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    Program Summary: Nov. 17, 2014

    1st Hour: Free Speech Radio News, an ear to the ground, local voices, global stories..

    Segment Notes:

    U.S. House votes on the Keystone XL pipeline; Senate to do same next week
    U.S. & China announce carbon emissions deal;  the non-binding agreement is sparse on specifics
    Mexican president leaves country as news of apparent massacre deepens political crisis
    Suicide attacker poses as student in northeast Nigeria; nearly 50 students killed
    Visual storytelling emerges as a medium to decode Holy Land conflict
    Protestors challenge ban on sharing food in public in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
    Tomas Young: 1979 – 2014

    Counterspin from Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (fair.org) the weekly audio version of EXTRA magazine.

    Segment Notes: This week on CounterSpin: Bipartisanship and free trade are two of corporate media's favorite things, so when the Washington Post editorial expressed the post-midterm media consensus, "Now that Republicans have gained control of Congress, no policy area is riper for bipartisan action than trade," you can believe they were happy to do it. But should we be happy? And is it even true? We'll hear from Lori Wallach of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch.

    2nd Hour: Former Rep. Bill Otto of the Kansas state legislature, lifelong public school teacher and administrator, will discuss tax codes with attorney-at-law Bob Brookens..

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    Election Night from Brookens

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    WARNING: If you are experiencing technical issues, switch to a new browser. 
    Live election results as precincts are reported In-depth analysis on the contested local races Updates on Davis/Gill race Questions from callers Special thanks to Matt Wavering (Co-Host) and Doug Larson who will provide analysis that you will not get anywhere else. 
    Listen by Phone:  If you want listen only, simply dial in.  We will not put you on the show live if you just want to listen.  

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    Bless You Boys Podcast 92: Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos

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    Kurt and Al cover the past week of Detroit Tigers baseball, including the hiring of new manager Brad Aumus, Max Scherzer trade rumors, the possibility of a payroll crunch, free agency and the made-for-TV waste of time known as MLB awards season.  


    Meet Brad Ausmus, managerial flavor of the month!
    It's far, far to early to make any kind of judgment, good, bad or indifferent, about the hiring if Ausmus.
    Gene Lamont and Jeff Jones return. Tom Brookens won't.
    Goodbye Lloyd McClendon.
    Just because there's rumors the Tigers will trade Max Scherzer doesn't mean it's likely to happen. It's improbable, at best,
    Is there a payroll crunch?
    This is Omar Infante's one shot at a huge contract.
    The few Tigers free agency rumors involve closers, the first of which was about Grant Balfour. Expect the Tigers to be linked to any and every closer on the market.
    Awards season is here and we don't give a damn.
    The SB Nation MLB Awards were determined by nerds. Don't blame me, I voted for Cabrera!

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    The Knee Jerks: Eno and Big Al

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    Long-time Detroit sports bloggers and podcasters, Greg Eno (aka the man who knows a lot of things about a lot of things), and Big Al Beaton are The Knee Jerks! Eno and Big Al podcast is released every Monday night at 7PM Eastern on the Sports Geeks Radio Network!

    This week Big Al and Eno have a truncated episiode due to Greg's power going out!  We also welcome back Bleacher Report's Adam Biggers for Adam Rants. Adam covers the latest with Michigan and Michigan State football.

    After Adam, it's all Detroit Tigers and the ALDS. We talk about the Tigers' disappearing offense and outstanding starting pitching, using Jhonny Peralta in left field, second guess Jim Leyland and Tom Brookens and bitch about the awful baseball coverage on TBS.

    All that and more, including "Whose Birthday Is It?" and Jerk of the Week!

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    Spring 2013 Election Recap

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    Join Eric Bussell and Angie Patton as they recap the 2013 Spring Election in Champaign County.  Eric brings a conservative point of view while Angie counters with liberal perspective.  You will not find this type of informed and entertaining local #chambana coverage anywhere. 
    In this episode, Eric and Angie discuss Lynn Stuckey's suprise election victory in the Champaign School Board race.  As you might now, Lynn Stuckey is famous for breastfeeding here 8 year old son and was even featured on Good Morning America.  (http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-201_162-530620.html)
    Eric shamelessly plugs the Hensley Revolution of 2012 as Hensely Township elected to replace the Township Board with a woman majority after a contention zoning process that ultimately ended with the County Board approval of Pear Tree Estates (http://peartreeestate.com/) in rurual Hensley Township, just north of Champaign.
    We also talk about the impressive Andy Quarntrom victory over Pam Borowski.  Eric discusses his frustration with the lack of enthusiasm for Pam and why people should be paying attention...while Angie gives some great perspective (as always) on Andy's efforts.  Both Pam and Andy were guests on our show in the weeks leading up to the election. 
    We also discuss Will Kyle's 64 vote victory over Gina Jackson and the circus surrounding that election.  Is there a Boogeyman lurking in District 1? 
    Also, Angie goes on the record as threatening to kill Eric on election night.  Although things can get intense during election time between these two, no orders of protection were necessary.  Instead, for his own safety, Eric will be calling Gordy Hulten to address the AC probem at Brookens. 

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    USWGO Talk radio: Open Discussion with our new cohost Norm Brookens

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    We are now having Norm Brookens come onto our show as a cohost and to speak with his wife on matters regarding the new world order, and current disaster events being used as a guise to instigate martial law.

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    USWGO Talk radio: Open Discussion with our new cohost Norm Brookens - Extended

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    We are now having Norm Brookens come onto our show as a cohost and to speak with his wife on matters regarding the new world order, and current disaster events being used as a guise to instigate martial law.

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