Be Rich with Ramit Sethi

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    When we have a guest on our site to talk about how to become rich, we're not talking about how to make a quick buck. Ramit Sethi is the author of the New York Times bestseller, I Will Teach You To Be Rich and writes for over 500,000 monthly readers on his website where he covers psychology, personal finance, careers, and entrepreneurship. He's jamming with us today on what it really means to live a rich life and how to manage your creative ideas to create quality, profitable products and services that can stand the test of time.

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    The Kum Up Radio (JR. James)

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    Tonight on TKU Hot interview with JR. James. Who will be dropping his hot new single " Married To The Money" freaturing Young Buck.

    Open Disscussion:"What Qulafies Someone As A FREAK?"

    The Lines will be open for Hot 16 Bars, Spokenword, Commmentsand Questions

    (607) 203-5289


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    Live Sport Chat : The growth of the sports industry

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    jean Tate.  whose mission is to help athletes, whose talent fuels the college and professional sports capital-generating pipeline, become true beneficiaries of the financial harvest their talent has helped to produce. 

    ), John L. Williams, Seahawks, Buck Williams, Rockets and 2-time Big-10 MVP and NBA Rookie-of-the-Year runner up Clark Kellogg.  Over the course of his career, Mr. Glenn has also represented 3 NFL Hall of Fame inductees including 1985 Super Bowl MVP and 2011 Hall of Fame inductee Richard Dent, Jerry Rice and Reggie White.  Mr. Glenn is the first Black agent/attorney to represent multiple 1st round draft picks in the same NFL draft (twice) and the first agent/attorney to represent 1st round picks in the NBA and NFL drafts in the same year (twice).  On the music side, Mr. Glenn has represented Grammy Award winning trumpeter Terrence Blanchard who has written the musical score for all of Spike Lee’s films and saxophonist Donald Harrison.  Mr. Glenn has also represented Mutiny Circle, the director/producer of The Brian McKnight Show.


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    The Holy See's Inter Caetera , The Document on African Americans Ain't African

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    United Nations declares the Holy See Legally responsible and accountable to indigenous peoples for effects and legacy of racist colonial Papal Bulls and doctrines. As the result of a comprehensive shadow report and presentations by members of the Apache-Nde-Nnee Working Group submitted to the United Nations (UN) Committee on the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) for the Committee's review of the Holy See, the UN CERD Committee has recognized that the Doctrine of Discovery, the Holy See's Inter Caetera and related Papal Bulls are within the legal scope of racial discrimination under International Law and therefore require redress and what does all of this mean for Indigenous of America, tune in to African Americans Ain’t African with the Indigenous One, Buck Wylam and co-host Rick Moon.

    Tuesdays Guest:  Indigenous Divine

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    Buck Breaking pt 2

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    The lustful sadistic edomite and the treatment of slaves!!

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    Buck Breaking

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    Esau was never a Chrintian but taught the slave Christianity !!! Esau has always been a sadistic sodomite!!!

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    The Raw Deal 2.0 with Buck & Catrese

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    The Raw Deal 2.0 with Buck & Catrese is an reality talk show. The Raw Deal 2.0 touches on real life issues and what is happening in the world today. Get the Raw Deal with Buck & Catrese, this is entertainment at its best. Topics from baby momma drama to politics, you name it we will talk about it. Every Thursday, 8pm to 9pm EST on Lawless Radio

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    Special Guest Jockeys Victor Espinoza & Javier Castellano

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    Joining us on Pass the Buck two of the Best Thoroughbred Jockey in Horse Racing. Victor Espinoza is coming off a historic year in 2015. Becoming the first jockey to win the Triple Crown in 37 years. Victor also appeared on ABC'S Dancing with the Stars. We're also lucky to be joined by Jockey Javier Castellano! Javier has won the Eclipse Award for Outstanding Jockey for the last 3 years. He's coming off 16 grade 1 wins in 2015, topping of this amazing year with 2 Breeders Cup Wins. (Dirt Mile- Liam's Map, BC Distaff-Stopchargingmaria)

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    Obama’s 7 Year Legacy To African Americans on Mocha Masseuse 'Talk Back'

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    Hosted by Neicey LaShelle and guest host Buck Wylam

    It’s January, 2016, The President of The United States has given his final State of The Union address and after seven years are so-called African Americans better off?. Neicey LaShelle and Buck Wylam will take a look back in review over the past seven years to what the Obama administration leaves the so-called African Americans. It is time to cut through the emotionalism behind a man of color and see what exactly happened in the last 7 years. On Mocha Masseuse ‘Talk Back’, there is no more biting on lips, the truth will be put all on the table and this will be the wakeup call for Indigenous Americans living in this United States Corporation and we' are sure by now , they are asking, "What Happened to Change?.

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