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  • 01:16

    DiMarkco Chandler: How Is the Media Handling the Death of Prince?

    in Entertainment

    CEO of the popular online publication the Guardian LV DiMarkco Chandler joins the 30+ WTF Show to discuss the media is handling the death of music legend Prince, Black media, and citizen journalism. You do not want to miss this live episode Monday, April 25th at 5:30PM PST / 7:30PM CST / 8:30PM EST with hosts Meleika, Brittany, David Anthony, and special guest co-host Rebeca Mendoza. Call in with questions/comments to 347-850-1441. Listen in at home, work, or driving in traffic by clicking below.

  • 02:58

    DJ Hyde Back on Yakuza Kick Radio!!

    in Sports

    Tonight ...

    CZW Owner DJ Hyde is tonight's guest!!

    Topics discussed:

    -What led to DJ buying the company?

    -What does DJ feel are the main differences between Zandig's CZW AND his CZW?

    -Why was Curt Robinson included in this year's BOTB?

    -"There's absolutely no difference between Penelope Ford AND Ronda Rousey."

    -"Brittany Blake is a homegrown star" 

    --DJ: "Jay Cat ... She can tap you out." Jay Cat: "you're out of your fu**in' mind."

    -Why did Conor Claxton regress?

    -Rickey Shane Page: Why did it take DJ so long to bringhim back after TOD 2015?

    -What happened at Proving Grounds?

    -What are DJ's thoughts on Sozio? The Front angle

    -Thoughts on the Lio Rush - Joey Janela angle 

    -Thoughts on 'missing out' on key bookings

    -DJ mentions how Gabe Sapolsky "hands out business cards" in his locker room. Why does he allow that?

    -'Missing the boat" on Fred Yehi

    --DJ says there's no room on the card for a lot of new talent. Yet

    -Why hasn't Trent Acid been inducted to the CZW Hall of Fame?

    -What happened at last year's "Down With The Sickness," where he left JC Bailey out of the in-ring tribute?

    -Thoughts on Joker's comments / opinion of him

    -What's up with the BJW relationship?

    --Why hasn't Tremont been in BJW?

    -Why haven't we seen Scot Summers?

    -What fell apart with the DJ Hyde - John Wayne Murdoch "angle"?

    -If JT Dunn was not going to come back, why did he go over in his feud with David Starr?

    -Thoughts on GCW holding a DeathMatch tournament 6 days before TOD

    -Why is the Junior title an afterthought?

    -What's DJ's philosophy on 'being a heel'?

  • 01:07

    Family Focus Auxiliary President Brian Brown: What Is A Father's Role Today?

    in Entertainment

    Family Focus auxiliary board president Brian Brown joins The 30+ WTF Show to discuss the future of Family Focus and what a Father's role is in today's family. You do not want to miss this live episode with hosts Meleika, Brittany, David Anthony, and special guest co-host community activist Rebeca Mendoza Monday, April 18th at 5:30PM PST / 7:30PM CST / 8:30PM EST. Call in with comments/questions to 347-850-1441 or listen in at home, work, or driving in traffic by clicking below. 

  • 01:00

    Interview with Jordan McIntosh

    in Country Music

    Carleton Place, Ontario's Jordan McIntosh will release his debut album Steal Your Heart on April 15th. The lead single is the title track sure to climb the country charts. Jordan has become a country fan favourite with his previous releases "Grew Up In A Country Song" and "That Girl". Those songs are included on the album along with a duet with Country artist George Canyon. Jordan returns to perform at the Boots & Hearts Music Festival this summer.

    Jordan’s first influence was his older sister, Melissa. “My entire family is musical, but I idolized my sister. She started to sing before I did and, being younger, I wanted to do everything she did. That’s how I found out I could sing. I never really studied music. I just sang all the time. I know there’s a one in a million chance that you can make a career of your ability to sing. That’s always kept me focused, but I couldn’t do any of this without my family.”

     Also, joining me on this episode is Ontario's Brittany Brodie. Her latest single is called "Love Anyone Else".

  • 01:59

    Network and Support: Build it Trust It and Work It

    in Hip Hop Music

    Slide  through this Saturday, as Sir Jay, E.DidIt, Brittany Holloway break bread on the importance of networking, building a network, and how to network. We also will share our thoughts on the importance of having a support sysytem, appreciating and utilizing your support system properly. Featuring New Music by E.DidiT

  • 01:18

    Total Dudes episode 55

    in Sports

    We're coming down to the final episodes of this season of Total Divas. We're going out with a bang as Sign Guy and Rex will be joined by Beast Barnett's girlfriend Brittany. She's given us cameo appearances, but this time she's a full fledged guest of the show. She's given her opinion on whom the show is for, but what kind of tea does she drink? Whom does she consider the greatest power forward in NBA history? Does Beast ever disqualify her? Also, we'll touch on the first part of the two part season finale of Total Divas... maybe.

  • 01:31

    Psychologist Dr. Blount: Is White Supremacy Affecting Black Relationships?

    in Entertainment

    After an overwhelming response to our episode on the Black man & woman relationship two months ago, The 30+ WTF Show welcomes clinical psychologist Dr. Melissa Blount back to go in even deeper into the impact White supremacy has on the Black man & woman relationship. This is a live episode you do not want to miss! Join hosts Meleika, Brittany, David Anthony, and special guest co-host community activist Rebeca Mendoza Monday, April 11th at 5:30PM PST / 7:30PM CST / 8:30PM EST. Call in with your questions/comments to 347-850-1441. Listen in at home, work, or driving in traffic by clicking the link. 

  • 00:58

    Love Liberty & Lip Gloss: Interviews The Ever Inspiring Brittany Domnick

    in Lifestyle

    Join host Donna Lyons on Thursday April 7th at 7 PM Eastern when she interviews an incredibly inspiring young woman Brittany Domnick whose can-do spirit and positive attitude helped her conquer life changing obstacles due to a tragic accident.

    On January 21 2011 Brittany’s life was forever changed after a tragic accident. The obstacles she faced were difficult but she learned to overcome and face the changes head on and take a positive approach to her healing. In the hospital Brittany stayed hopeful and kept her spirits up and spirit of those around her. Even through the excruciating and insufferable pain she kept her sense of humor.

    Ironically at the time of the accident, Brittany was studying in college with aspirations of working with Wounded Warriors suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and the loss of limbs.

    Britt has been involved with many organizations. One of her favorites is Soul Surfer, Bethany Hamilton’s “Beautifully Flawed Retreat” for young female amputees which she was part of two years ago.

    Brittany was also featured on NBC News Washington DC for her hard work and treatment at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington DC.

    She is a staunch advocate for our Armed Forces and Veteran organizations. Her focus has remained on helping those who help others. She is now involved with numerous organizations focusing on current trends and issues for our military and amputees.

    We all know people who have a faith that they can change the world and through their unwavering determination and actions, they do just that. Those people exist to provide inspiration, hope and passion for life and others –we should all be more like them; those people that put forth the potential that we all know we have somewhere deep within each of us – just like Brittany Domnick.

  • 01:59

    Motivation: the Road to Discovering Purpose and Achieving Success

    in Hip Hop Music

    Join Sir Jay and guest host E.DidIt and Brittany Holloway, as we discuss self motivation during elevation. The imporatnce of having and maintaing motivation in life and success. And why it's important to exercise self trust. Who/what do we expect our sources of motivation to come from? We all have a purose, we all have a dream...Be motivated, Be motivation, And Trust yourself

  • 01:19

    Psychic Mike First Monday: Free Reading On Sex, Love, and Money

    in Entertainment

    Back by popular demand renowned celebrity psychic, author, and medical intuitve Michael Kurban joins the 30+ WTF Show for Psychic Mike First Monday! Join hosts Meleika, Brittany, and David Anthony for an informative and entertaining live episode on Blog Talk Radio Monday, April 4th at 5:30PM PST / 7:30PM CST / 8:30PM EST. Call in to get your free reading with Michael Kurban 347-850-1441 or listen in while at work, home, or driving in traffic by clicking the link. 

  • 00:58

    Brittany Williams, affectionately known as “Queen Freedom”

    in Christianity

    Brittany Williams
    “Queen Freedom”

    Brittany Williams, affectionately known as “Queen Freedom” fearlessly ministers through poetry, liturgical dance, singing, and writing to achieve one goal: promote freedom to anyone who is bound by chains. A survivor of both domestic and sexual abuse, Brittany shares her story and core-experiences to encourage and uplift women who may be overcome by weakness, lost to the world, and are seeking authentic healing and comfort. Once broken, Brittany, whose spirit was dark with anger and agony, finally surrendered to the call of faith when she rededicated her life to Jesus Christ in 2012. Through Him, she found hope in despair, traded her ashes for beauty, and accepted His mission to be a light who lifts up the power of freedom through grace for believers.

    In May of 2016, Brittany “Queen Freedom” Williams, who co-authored “Moments in Her Story: From Pain to Purpose (Testimonies of Young Girls) Second Edition,” will release her first book, “The Art of Salvation: A message to Her: the Quiet, Abused, and Abandoned,” a story that speaks to the girl who is shackled by pain and needs to break free. For more information about Brittany and her mentoring curriculum of activities in the DMV area, email her directly at: queen.freedomspeaks@gmail.com.