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    Law of Attraction - The Unstoppable Power of Bruce Lee

    in Spirituality

    When we think of the Law of Attraction we seldom think of Bruce Lee.  Yet Bruce Lee was an incredible practioner of the Law of Attraction.  Now is the time to empower your life with the Law of Attraction and the concepts taught by the famous Bruce Lee can and will help you.

    Join Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach Robert Zink for an exciting show on the teachings of Bruce Lee and the Law of Attraction.

    Robert Zink is your Mentor of Light.


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    #LastShowin2015 #Sinatra100 #BruceLee75 #BrandonLee50 #ForceAwakens

    in Entertainment

    This Christmas Day broadcast will be the last one for this year, so check us out one more time for this memorable year, 2015.  We'll talk about current events and dates that happened this year, like the centennial anniversary of the birth of Frank Sinatra, 75th anniversary of the birth of Richard Pryor and Bruce Lee, the 50th anniversary of Brandon Lee, and many other stories we can shove in 30 minutes.  Plus, the success of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us from the "It's Marvellous Radio Show."

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    the king of kings bruce lee

    in Sports

    true master of jeet kune do. no one could stop him he was a lethal weapon. there was no one like him at that time. he was one of kind. now to this day  there been many copy cats but no one did what he did. bruce lee was a hit in hong kong with movies like fist of fury,return of the dragon that had the famous fight sence with him and chuck norris. which is a the only greatest fight sence in movies today. bruce lee came up with the idea of the tv show kung fu. but they didn't want give it to him cause he wasn't the person they where looking for. so he did kato in the green hornet tv show which didn't last long. u got remember bruce lee had a hard life in the 60's cause of his race who cares. he was teaching whites blacks men women. but there one fight sence that stick to my mind is in his movie game of death. where he got face famous nba legend. but he came up with stuff like i inche punch. now his son  brandon lee was on the same path  where his father was at but his life ended to short to. during the making of the crow. but there only one bruce lee. no one can top him on what he did. no one not eve jean claude van damme. bruce was also a master of many weapons in fact he was a weapon u didn't  want mess with bruce. thanks to bruce i been staying off the streets living my dreams studying tae kwon do. and never did drugs. he is a icon legend and hero in my book. there was a movie made base on his life it was called dragon the bruce lee story. but i forgot other great classic bruce lee movie enter the dragon. a true masterpeace when it comes to martial arts movie. u are my master bruce lee.

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    The Erie Hours with WPI

    in Movies

    Join John and Bea from World Paranormal Investigations, LLC/World Paranormal Productions Sunday nights at 9pm EST/6pm PST as they talk with guests of all genres. We don't always focus on the paranormal and enjoy talking with talent of all genres. It can range from acting, music, writing, etc.

    This week we will be joined by Mel Novak. Mel and his character 'Stick' can be seen in Bruce Lee's "Game of Death," as well as Chuck Norris' "An Eye For An Eye," "Black Belt Jones," and in the new movie "Samurai Cop 2!" Not only will we be discussing his movie career, but also his work as a minister who has preached to some of the toughest jails/prisons in America. He has also taken the word of God to the people of Skid Row. 

    So TOMB in, sit back and enjoy the ride! We can guarantee that the show is so entertaining....Remember, "if you haunt it, we will come!"

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    Get Intimate with Nikeema Lee

    in Self Help

    Tonight, on Let's Talk: Love, Sex and Nutrition, Voni and Zee will have an 'Intimate Conversation' with Nikeema Lee about 'Intimacy'...the difference between intimacy and sex; and what are the different types of intimacy.  Nikeema is an Author, Intimate Relationship Coach,, National Touring Speaker and Certified Law of Attraction Guide.

    Nikeema will also share more about her amazing experience with the New Magic Power Sensual Arousal Cream aka Magic Clit Creme.  Ummmm Yummy!

    Join us and share in this 'intimate' conversation. Hear Nikeema share from her book "Get Intimate".

     and learn more about how YOU can create more intimacy in your relationships and enhance intimacy within your self.

    This is your time to get your glass of wine, relax, cuddle or just BE with yourself...as we journey together on the road of Intimacy.  Nikeema will enlighten and awaken us to how we can enhance and create more intimacy within yourself...In-To-Me-See.

    Call 646-929-0630 at 7:30 EST, 6:30 CST, tonight, Friday, February 5th. 

    Take some time to 'get intimate'!

    One Love!

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    Pastor Steve Lee Live

    in Christianity

    The Power of God

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    PWTorch Livecast - Bruce Mitchell & Travis Bryant weekly wrap-up

    in Wrestling

    PWTorch columnist Bruce Mitchell and Travis Bryant of the East Coast Cast wrap up the week in wrestling with your calls and emails to pwtorchlivecast@gmail.com.

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    Jia Lee MORE Caucus/ New Action Candidate for UFT President

    in Education

    Jia Lee will be live and discuss her vision for the future of the UFT, education, and teachers.


    Call in # (646) 716-9956

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    Can African Americans save the Historic Freeway Golf Course?

    in Education

    In this episode myself and my co host Tamu P will be discussing the sale of an American classic golf course. The First African American Owned Golf Course in American is located in Silckerville New Jersey this Historic golf course has have great golf players who have inspired all of todays African American Golf Players. Freeway Golf Course was designed by a great man named Horace Dent, back in 1967 when black men and woman still weren't allowed to play at some major golf courses. Golfers like Lee Elder, Calvin Peete, Charlie Sifford, and other great African American men and women have had the opportunity to play this wonderful course. But we will chat with a man named Joe Thomas about what African Americans can do to help save the Historic Freeway Golf Course. Mr. Thomas is a board member at the Historic Freeway Golf Course.   

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    Conversation with Hughes Who

    in Education

    We're a team of talented game developers, artists, animators, writers, musicians, graphic designers and inventors, each with over a decade of gaming, animation and advertising experience.

    Our Mission

    To be the sought after creative house that goes beyond the generic formula by catering to the unique and diverse tastes of existing and under-served audiences.

    Game Designs and Creative Services

    In addition to creating kick-butt art and animations, we also provide custom music, programming, and math models. We don't stop there. We offer marketing, advertising, gamification, graphic designs, Illustrations and writing services.; and an outreach program, Hughes Who Youth Studio,  for young people interested in pursuing a career in the creative field. http://hugheswhoproductions.com/

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    Capt Smiley Takes Justice to D.C.

    in Current Events

    Tonight's topic is just an introduction and shout outs to Chris Bruce and his beautiful wife Liz, our Anonymous family, The 2nd Generation Outlawz, The Eracizm Campaign, Justice's new show Anonymous and 2GO, the Evolution of Unity, you, and all patriots involved in taking the stand against tyranny. Working together for a better future for everyone who is willing to stand up against the division and UNITE.  We can't express this enough, UNITED we STAND but divided we fall.