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    Topics covered: 

    The Role of ethnicity and religion in Nigerian Politics:  
    Making Sense of it all (What does it all mean?): The news of the Government College Chibok students (GCC) abduction came just less than 24 hours after Nigerians were trying to recover from the bomb blast perpetrated by Boko Haram at Nyanya park in the outskirts of the Federal Capital, Abuja, which claimed at least 80 lives, with over 120 injured. Why? Why? Why? Why should life be meaningful? This could very well be one of the questions in the minds of the girls from the Government Secondary school in Chibok as they were being taken away by Boko haram on that faithful night April 14, 2014. I thought it was the end of my life,” says Deborah Sanya, before she convinced herself and 3 of her friends to escape...
    Realities of the Nigerian Government
    Worldwide Protests
    Laudable Government Programs
    CHIBOK, Nigeria (Town of the Missing Girls)
    The Home of Peace, Borno State (Northern Nigeria)
    Root of Neo Islamist Jihadist Movements
    Here are some outstanding questions and thoughts to be discussed during the program:
    Why has Boko Haram attacked Chibok and abducted the girls?
    How is Boko Haram funded?
    To what extent is the government to blame in Boko Haram’s development?
    Is a similar pattern of abductions being recognized in the Northern Uganda crisis with Joseph Koni, and Charles Tailor of Liberia and Sierra Leone?
    Nigerian government’s lack of well-established emergency measures against terrorism is a permanent weakness that can be exploited at will?

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    What is Western Education? #BringBackOurGirls

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    The abduction of 300 plus girls from their school dormitories in the middle of the night by the Islamist group Boko Haram three weeks ago has raised a world wide uproar and demands for their unconditional return are stronger than ever. The abductors whose name means; “western education is sin” have indicated that the girls will be sold. ZBTR team will discuss this phenomenon of Western Education, the purported leader of the Islamist group surfaced in a video message clad in modern military fatigue, an automatic weapon around his shoulder and standing in front of what appeared to be an armored combat vehicle. Do the Islamist group recognize that everything about them and their weapons are all modern or western inventions? Join us as we put our voice to the world wide cry: #Bringbackourgirls!!!!

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    Thinking Aloud with Ayo - BringBackOurGirls

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    On the 5th of May 2014, people came out to Nigeria House in London to protest against the lack of action by the Nigerian Government in relation to finding the abducted Chibok school girls.

    All came for different reason......but they came. Hear their reasons why....





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    It's been nearly three weeks since men dressed as soldiers kidnapped more than 300 girls from a Nigerian boarding school, an attack that has critics decrying the lack of action from a military that may not have the capability to mount an effective rescue operation.

    “It’s really hard to say what will happen,"said Brandon Kendhammer, assistant professor of political science at Ohio University, who focuses on religion and politics in northern Nigeria . "The Nigerian military doesn’t have a particularly strong track record in being able to free hostages.”

    Although they haven’t claimed responsibility, nearly all have pinned the kidnappings on the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram, which had threatened to take young women captive almost a year ago.

    Nigerians have expressed their outrage that the girls have not been found, accusing the government, even with its limited military capacity, of not doing more.

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    Thinking Aloud with Ayo - Your role in #BringBackourGirls

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    Nigeria is still under the media spot light and we;re waiting to hear that the girls have been re-united with their families.

    But what happens next? The media spotlight fades and Nigeria and her citizens are expected to go back to what? For those who dont live in Nigeria but have found their love for her to have been re-awakened, what's next?

    I'll be joined by Ayo Sogunro a Nigerian social critic, human rights activist and writer. 

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    #BringBackOurGirls + Kony 2012 =?

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    It wasn't too long ago, that 'Kony 2012', a short film produced by Invisible Children, Inc..to raise enough awarenss to capture fugitive Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony was the cause celibre. The campaign resulted in Joseph Kony's name being on all media and on the lips of a lot of people. Almost 2 years later, he's still on the run. This year in 2014, the rallying cry is the 276 plus girls kidnapped several weeks ago by the lunitic group Boko Haram, and like 'Kony 2012' Bring Back Our Girls is in all media and on the lips of alot of people. Months from now will the results be the same? Yet more importantly, why is Bring Back Our Girls resonating with so many people when other issues, many close to home, hardly get a few paragraphs in a local newspaper? Lets talk about it...

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    A Stolen Personality w/Dr. Daphne McQuarter

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    Personality Speaking welcomes Dr. Daphne McQuarter to speak on the topic "A Stolen Personality".  A story of betrayal, abuse, restoration and forgiveness.

    Are you ready for your life to shift? An encounter with Dr. Daphne McQuarter, known to most by Dr. D, is known to leave you in a thought provoking moment believed to shift your life to freedom. Dr. D believes that life is a journey and it is her passion to nudge you in the place where you are, to embark upon the journey of freedom with her.

    A sought after speaker, coach, healer and activist, she has traveled the globe with her message of FREEdom and being the voice for thousands of women and girls.

    Out of her own pain birthed purpose for her greatest work, which she has been an advocate of Sex Trafficking for 17 years. She founded I Am Her Voice as an effort to rescue girls from Sex Trafficking in the United States and selflessly works her program, The 3 a.m. girl, which goes out to highly trafficked cities during high trafficked hours of the mornings and rescues girl. She has been the voice for thousands of girls trapped in this dark ugly world. She works closely with government officials., law enforcement, other community officials to raise awareness on Human Sex Trafficking in the United States. She is also the creator of the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls in the United States.

    It is Dr. D’s desire to see every woman rise to the occasion of whom she has been called to be and live a whole free life. It is her belief that she lives upon Acts 17:28(kjv) For in him we live, and move, and have our being…

    She lives by her mantra, "I'm a fearless Chick, Lo?ed by God, Created by God, and Purposed in the earth. I'm Naked and not ashamed, The Bondage of my past is breathtaking and FREEing TODAY, I'm Reclaiming my freedom, I'm unstoppable, I'm a #FREEdomCHiCK.”

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    IAmHerVoice w/Dr. Daphne McQuarter on Me, God and A Cup of Coffee #RealWomenTalk

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    JOIN THE CONVERSATION WITH SPECIAL GUEST Dr. Daphne McQuarter CEO & Founder of "IAmHerVoice". Saturday 11/1/2014 at 8.a.m. 347-996-5568.  Dr. D, as known by most, will leave you in a thought provoking moment believed to shift your life to freedom. She believes that life is a journey and it is her passion to nudge you in the place where you are, to embark upon the journey of freedom with her. A sought after speaker, coach, healer and activist, she has traveled the globe with her message of FREEdom and being the voice for thousands of women and girls. IAmHerVoice speaks for the thousands of girls who have gone through Sex Trafficking, the thousands who are trapped and the thousands who feel they have no voice. I AM HER VOICE! The original create of the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls.  YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS CONVERSATION. TELL A FRIEND AND COME HAVE A CUP OF COFFEE ON ME!

    "Me God and A Cup Of  Coffee" is a show that recognizes that every day must start with a morning conversation with God.  Through sharing your experiences with others we realize that "We are more alike than we are different".  Join us for a morning conversation. Grab your mug and fill it up.  #347-996-5568, Saturday at 8 a.m. weekly.

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    Listen Give Live | Episode 96

    in Music

    Join Gail Davvis and Jaee Logan for Listen Give Sound bites about music, arts, culture, society, youth, education and giving back.

    Join us with Guest, Hadiza Bala Usman, #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS, who started the mission of finding the missing girls in Nigeria.

    Visit ListenGive.com to learn more information.  Don't forget to LIKE our Facebook Page LISTENGIVE.

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    Jessica Chibueze & Dr. Tosin Adegbola: Boko Haram #bringbackourgirls

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    Jessica & Dr. Tosin discuss the abduction of more than 230 girls in Northern Nigeria. They encourage the world to stay abreast of these "terrorist" abductions and continue to put pressure on the government to act swiftly and find the missing girls. The global politics conversation touches race, media, Western perspective, Global south perspective, and human rights. This dialogue was sparked by a rally held yesterday in Washington, D.C. The interview also looks at the Independence movement in Africa and the Civil Rights movement in America.

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    Friday, May 30, 2014 5:00-7:00pm







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    Film "Belle" Review

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    Developments of L.A. Clippers - Don Sterling Scandal

    Profile of Compton, CA Mayor Aja Brown in "Fast Company" June Issue Magazine

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    Tips for HS/College Readiness for Summer 2014



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