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    Can Christians be allowed to stay neutral on gay rights?

    in LGBT

    Maybe I don't have any feelings strong enough to present an opinion on public issues concerning gay rights.  Maybe my feelings are individual per situation and I don't want to share.  Jon, Don and Jane will discuss cultural mores' and historical ways of grappling with gay concerns.  They will also discuss newsworthy coverage by Variety Magazine, Esquire and others who publicized protests at the Beverly Hills Hotel because a sheikfrom Brunei who believes in Sharia law owns it and Sharia law opposes choosing a homosexual life.  He implements strong Sharia adjudication in his own country of moral laws conerning harsh punishment including big consequences for married women and others.

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    Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

    in Politics

    Today on BR on the World we cover Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Unlike the WTO or other multilateral trade bodies, APEC has no treaty obligations required of its participants. Decisions made within APEC are reached by consensus and commitments are undertaken on a voluntary basis,21 members - referred to as "member economies" - which account for approximately 40 percent of the world's population, approximately 55 percent of world GDP and about 44 percent of world trade. Member Economies are Australia; Brunei Darussalam; Canada; Chile; People's Republic of China; Hong Kong, China; Indonesia; Japan; Republic of Korea; Malaysia; Mexico; New Zealand; Papua New Guinea; Peru; The Republic of the Philippines; The Russian Federation; Singapore; Chinese Taipei; Thailand; United States of America; Viet Nam.

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    "The Girl Show" #129

    in Atheism

    Dan invites (a different) Rachel to co-pilot as they discuss the documentary "The honor diaries," getting out of jury duty, embattled ex-Gov of Virginia's new job, Mormons talking gay, another win for FFRF, and new laws in Brunei. Also, interviews with Camp Quest Executive Director Amanda Metskas and YouTuber Jaclyn Glenn.

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    JUNE 2014 WEEK #1 REVIEW... (Part 1: Drying Up Euphrates River)

    in Current Events

    STORY OF THE WEEK: Turkish Attack on Syrians by STOPPING THE FLOW OF THE EUPHRATES RIVER DRINKING WATER SUPPLY, as warm-up, practice for the fulfilment of Revelations 9:13-16 + 16:12-16! Also this happens while tensions in EAST & SOUTHEAST CHINA SEA ISLAND DISPUTES continue to mount with the prophesied KINGS OF THE EAST, including CHINA -vs- JAPAN, VIETNAM, PHILIPPINES, MALAYSIA, BRUNEI, and TAIWAN! Could the TRIGGER EVENT OF THESE KINGS OF THE EAST soon happen that plunges the rest of the world into WW3, GLOBAL ARMAGEDDON? What about the MAGOG WAR of Russia and its Arabian Allies that are foretold to do battle in the land of Israel? Will the Ukrainian Crisis be that TRIGGER EVENT? Let's talk about all this and more news updates that link up with ancient Bible Prophecies on this weekending live episode of UNDERSTANDING THESE FINAL ENDTIMES THAT WE ARE NOW LIVING IN with your Radio Host, the Prophetic Mouth of the Appalachian South, Steve Siler, the Singin' Bible Scribe... CALL IN ANYTIME DURING THIS LIVE BROADCAST! CATCH REPEAT ENHANCED ENCORE SHOWS, LATER THIS UPCOMING WEEK! ... ENJOY THE SHOW!

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    Adam Lambert - True Royalty

    in Culture

    It seems more than fitting -- karmic, really -- that Adam Lambert should find himself touring with a band with such a regal name. If Queen is rock royalty, Adam is the crown prince. And like the best of this breed, he handles tour schedules that would fell lesser mortals, progressing from city to city, night after night, always giving each audience his all. Not only that, but he is always encouraging fans to support a larger cause: teen suicide prevention, marriage equality, and most recently the draconian anti-gay laws recently enacted by the sultanate of Brunei. Adam has asked fans to sign this petition protesting these laws. Have you signed?

    Join DJ Nika for music and discussion about the upcoming Queen + Adam tour in Australia, as well as about the charitable causes Adam supports. "Adam is the person who feels my pain and inspires me to fight for better life and that is what makes him such a very special person," says Nika, "It's not just about his edgy rocker cuteness and the best vocal and performing skills in the world." Although we are mad for those too!!

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    April 2014 Week #2 Review.. (Live Saturday Show)

    in Current Events

    Once again, the weekend is upon us and due to work committments, this will be a LIVE SATURDAY SHOW broadcast from our home office in the "Heart of East Tennessee Fishin' Country" in Morristown near Cherokee Lake! On todays show we have a jammed-packed special report of major news stories to cover, as they relate to living in these FINAL ENDTIMES! Today we talk about such "Saturday Shockers" as FUKUSHIMA OCEAN WATERS being tested for by local citizens who dont trust the lack of testing by Japan or American authorities; We also talk about ASIAN KINGS OF THE EAST updates from Japan & China's island disputes, along with other SOUTH CHINA SEA ISLAND DISPUTES with TAIWAN, VIETNAM, PHILIPPINES, MALAYSIA, and BRUNEI.. Are these the Bibles forewared KINGS OF THE EAST?.. Also RUSSIAN TROOPS keep massing along the border of Eastern Ukraine, as (3) Ukrainian Cities experience PRO-RUSSIAN PROTESTS, all asking for another Crimean-style take-over in their towns! More Major Earthquakes in the news with DOUBLE DISASTERS of 6.1 & 6.6 MAG QUAKES in Nicaragua on Thursday & Friday! Over 1100 Homes damaged and over 200 people injured! French scientists now working on new ACOUSTIC EARTHQUAKE SHIELD for major citites! More RING OF FIRE VOLCANIC ACITIVITY on the rise! More COSMIC SIGNS as Solar Flare Magnetic Storms produce spectacular AURORA BOREALIS NORTHERN LIGHTS in the United Kingdom & Scotland! Along with UNIQUE ALIGNMENT OF EARTH/MARS/SUN there is the upcoming FIRST OF FOUR BLOOD MOON ECLIPSES and an INCREDIBLE DIAMONG RING-SHAPED BLUE NEBULA spotted in deep space! More Earthly Signs of GLOBAL WARMING CONCERNS with Drought in over 2/3rds of Texas and HOT SEASON of El Nino is being forecasted! Some predicting 2014 Summer could be WARMEST YEAR EVER RECORDED! As things heat up in Sodoms Sequel, we talk about this weeks OUTRAGEOUS SEXUAL PERVERSIONS! ... All this and more on todays live episode! .. 

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    APRIL 2014 Week #1 in Review...(Part 2) (Best of the Rest)

    in Current Events

    Well Folks. I made it through my first FULLLY LIVE BROADCAST and I have to say, I prefer doing pre-recorded show instead. Never-the-less, on todays Show we pick it back up with KINGS OF THE EAST updates with the ASEAN(Association of Souteast Asian Nations) such as Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan and other EAST ASIAN KINGDOMS having territory disputes with the MOTHER DRAGON OF CHINA. Then we move onto to Topic #5: BIG BROTHER with China's Plan to install a GLOBAL SURVEILLANCE NETWORK OF SPY SATELLITES; also WEARABLE TECH DEVICES, as the SURVEILLANCE GRID OF THE FUTURE; etc. Then we talk about the latest news on CYBORGS and ROBOTS from the new movie called TRANSCENDENCE; more CYBORG-TYPE WEARABLE TECH DEVICES; also how DARPA's new BIOTECH DEPT is creating a TRANSHUMAN FUTURE of SYTHETIC SOLDIERS, and such like! We also talk about FRANKEN FOOD STORIES of FRANKENFISH GMO Salmon; Newly created DESIGNER ARTIFICIAL LIFEFORMS; and the EPA under Obama has been testing HARMFUL POLLUTANTS on Humans. Then we talk about other Topics such as DISEASES RISING like EBOLA; along with MASSIVE WILDLIFE DIE-OFFS of Hosea 4 Prophecy with the European Bubblebee on the verge of extinction! More Global Cooling with Chicago having 4 coldest months on record! We also discuss the new NOAH MOVIE as being the WORST NONBIBLICAL BIBLE MOVIE EVER MADE portraying the FALLEN ANGELS AS HEROES & HELPERS OF NOAH building the Ark! Also mathematical proof that the BIBLES VERSION OF NOAHS ARK would be able to carry ALL THE ANIMALS NECESSARY for replenishing the Earth! We also give the latest updates on LIVING IN THE LAST DAYS OF LIKE LOT LIVING IN SODOM with all kinds of sexual perversions! More Updates on CHRISTIAN PERSECUTIONS in America & Abroad! New weapon for using LASERS TO CONTROL LIGHTNING BOLTS! Another UNCANNY SINKHOLE has now SWALLOWED CHURCH ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN!... All this and more, on this Sunday edition.  

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    The week in review & front page stories with Bill Katz of Urgent Agenda

    in Politics

    Guest: Bill Katz of Urgent Agenda. 

    We will look at the Texas economy, the Veterans Administration scandal, The Clinton Foundation & Sultan of Brunei, Climate change controversies, young people not interested in voting, Africa & the war on terror PLUS the NY Times changes its leadership.

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    Saturday night politics and other thoughts with Michael Prada

    in Politics

    Guest:  Michael Prada joins me for a look at the front page stories of the week, from the US to Latin America.  

    We will discuss the latest Texas jobs report, the protests in Brazil, the latest from Venezuela, The Clinton Foundation's relationship with the Sultan of Brunei, the IRS memos, the Benghazi hearings PLUS the Veterans Administration scandal in the US.    

    Looking for a gift for your father next month?  Check out my book: 


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    Hard Starboard Radio: The Trouble With Rubio

    in Politics Conservative

    House Republicans continue to investigate Benghazi because the Obama Regime keeps stonewalling and covering it up; Why the idea of Marco Rubio is far more enticing than the reality - and really, even the idea isn't all that hot; Big increases in ObamaCare premiums and deductibles coming in....November - hey, if you've always hated your insurance company, maybe that helps explain those poll numbers; Boko Haram and the Sultan of Brunei couldn’t care less about Western outrage; Another scientist gets blackballed for his skepticism about global warming; and is it too difficult to remove bad presidents?  Be careful what you wish for.

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    APRIL/MAY 2014 WEEK 4.5 REVIEW (Part 1: Spring Tornadoes & Floods)

    in Current Events

    Here we are once again on another ASTONISHING WEEK OF FINAL ENDTIMES EVENTS with the start of SPRING TORNADOES & HISTORICAL FLOODINGS in the Southern US! We give you all the STATE-BY-STATE STATISTICS and some other fascinating TWISTER-RELATED FACTS, such as DOUBLE DISASTER PRONE CITIES that have experienced DOUBLE WHAMMY E5's and such, since the early 1900's. Then we talk about the HISTORIC FLASH FLOODINGS that came in, as the Tornadoes went out! Then we chat about a HUGE SINKHOLE in Baltimore! More concerns about VOLCANOE ACTIVITY, as Mt. Saint Helens is stirring again! New X1.4 Class Solar Flare releases and NASA discovers COLDEST STAR ever found, as NEW DISCOVERED STAR CLUSTER ejected from Glaxy M87 is headed toward earth at over 2 million miles per hour! Not expected to get hear for another few billion years or so! But what else is coming at us that we have not yet discovered? Something to think about. Then we talk about FRANKEN FEATS, as Human Skin now able to be used to create MALE SPERM CELLS. We also talk about the latest updates on NEW DISEASES & RISING PESTILENCES with more PEDv PIG VIRUS; MERS virus case now in USA; FOOD POISING of 100 People at FOOD SAFETY SEMINAR; SUPERBUG from Hospitals to Homes, now worse than AIDs epidemic; More MOSQUITO DISEASES are coming our way! Then we talk about the repeating TIMES OF LOT IN SODOM, aka, SODOM SEQUEL with all its SEXUAL PERVERSIONS. We also talk about COMING ECONOMIC COLLAPSE; the latest warnings of the HUMACHINE AGE of CYBORGS, ROBOTS, DRONES, and the MAKING OF THE BEAST MARK... Dont look now folks, but ERASING CHRISTIAN MEMORIES & REPLACING WITH AN EVIL MIND, are coming soon, with NEW BRAIN IMPLANTS! We also discuss this weeks updates on ABORTION agendas! More MAGOG & MIDDLE EAST updates! More KINGS OF THE EAST & ASIAN PIVOT updates! This weeks updates on HOSEA 4 MASS WILDLIFE DIE-OFFS! More occurences of BLOOD COLOR WATERS worldwide.