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    Episode 1: Welcome to Broad Street

    in Sports

    Welcome to Broad Street Radio - the fusion of Buzz On Broad and Crossing Broad. We are kicking things off, letting you know how this all got started, and what you can expect from here on out.

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    WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross Joins The Broad Street Line - Episode #229

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    WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross joins The Broad Street Line to talk Ric Flair, CM Punk, Marcus Mariota, the next generation of wrestling superstars and LOTS more. Few men are better storytellers than "good ol' J.R.", and if you've ever wondered what his one-man "Ringside" shows were like, our interview should give you a pretty good taste of what to expect.

    Later in the show, we'll preview the NFL's Final Four, recap Monday's College Football National Championship, and get you caught up on the past week in sports as only we can. So come and take a ride on The Broad Street Line: The future of sports talk radio has finally arrived.

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    Belles On Broad Radio

    in Sports

    Welcome to Belles on Broad Radio! In our first installment we will take about the Eagles struggles, the Sixers as well as some lockout talk.  
    Follow our hosts on twitter @ForeverAFlyer48 and @PHSportsGoddess
    "You can try to crack us, but we'll never break!"

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    ENVISION THIS: Helping children to heal through love, play, neurofeedback, comedy, and music

    Lynette Louise is an expert in Autism, and on how to incorporate neurofeedback, combined with play, as the main therapy approach for the autistic child.  She holds two board certifications in Neurofeedback and is working on her PhD in Clinical Psychophysiology. Most notably though, she is a mom extraordinaire! Without question her greatest pride is having raised eight children, (six adopted, five disabled, four on the autism spectrum).  At present, only one of her sons retains his label and remains dependent. 

    Lynette’s one-woman musical comedy show CRAZY TO SANE teaches with laughter, candor and toe tapping tunes including Unfinished and Brainiac. The show—and the CD-- are a collage of her life as the daughter of abuse, the mother of autism, and a student turned teacher of mental health. With artistic splendor she weaves the lessons of a lifetime, comedy, and brain science into this entertaining and emotional show. Besides healing and performing, she is a public speaker,hosts a radio show, and produces documentaries for the disabled, including Fix it in Five and Living with Lynette.

    This extraordinarily multi-talented woman says, “Really, my vision in life was always to save children and to change the world through creative arts because it gets straight to people’s emotions. I never knew I’d be doing documentaries, but I guess I also never knew I’d adopt so many children either.”

    (See your co-hosts' book Sophia's Web at www.envisionthismedia.com)

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    Showtime: Jeff Pearlman Joins The Broad Street Line - Episode #185

    in Sports

    New York Times best-selling author Jeff Pearlman joins us on a very special edition of The Broad Street Line to discuss his new book "Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley, and the Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty of the 1980s."

    Later in the show, we'll recap Allen Iverson's retirement ceremony and discuss A.I.'s place in the pantheon of great basketball players. We'll also give you our thoughts on a whirlwind week by the Philadelphia Eagles as the Birds' front office stayed busy and did their best to keep the band together for another run at the Lombardi Trophy.

    So, for all of that and more, come and take a ride on The Broad Street Line: The future of sports talk radio has finally arrived.

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    Buzz On Broad Roundtable

    in Sports

    Buzz On Broad is back with another edition of the roundtable. We will break down the latest in Philadelphia sports as well as around the entire sports world.  As always, we will be taking your calls throughout the show.

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    The Narrow and Broad Way

    in Religion

    I will in this show speak about the narrow and broad way as ways of being for the seed of the woman and seed of the serpent.  Some have termed the differentiating ways of being as service to self and service to others.  I will also elaborate upon the path of the kings and the path of the priest, kingship connected to Lucifer and the rebel, fallen angels desire to be as gods themselves and then priesthood and service to the flock, humanity, and world as exampled by Christ when the apostles asked who among them was greatest.

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    Fantasy Football Preview - Quarterbacks / MLB Trade Deadline - Episode #257

    in Sports

    With the Major League Baseball trade deadline just days away, we'll kick around the various trade scenarios involving the Philadelphia Phillies and ace pitcher Cole Hamels. 

    However, before we get into that, we'll continue our NFL fantasy football preview series with an in-depth look at the quarterback position. Later, we'll discuss LeSean McCoy's infamous party, give you our thoughts on the Hulk Hogan situation, and get you caught up on the rest of the past week in sports as only we can. So come and take a ride on The Broad Street Line: The future of sports talk radio has finally arrived.

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    Broad Appeal

    in Women

    If you’re looking to find a book packed with wit and wisdom aimed at women ages sixty to ninety, you’re in for a real treat! Broad Appeal is a sassy romp through the fun and foibles of aging.
    Author Sam Dawson is joining us to share her candid conversations with mature women (just like us) who are turning “over-the-hill” into an exciting and fulfilling new frontier! 

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    Buzz On Broad Roundtable

    in Sports

    Buzz On Broad will break down the latest in Philadelphia sports news and notes, as well as around the national sports scene!
    Be sure to check out our home at BuzzOnBroad.com!

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    Autism Awareness :Brain Broad, Author, mom of 4 on the spectrum of Autism

    in Entrepreneur

    Host Lori Wilk welcomes to Successipes Lynette Louise. Lynette is known as the Brain Broad and she is making her name in the world of Autism Awareness and she has all the real world experience to share with audiences around the globe. Lynette Louise has a new book out called" Miracles Are Made: A REal Life Guide to Austsm." Lynette Louise has courses and programs which are revolutionary in the area of Autism. Lynette will also talk about her new courses which will be available soon in her global role as a Founding Faculty Member for the Institute for Total Preneurship. 

    What makes Lynette such an authority on the subject of partenting children with Autism is her being a parent of 8 children of which 4 of them were on the Spectrum of Autistm. 


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