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    Attending Bridal Expos

    in Lifestyle

    Have you ever wondered what goes on at one of those big bridal expos? They happen at various times of the year around the country exposing you to the various vendors available in your area.

    Listen in as we check in with Don Van Meter of the Rabun County Bridal Expo www.rabuncountybridalexpo.com in Clayton, GA. We'll ask them why a bride should consider attending, what info she will leave with, and how can she take that new info and plan her dream wedding.

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    Reflections: The Dangers of Arrogance

    in Spirituality

    2/20/15 6:30PM Central Time

    "Arrogance diminishes wisdom" Star Wars Clone Wars season 1 episode 15

    In this episode of Reflections we will be discussing the dangers and disadvantages of having a hyper inflated ego and the pit falls that this mindset will have on you, those around you and possible failures that this mindset can bring you. 

    Love and Light

    MJ Hannigan 

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    Announcements, Updates and Reflections

    in Radio

    Hello eveyone!  As you know I have not been on radio often, however I am still here. I am putting together something worth your ears to listen too, that will bring inspiration, motivation and some get up and do something about your situation.

    Please join me for these days and times and call in and talk with me and be my guests.  And, if you like follow me right here on my profile and twitter @lardymissclardy and facebook.com/wclardy or just google me...lol! 

    Every Wednesday is Run Your Mouth Nights @ 7:30pm PST and Thursday is Child Support News @ 4:30pm PST/7:30pm EST and on Saturday's Bring Your A GAME!

    Reflections for today and everyday is to think about how good God has been to you and be thankful for your life.  Have purpose in which God is a part of it.  Acknowledge God in all your ways and in everything you do and pray for those that are in need. Let your light so shine.  Touch a mind, Touch a heart and give a hug.  

    Ted Williams...the man with the "Golden Voice" You have touched my heart.  Prayers are up for you and your family.  You are an inspiration for those that have been there and done it; and for some that are still there showing them they can do it too...to be an overcomer, victorious in Christ Jesus...continue to be a voice to all that need to know that Jesus is Lord. Your testimony will never be forgotten! "All things are possible with God." ~KJV

    One day we will meet...



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    Reflections: One Destiny

    in Spirituality

    Tonights episode of reflections comes from one of my greatest inspirations within the Jedi Realist community. Many may remember this TV spoiler poem from Star Wars The Phantom Menace, others may remember the source of the poem from reading the book. For the movie it was a way to attact attention and put asses in seats, for me it was a call to action and a time to dedicate myself to something.

    One Destiny

    "It will be a hard life. 

    One without reward. Without remorse. Without regret. 

    A path will be placed before you. 

    The choice is yours alone. 

    Do what you think you cannot do. 

    It will be a hard life. 

    But in the end you will find out who you are."

    Love and Light

    MJ Hannigan



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    Reflections: Unlocking Your Potential

    in Spirituality

    On todays episode of Jedi Realist Radio Reflections we will be discussing our potential for success and how to reach our potentail so we can achieve success. There is nothing worse then seeing individuals with so much potental to succeed in life not reach it because they waste so much time focusing on the wrong goals or ignoring the gifts they have been given in this world. 

    What is Potential?

    How does one reach their full potential?



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    "Life Without Him - When God Calls him home"

    in Romance

    "I miss my best friend!"

    "This was not supposed to happen!"

    "But I prayed for his healing!"

    "I can't do this alone!"

    Daily, I force myself out of bed to just be reminded that I'm only making coffee for one.  I never saw this coming."  

    "I feel like I'm walking in the shadow of what used to be, and I'm torn because I know I need to accept the life God has for me now...but I can't!"  

    These are just a few thoughts pulled from several blog written by Christian widows who are fighting daily to fully accept the fact that their lifetime partner is no longer with them. "Till Death do we part" is easy for one to say until they are faced with that grim reality.  Join me on "Reflections With Lynne" Tuesday February 24, as my guest former First Lady Mrs. Deborah Spencer, and I have a heart to heart on this sensitive topic of life as a widow.  "Life Without Him - When God Calls Him Home".   Psalms 30:5 tells us "Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning".  First Lady Spencer is trusting God that healing will come when the sun rises in her morning.

    Reflections With Lynne - Relationship Chat

    Tuesday 7:30pm-8:30pm

    Call in to be a part of the listening audience at (347) 215-9556

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    Girl Talk...."Bruised but Not Broken....A Chat with Reid

    in Romance

    Leaving is only part of the solution for women who have had their lives turned upside down by their abusive spouses.  

    How do you pick up the pieces?  How do you continue living?  What about the kids?  Do you stay or leave because of them?

    What about the church and your relationship with Christ?  Would a God that loves you so much allow this to continue happening?

    What drives one to try love again? Is it worth it?

    "Reflections with Lynne" spends time with Ms. Monica S. Reid, a domestic violence survivor as we discuss how one regains trust in the commitment of love after the abuse.

    "Bruised but not Broken!"

    Call in to be a part of the audience. (347) 215-9556.  This is going to be a powerful, thought provoking conversation.

    "Reflections with Lynne" 7:30pm

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    Reflections The Goals of the Jedi Realist

    in Spirituality

    On this episode of Jedi Realist Radio Reflections!

    On tonights episode I will be discussing goal setting and its important in being successful in todays world. I will be discussing the concept of SMART goals as well as the planning session required for us to achieve the goals we set. To go with this concept I will be discussing 3 to 5 of my personal goals as a example of the goal setting process.

    As always I hope you find this episode entertaining and insightful and I hope it adds value to your life. Please feel free to visit our facebook page or contact me directly via facebook or email

    Love and Light 

    MJ Hannigan

    The Jedi Realist




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    Reflections Finding Balance

    in Spirituality

    Join us for tonights episode of Reflections where host MJ Hannigan discusses the concept of balance and its importance within our lives. 

    No matter what path you walk in this life you must always strive to find balance both within ourselves as well as the world around us. Sadly this concept of balance is sorely missed in life as we strive to make our way in this world and in our lives. 

    Love and Light

    MJ Hannigan

    Jedi Realist Radio

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    Let's Talk Taxes! and take a moment to pray for Bobbi Christina's family!

    in Romance

    It's that time of the year!  That time between January 15th and  April 15th that people either dread because they owe taxes or love because they have four kids.  It's tax season!  Join me as my guest host, Mildred Watson, owner of First Choice Tax Services chimes in on the new tax laws, why you should not be "selling your kids" and her pet peeves as a tax preparer.  Also, I want to dedicate a moment of prayer in light of the tragic incident involving Bobbi Christina, daughter of the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.  Having raised grandchildren who lost their Mom and seeing first hand the loneliness and confusion it brings, my heart goes out for her and any child who has lost their Mom.  So prayer and taxes are on the agenda tomorrow on "Reflections With Lynne"  7:30pm.  

    Call in with tax questions and to stand in agreement for the healing of Whitney's family at (347) 215-9556.

    "Reflections With Lynne" Relationship chat

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    "Because Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt!"

    in Romance

    "Authentic love does not devalue another human being. Authentic love does not silence shame or abuse. If you are in a relationship with someone who does not honor and respect you, I want you to know that you are worthy of love. Please reach out for help. Your voice will save you. Let it extend into the night, let it part the darkness. Let it set you free to know who you truly are: valuable, beautiful, loved."  Brooke Axtell Survivor Domestic Violence

    In light of Valentine's Day, the holiday of love that we are quickly approaching, these words from Brooke Axtell struck a cord in my heart.  Reflect on these points.  "Every 9 seconds in the United States a woman is assaulted or beaten.  Nearly 1 in 5 teenage girls who have been in a relationship said a boyfriend threatened violence or self- harm if presented with a break-up. Domestic Violence is the leading cause of injury to women...more than car accidents, muggings and rape combined!"  9 seconds just passed!  "Around the world, at least 1 in 3 women has been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused during their lifetime.  Mot often, the abuser is a member of her own family! Do you know someone who might have just gotten assaulted?  Tonight "Reflections with Lynne" is dedicated to women in the struggle, women who have survived and women who gave their lives for it.  Tonight is dedicated to those who want to lend their voice to a silent screamer, allowing her to be heard and changes made!  Tonight is dedicated to the memory of my angel, LaCrissa Davis because her life should not have been devalued by another human being.   9 more seconds just passed!  

    (347) 215-9556  7:30pm

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