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    David Fore Interview

    in Music

    David Fore will be my guest talking about his drumming career with Bubble Puppy , Demian, D-Day , and The Eggmen.  

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    From Ego to Eco

    in Spirituality

    Join Sharon Rainbow Eagle, Jim Graywolf and Sue Graywolf for a brilliant webcast LIVE on Ciracle Radio on Wednesday 3/25 at 2 PM MST, 4 PM EST, 1 PM PST, 8 PM London and 10 PM Israel time. We will open the doors of the Ciracle to a critical topic nowadays – from ego to eco; a topic that needs to be an element of our lifestyle, on the top of our priority.

    Last week, we talked about the magic of nature; we mentioned the importance of the Earth Mother in our everyday lives and especially her importance in our children's lives and education.

    Society grew into a bubble, thinking the human race is the center of the universe. The bubble is about to burst into some of the people's faces. We are here to be a voice to escort those who are ready from the point of ego to the point of eco – from chaos and lack of flow to a flow of harmony, synergy and symbiosis.

    Ego is a product of fear – fear of not being good enough or right enough, fear of failure. Many of us agree that in order for us to heal the sacred hoop wherever it is broken, we must unite, work as one and hold the mirrors in front of each other, with love, with honesty and with honor.

    The talking stick is now YOURS! Come join us and share your thoughts - or decide to just listen. Hit the link below just before show time.

    We invite listeners to come and participate in the discussion and the sharing of knowledge. And we thank all our listeners for truly “being” the shows we air. Join us!

    We will see you soon.

    Ciracle Radio: programs to guide rebirth and growth.


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    Speaker/Discussion "Meeting With Kristin S.

    in Lifestyle

    In recovery meetings it is common practice for one person to share their experience, strength and hope and then to pick a recovery topic for the group to discuss. We have recreated that concept here on The Bubble Hour. Hearing that there are other people just like us...with the same experiences, thoughts and feelings is revolutionary.  Tune in to this episode to hear our guest Kristin S. share her story and our discussion following her share. 

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    Being Comfortable In The Skin You're In

    in Radio

    Hello I'm Arethia; your host your PLUSSIZESEXYDIVA!!! And welcome to the Purple Bubble Studios where the women of size are weightless.  That's right I will be going one on one again for my listeners.  Its that time again for me to open up about how I am able to be so comfortable in the skin that I am in.  I also will let you know what is new in my life; what is going on with my road the Nationals as Ms. Kansas All World Beauties Plus 2015

    I am availble to do voice overs, spokes modeling, commerical modeling, speaking engagements, pageant judge, ribbon cuttings, singing, radio and tv

    Who designs my pageant gowns and where do I get my beautiful jewelry that I wear; listen in and found out.



    Body confidence is so imporant


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    in Hockey

    3/20- GM's Meeting Recap, Calgary/Florida/Ottawa- Playoff Bubble & Fantasy Future & the Fantasy Reports!

    NHLBreakdown hosted by Scott Levy, w/George Kurtz of RotoExperts.com covering all the on & off ice action of the NHL


    Our Fantasy Reports, including the IR, Goalie & Waiver Wire reports, will help keep you fantasy team a constant threat!


    Shows twice a week:  Mondays @ 5 pm/Fridays @ 2pm (September thru May)

    **Mondays only (@ 5 pm) (July & August)

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    Economy dumping? - God is a Racist? Sex with 10 year olds no biggie!

    in Politics

    HR1   A UK report from 1976 argues that sexual molestation doesn't harm children as young as 10 if it's consensual. They've been lobbying for the age of consent to be reduced for nearly 40 years.

    Fmr Congressman Barney Frank tells Bill O'Reilly that the housing market couldn't collapse again because of all the regulations. I hope his crystal ball is right!

    Subprime loans are back! Will we EVER learn? 

    Hr2  Is another real estate bubble building?

    San Francisco demands Catholic schools stop teaching Catholic doctrine. Hello... they're PRIVATE schools. You don't have to go there if you don't like their teaching. Faculty wants morality clause removed from handbook.

    Man shows the world how to out a cheating wife. Surprise!

    Hr3  University professor says God is a white racist. I wish I were kidding. She must be reading a different Bible than the one I read.

    Rapper Azalea Banks is exactly the definition of a racist based on her recent Playboy interview. Un-American and uneducated rant shows EXACTLY why we need to teach REAL history to our students.

    Jared Anderson, Managing Editor of Breaking Energy asks for documents to explain where missing nuclear exports are. Did you know we're exporting highly enriched nuclear materials to other countries? Oh boy!

    Joe reads listener emails and comments.

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    Special Guest: Lori Butterfield, Director of the Documentary, Lipstick & Liquor

    in Lifestyle

    A cold December day. A mystery unfolds. Thirty-nine year old Julie Kroll stumbles away from a minor car accident, leaving behind her eight year old daughter...and an open container of alcohol. As darkness descends, she disappears.

    This is the opening of Lipstick & Liquor, a documentary which explores the rise in alcoholism amongst women. As Julie's story unfolds, the film introduces us to four women who tell their recovery story. Lipstick & Liquor seeks to shake off the stigma associated with women alcoholics and to provide understanding and insight into the effort to stay sober.

    Join us on this episode for a discussion with the director of Lipstick & Liquor, Lori Butterfield, an Emmy Award-winning producer, director and writer, as she shares about the making of the movie and her journey in understanding the disease of alcoholism and the stigma around it. 

    You can learn more about the film on their website: http://lipstickandliquor.com/



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    #4HFA - THE WIN: March Madness Kickoff and Live Show

    in Sports

    Selection Sunday is a day of celebration as we finally are able to look at a full bracket to rip to shreds with predictions.  Today, we will kickoff the selection process with a live show during the selection show.

    Which bubble teams will find their dreams realized?

    Does the One-and-done rule damage the power of the NCAA tournament?

    Is there a clear favorite to win the entire tournament?

    Is the NCAA tournament the best (and most fair) championship system in sports?

    Who is your favorite team in the tournament?

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    2015 Selection Sunday Special! Late Night Edition!!!

    in Basketball

    This is your College Basketball NCAA March Madness Special Selection Sunday Night episode! Do you want instant reaction on the days selections for the Brackets??? I'll have it for you on a late night 10 pm pacific time, 1 am eastern time here on the Hooper's Log. Expect indepth analysis, strong opinionated coverage, and excitement beyond all it's glory! How could you not be surprised for the upcomming next couple weeks in the world of hoops, let alone the world of sports. This is the best time of the year in sports, and I'll be here to break it down for you!

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    TP & Maj are prepping you for the week ahead - brackets upon bracekts! The Chefs work up spice over every region, seeding & bubble burst of the past 24 hours. Their picks, insight & more to help you simmer up your own upset special in your office pool come Thursday. Sure to be a classic dish from the fellas, don't miss this special BRAISED BRACKET SPECIAL!

    KITCHEN MADNESS is the culmination of TP Tymeless & Major's passion for college hoops. The guys get crazy as they count down the days to the NCAA tournament. Listen in as the fellas to dice up their weekly flash report of news & notes PLUS their own "Kitchenology" as they dissect the weekend match-ups they find appealing in terms of the tournament & promote games of interest in the week ahead. Every game matters on the journey to the tourney, so be sure to subscribe on iTunes, download & stream or dial in & bring your meds, it's gonna get MAD! 917-889-9592!

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    CELTICS TALK RADIO NCAA SPECIAL SHOW NUMBER 51ST:MARCH MADNESS PART ONE:THE SELECTION SUNDAY TALK,TEAMS AND PLAYERS PREVIEW. With the conference tournaments right around the corner, many teams are now vying for their shot at the NCAA Tournament, or making a last gasp, last-ditch effort to squeeze their way in from the bubble. For others, the only hope is win the conference tourney. The NCAA basketball tournament is set to tip-off on March 17-18, with the championship game scheduled for April 6 in the basketball crazy state of Indianapolis. Who will the Cinderella team be this year and try and knock off the favorite Kentucky Wildcats? Come take and break and listen to Igor, Gabe, Alex, and Jarrett as we will be joined by Daniel Carney of SB Nation we will announce the bracket and break down the top teams and players in the tournament. It's March ladies and gentlemen and that means the MADNESS has already started for college basketball fans.

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