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    There is a menace in the GOP that is threatening our children. His name is Chris Christie.

    I don’t know why anyone would support this man. I’m not going to attack him for any of the other things his opponents go after him for. Supporting Planned Parenthood, Bridgegate, costing his state billions of dollars in Exxon settlement money, endorsing Sonia Sotomayor, his assault weapons ban, etc. I’m not going to attack Christie for any of this.

    I am going to attack Chris Christie for being fat and for wanting to peddle his obesity to children all across this great nation of ours.

    Chris Christie is a fat pusher. He is like the scumbag who hangs out at school playgrounds selling crack rocks to kids at recess. That is what Chris Christie is. He is a fat pusher.

    Remember, Chris Christie is the one who had to have his stomach stapled because people told him no one would elect a big fat person for president. He had surgery to implant a band around his stomach to restrict the amount of food he was shoveling into his mouth every day. When your stomach is stapled, you are only able to eat small portions. This is for people with no willpower or discipline or enough respect for themselves to say, “That’s enough cheeseburgers for me. I’ve had enough pizza. I don’t want ALL the ham.” People who are allergic to sit-ups and are frightened by the treadmill. That’s who the stomach band is for.

    Christie also had to have the surgery because he was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money on food at football stadiums. He would entertain business associates at football games and spend thousands of New Jersey tax money on hot dogs, wings, beer and pizza. Chris Christie is that guy.


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    Andrew Cuomo and Bridgegate

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    Zack Fink of NY1 News.com discusses why he thinks Governor Cuomo is more involved in Bridgegate than he has previously indicated

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    New York and Bridgegate

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    Zack Fink of NY1 News.com asks What did New York know about Bridgegate and when did they know it



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    #48 - Income Inequality??? Bridgegate??? Obama and Holder Should Be Jailed!

    in Politics Conservative

    Really??? the biggest problem in America is income inequality? Talk about a total smokescreen. This along with Bridgegate is RIDICULOUS! The fact is that Obama and holder ride roughshod over the US Constitution and then investigate a bridge closing??? These two guys should be in prison right now. Pete Moss considers the possibility again of a third term for Obama. If he ran again would Congress or anyone in DC do  anything about it? Probably not! If not we need to secede right away because they will also ignore a 5th amendment convention.

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    Ep. 32 - Bridgegate and More

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    Tim, Keith and or Nolan, will discuss the political topics of the day. No topic is off limits and nothing is sacred. We will relate the issues of today to our constitution and current laws. We will cut through all the political talking points and have reasonable debate.

    We believe that being a member of a political part does not mean you should hate the opposition. Reasonable people can have reasonable debate.

    so call us and tell us what you think

    call in at (646) 929 1168

    Note : Not Safe For Work due to language

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    RealPolitik: Chris Christie & "Bridgegate"

    in Politics

    @Stevepolitik & @JoeDunn8 are back for #RealPolitik live!  The first episode of 2014 we'll be discussing Chris Christie, "Bridgegate," and Steve has a Mark Levin "scandal" to share.  Call us at (347) 826-9184 or live-tweet us during the show.  Thanks for listening!  (Remember, we're available 24/7 On Demand for all 2013/2014 shows.)

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    The Chris Christie Bridgegate scandal and an International look at Snowden

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    Our show this week is concentrated around two topics, first the scandal engulfing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and his administration. The Rude Pundit joins me to discuss what has transpired so far and where this scandal seems to be going.

    Then, internationally recognized columnist and political analyst Rachel Marsden joins me to give her perspective on the Edward Snowden saga.


    At the end we will have the return of our trademark weekly hall of fame and shame for those politicians and prominent individuals who made great sense or shameful nonsense, respectively.

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    Last Refuge Radio: TSA Security Theater; Olympics Politics; Bridgegate Scandal

    in Politics

    H4TV's Adam F. Hutton, Darren C. Lee and Gerry Martini discuss the biggest stories in politics every week. On tap this week: an article in Politico Magazine reveals shennanigans at the Transportation Security Administration; the political controversies surrounding the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia; and the deepening scandal surrounding New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's involvement in the ongoing "Bridgegate" kerfuffle. Tune-in live on February 7, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. EST

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    Punani Fri 2014 with Richie and Marla

    in Lifestyle

    Renegade Talk welcome Paticakes The Queen of Cannabis to the show. Her site http://www.hempradio.com. Top lawmaker leading 'Bridgegate' probe blasts Christie's claims that he knew nothing of the scandal as 'not believable' and says the public has seen 'just the tip of the cover-up' Man Arrested For ‘Humping’ Sandwich Shop Window. Police: Pa. Man Stole Hand Sanitizer To Make Cocktails. and the Cannabis is Everywhere. Richie Marla and the Queen Sky Pilot Radio http://s4.total-streaming.com/player/skypilot/

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    Record Talk Radio: reporter roundtable on 'Bridgegate'

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    I'm going to try something a bit diffferent on Record Talk Radio this Friday: a roundtable discussion with Record reporters who have been covering the George Washington Bridge/traffic jam controversy.

    My colleagues Shawn Boburg, Melissa Hayes, John Cichowski and Charlie Stile will be our guests for a 30-minute program which will air live at 10 a.m. on Jan. 17.

    They will discuss the on-going controversy surrounded emails released last week that led Gov. Chris Christie’s to fire his former deputy chief of staff and cut ties withhis former campaign manager.

    Do you have a question you would like me to ask my colleagues? Email your suggestions to me at johnensslin@gmail.com.

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    The Ron Kelly Show

    in Current Events

    How low can they go? The conservatives and Republicans will use any trick in the book to undermine the President and his agenda. Now they are using border kids who escaped death in South America to attack the President. They don't know what to do with those kids no more than The President does yet they use them to attack his agenda. Also Chris Christie on the road trying to build support after BridgeGate after proclaiming he would finish his term as Governor when he ran for re-election earlier this year. Fat chance. Oops! Also all the other news and politics just the way you like them, The Ron Kelly Show way!