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    Lose to W.I.N.

    in Motivation

    There are so many of us who have dreams, but need an extra boost to get us to the next level. Today Mr. Johnny Georges founder of Tree T Pee is stopping to help me discuss the power of losing to W.I.N.

    The word "lose" turns the stomachs of many entrepreneurs, but to lose is sometimes necessary in order to gain. Join me tonight at 630pm as Mr. Georges shares his journey of being on the show Shark Tank. I am so excited because watching the video brought tears to my eyes. 

    Tell a friend because you don't want them or you to miss tonights show. 

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    Tamsen English The Empowering, Natural and Satisfying way to Lose Weight"

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    Tamsen English The Empowering, Natural and Satisfying way to Lose Weight"

    I had put on over 50lbs in three years. I had put this down to having a sit-down job, getting older and not doing enough exercise. I even started to tell myself that this is the way it goes for woman over 35 years. I started using the excuse it was “middle-age spread”.




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    The Campbell Plan: The Simple Way to Lose Weight

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    In the now famous research from The China Study, co-authored by father-son duo T. Colin Campbell, PhD, and Thomas Campbell, MD, we learned that a whole-food, plant-based diet is linked to lower rates of chronic disease. The groundbreaking results (published in 2005) revealed the optimal diet: A diet comprised of fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains with minimal to no meat, dairy and processed food is the most powerful action you can take to lose weight, prevent disease, and feel better overall. In his new book - THE CAMPBELL PLAN: The Simple Way to Lose Weight and Reverse Illness, Using The China Study's Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet, Dr. Thomas Campbell shows readers how to make the transition to a plant-based diet with practical guidance and a simple plan to make a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle easy and sustainable. Dr. Campbell joins us on this episode of The Fitness Buff Show.

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    The Bulletproof Diet and how to lose up to a pound a day and reclaim energy

    in Health

    Dr. Kevin Passero and his special guest Dave Asprey will discuss The Bulletproof Diet and how to lose up to a pound a day, reclaim energy and focus, and upgrade your life.

    Dave Asprey is the creator of the widely popular drink, Bulletproof Coffee. Through his work Dave provides strategies for taking control of and improving your body and mind so they work in unison. 15 years ago Dave lost more than 100 pounds and discovered what he believes are the keys to supercharging the human brain. Today his full-time focus is on running his health consultancy and media company, The Bulletproof Executive.

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    Right Living: 12 Gifts You Can't Afford to Lose

    in Women

    What does it mean to truly live well? Would you say you're doing that right now?

    It usually boils down to not what you have or what you know, but the kind of person you are. In a word, it's character. The true test of your character usually shines through in the storms of life. So what happens to you when you encounter a storm? Does it bring out the best in you or the worst in you?

    Don't be alarmed! The objective is not to be perfect but about adopting good, healthy life habits. It's not as complicated as some may think either. The rub comes when you try to manufacture your own rules for good living rather than to accept what the Designer of Life has made clear.

    Tune in today for this revealing chat with Dr. Dean Posey, author of 12 Gifts We Can't Afford to Lose: What Noah Can Teach Us About Surviving the Storms of Life and Living Well,  and senior pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church in Arlington, TX.

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    sIgNOtHeTiMeS Tuesdays w Dr. Jones IS IT TIME TO LOSE THE "COOL POSE"?

    in Motivation

    It is this ‘cool’ factor that African-American men emit via their dress, walk, and talk that young Black boys desire during their adolescence and non-Black males realize that neither they, nor anyone who looks like them, will ever exhibit; at least not an authentic ‘cool’. At best, their expression of ‘cool’ will be a facsimile of something that brothers were doing a bunch of yesterdays ago. http://www.manhoodraceculture.com/2015/03/23/is-it-time-for-black-men-to-cool-it-on-being-cool/



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    in Politics Conservative

    What do the pagans and the communists say about him?  He is too American. He is one of those Alamo boys who fight to the death. You saw his filibuster while Rinos hid under their fall out desks. He is too uppity talking about freedom of religion and that worn out constitution that the ACLU and the SPLC work at every day in court to destroy with their pals on the Supreme Court and the 9th short circuit of communist appeals. The Cross was the first to announce his challenge to the Rinos and the party de la muerte y communistas. How dare he stand out in front first! That spot is reserved for duck and cover Rinos.The lay low crowd. Don't make waves you will rock the vote. I don't care who wins as long as I get by unnoticed. What is the question? Same Sox marriage?

    Can bums be hobo sexual? Oh I don't go there. I have a windsock. I vote by direction. Global worming? Oh yes in 1,000 years the temperature will be up one degree and my beach will be one inch shorter. However if Iran gets nukes the temperature could be 5,000 degrees tomorrow. Now that the Pakistanis are coming in on the side of the Saudis that means the Saudis now have nukes. My guess is 200.Meanwhile at the negotiating table of the great golfer. Hanoi John plays jacks while speaking Arabic to the masters of backgammon who speak Fartsi. They will correct you immediately by saying we are not filthy Arab dogs we are Persians. So as Johnny big head sells out the USA for the second time on record. He says Inshallah (God willing) to the Persians as they laughingly respond Inshallah bookra mafi (God willing tomorrow never comes)  Well the bad news is the first half black president has lost the entire world and lies about it. I don't blame his black side I blame his evil white side. I bet if you climb the family tree you will find slave owners on both sides. Viva Christo Rey. Viva Cruz.




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    It Is Finished! 18MAR15 Bibi WINS in Israel....Look at God! Obama's plot LOSE!!!

    in Christianity

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is celebrating a Big Win today after the attempts of the Obama administration to make him lose the election. Regardless of the millions of US Tax payer dollars that were given to the opposite Israeli party in an attempt to overthrow Bibi...God said otherwise and allowed him to win. What's next for Israel and what will the Obama administration do now since Prime Minister Bengamin Netanyahu has vowed to not give in to US demands or a 2-state solution? Psalm 21:11 Though they plot evil against you and devise wicked schemes, they cannot succeed. (NIV)

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    in Lifestyle

    This broadcast will be EPIC!!!! I, along with my mentor/big brother Tony Stallings, of Soul of America Radio will be going all in on this one. During certain segments of last nights broadcast, as we revisited the Jubilee 50th Anniversary, commemorating Bloody Sunday and the reason for the march, which was the Civil Rights Voting Act, I made the statement, that "In the midst of the celebration, we must never lose sight of the significance". That statement was met with varying viewpoints. So with that being said, during and after last night"s broadcast, knowing the fact that our voting rights are literally on the chopping block, as we speak, I came up with the idea of this broadcast. With that being said,  WE MUST NOT AND SHALL NOT, LET IT HAPPEN!!!! I IMPLORE EVERYONE TO BE APART OF THIS BROADCAST.. I MAY BE TAKEN OFF THE AIR, BUT I REFUSE TO NOT BE INFORMATIVE!!! WE WILL NOT CONTINUE TO PERISH FOR THE LACK OF KNOWLEDGE!!!!! #NUFFSAID

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    "Nothing To Lose"

    in Radio

    Spices of Life will recap ‘Empire’ 2-hour season finale airing Wednesday

    In the hip-hop drama’s two-hour Season 1 finale, Lucious (Terrence Howard) has a secret that threatens the music-centered relationship he’s forming with his son, Jamal (Jussie Smollett). Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray) flirts with the enemy while plotting his next career move and Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) hatches a plan to get herself back on top.

    Many People Believe That "Empire" Is Yet Another Sterotypical Drama Highlighting Black People In A Negative Fashion! Do the Black IMAGES we see and support every day in media affect how we’re treated by and in society? Or Is "Empire" Simply Raising Issues That The Black Community Would Rather Be Left Unspoken Of Such As Gay Rights And Mental Illness? In The Past These Topics Have Been Taboo In The Black Community! Is Cookie Too Much Or She The Strong Black Woman That Most Women Are Identifying With Today? Is Lucious A Sociopath Or A Real Man Simply Trying To Leave A Legacy For His Family? 

    Tune In As We Discuss These Questions And Many More! Call 914 803 4501 And Press 1 To Add Your Spice!

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    The Broncos & The Patriots, and the Boys from the Ball Street Journal!

    in Sports

    We are very excited to have two Official Fan Reporters join us this week. Leora our Broncos OFR & Angelica our Patriots OFR will talk about the expected AFC Championship game between Denver and New England, and which teams could be the spoilers for that match up. Then we are so happy the gentlemen from the Ball Street Journal pop in to talk about which teams have to win to get in the playoffs. It will be a great show!

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