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    Brighter Business Empower Business Insurance

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    Our guest speakers today are Tracey Agnew and Nathalie Wright from The Co-Operators.  Both are Insurance & Financial Advisors plus owners of their own Insurance branches respectively of Agnew Insurance Ltd of the Co-operators and Wright Insurance Agencies representing the Co-Operators.  Tracey has over 19 years experience in the insurance industry as an agent and owner of several small businesses.   Nathalie began her career with the Co-operators in 1989.  Together they’re here to educate small business owners on what is important when it comes to business insurance.  Both are dedicated to helping you succeed, and making sure you are covered properly for those unexpected events.   Please welcome Tracey Agnew and Nathalie Wright.
    Become a Brighter Business Empower Member today at www.brighterbusinessempower.com

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    Brighter Business Empower Social Media Stategy

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    It’s not enough just to have a Social Media profile (Facebook business page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn Profile, etc.) The whole idea behind Social Media is being social!  Setting up Social Media profiles is one small step in having your business be social.  Having a Social Media Strategy is the big piece that many business owners fail to think about and create!
    In this session, Sheri will walk you through a 5 Step Cycle for creating a Social Media strategy for you and your company.  Come ready to think, to learn, and to move your business forward with Social Media! 
    Sheri Bruneau is the owner and founder of Get It Together Inc., and the co-founder of Brighter Business Empower Inc.,

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    Brighter Business Empower Press Releases 101

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    You willl learn how to effectively write your own press release, and who to send it to.  All to help you get the word out about your business and what you have to offer with Sue Deyell.
    Sue Deyell is a recognized name and voice, and soon to be face in Calgary.  She has been on Calgary airwaves from the news room to the DJ booth for over 13 years.  Having worked mornings with Forbes and Friends, Q107, Mix 97.7 mornings and middays, and now host of Remodel It Radio and Remodel It With Her TV show, Sue has certainly seen her fair share of Press Releases. 

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    Brighter Day Ministries

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    Brighter Day Ministries
    "Brightening Up Young Lives One At A Time"
    Kansas City Mo
    This organization is here to help young man and young women.

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    What if your life could shine "Brighter Than the Sun?" Super-Luminal Healing!

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    Tim's newest song, "Brigther Than the Sun" is being aired for the entire world for the first time on a day-early hump day show.  

    The call is instead on Tuesday at 6PM California time, which is 9PM New York time.    Tim has a performance at the normal time of the show on Wednesday so we are doing the call a day early.  How does it get even better than that?  

    Call in and let Tim Janakos help you realize how super-luminal you really are.    

    This song we are releasing on this show is the 2nd released song on Tim Janakos's up-coming 13-plus song CD.  The first 25 people who re-order the CD will get a free 20-minute proxy healing session if you write a review of the new CD on any public internet site.  

    Along with that, you will also get all 13-plus songs sent to you as they are released send to you by email is both Wave and Mp3 format or any other format you want it in.  And you will get a signed/autographed copy of the physical CD once it is released sometime in 2016 or 2017.  Along with that you will get two 50 percent off tickets to Tim's CD release party that you can give or sell to any one else.  Total value all all items is over $100.00 and you only have to prepay $25.00 to get it all.   Go to https://timjanakos.bandcamp.com/album/a-cyborg-in-an-adolescents-head to pre-order.  

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    How To Use The Media To Grow Your Business

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    Today we’re talking to Christina Rowsell.  Christina has over 22 years experience in the media. During that time as a host, producer and reporter, she has gained helpful knowledge and wisdom, imparting this to small business owners.  Such guidance includes how to write and send your own press release, how to create your own media contact, and how to find a voice & personality that are truly your own.

    Christina can guide you to become a confident public speaker.  She can coach you on how to talk to the media.  AND she has valuable information on how to use the media to grow your business! 

    Find out more about Christina at www.christinarowsell.com.  Plus, she is the Editor-In-Chief of the Brighter Business Empower Magazine.  Read all 5 issues HERE.

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    Do’s and Don'ts of Successful Business with BDC Chief Economist Pierre Cleroux

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    The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) released a new research report that looks at how Canada’s entrepreneurs can stay at the top of their game by mastering five fundamentals of business success and steering clear of five common pitfalls. 

    The report identifies factors that are key predictors of business success. In fact, they appear to be common to many of Canada’s “most successful” business leaders, defined as the top 20% of businesses based on recent financial performance and employment growth, regardless of the industry in which they operate. The other 80% of Canadian entrepreneurs surveyed were classified as “all others.” 

    “A common thread here is that it’s all about the power of strong relationships,” said Pierre Cléroux, BDC Chief Economist. “Whether it is about the importance of seeking outside advice, hiring and maintaining good employees, or building a solid rapport with your suppliers, never underestimate the value of relationships.”

    Join us as we talk to Pierre Cleroux.  Call us with your questions 1-877-299-9994.

    Be sure to read the Brighter Business Empower Magazine HERE. Filled with articles from industry experts.  Brighter Business Empower is to Empower Individuals To Succeed In Business.  You are a business owner.  You have questions.  We have the answer to your questions!  

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    How to Grow Your Business Hosting Tweet Chats

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    Heard the buzz about tweet chats? They are live events that take place on twitter at a pre-set time about a particular topic, overseen by a moderator.

    These virtual conversations are a great way to engage with your community. They go a long way in helping you connect with new people who have similar interests and strengthen existing online relationships. 

    Join us as we talk to Heather Broad, Calgary City Director for Entrepreneur Mom Now.  She'll walk us through the benefits of Tweet Chats and guide you on how to get started.  

    Learn more about Entrepreneur Mom Now HERE.  Plus, read Heather's Article in the 5th Issue of the Brighter Business Empower Magazine HERE.  

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    Seven Tips To Help You Squeeze Regular Exercise Into Your Extra Busy Life

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    I know I’m preaching to the choir when I say an entrepreneur’s life is busy and stressful. It’s the understatement of the year. Your to-do list is longer than a hipster’s beard and your energy level … well let’s just say it’s pretty non-existent. So the thought of adding exercise to the mayhem is enough to make you want to curl up in the fetal position and sleep for a month.

    You’re probably asking yourself right now, “How can I possibly add one more thing to my schedule?” It’s not as crazy as you think. And it’s worth it in the long run. Cara Fullerton is going to give you several ways on how you can do it. 

    Cara Fullerton is a recovering Morning TV reporter turned Healthy Lifestyle Coach. Using life coaching skills, plus her experience as a personal trainer she helps people who have failed at every diet out there, put their life on hold until they lose 10lbs, or who just need a really good energy boost. She helps them fall in love with their lives again! Visit Cara online HERE!  Plus read her article in the 5th Issue of the Brighter Business Empower Magazine HERE.

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    Shannon Bowen Smed Opportunities That Turn Failure Into Success

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    Shannon Bowen Smed was born an entrepreneur. Her mother, Laverne Bowen, founded BOWEN in 1974 and Shannon grew up in the business. She honed her skills in a variety of roles within the company including administration, recruiting, sales and marketing, human resources, and operations. In 1996, Shannon became BOWEN's President and CEO and under her leadership, the company has flourished, growing in size and service offerings while staying true to its commitment to help organizations find great people and people find great organizations.

    Today, BOWEN is considered the contract manager of choice within the energy sector and provides customized workforce solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of its diverse client base, which includes 60 per cent of the Fortune 500 companies. The company is well-known for attracting top quality candidates and providing talent management across a broad spectrum of roles and industries. 

    Shannon suggests that one of the key components of the company’s success is in understanding “...that we can’t be great at all things...we can grow the business so far with pure talent and determination...” But she acknowledges that there comes a point when as a business owner, it is essential to get help or support where it’s needed.

    Join us as we discuss business opportunities that turn failure into success.  You can read Shannon Bowen Smeds' article in our latest Brighter Business Empower Magazine HERE.

    Visit www.bowenworks.ca for more information on Shannon and BOWEN.  

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    The Power of a Personal Thank You

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    Sheri Bruneau is the owner of Get IT Together.  She has the absolute pleasure of helping her clients fall in love with their homes by redesigning and organizing spaces, by assisting clients getting ready to move, as well as helping her clients settle in to their new homes.

    I’ve always wanted to find a way to thank my clients for choosing my company. In considering what I could do for them, I wanted to find something that would make a lasting impression and that would also show that I care. In addition, it needed to be something that would not break the bank or add unnecessary or unwanted clutter to a home.

    The power of a little thank you gift has been of great benefit to my business. Every single time I leave one of these behind, I receive positive comments. These little gifts, along with personal notes to our clients, leave a lasting impression. 

    The power of a thank you will go a long, long way!

    Join us as we talk to Sheri Bruneau, Owner of Get It Together as we discuss what small tokens you can do to move your business forward.  

    Read Sheri's article in Issue 5 of the Brighter Business Empower Magazine HERE.