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    The Brian Craig Show Podcast

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    The Brian Craig Show Podcast




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    A look back with Brian & Sherri

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    We are looking back to 3 of our most popular show from October 2014. This is going to be agreat show so you are not going to want to miss this. First up is our show with Nancy Hartwell who discusses human trafficing, Second is our best show with Syliva Shultzs who tells about her book " Fractured Spirits" from the Peoria State Hospital, and Last but not least, our trip to Salem Ma. 


    So sit back and enjoy as well look back and discuss eachg one.

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    Brian & Sherri 10/08 Spooky Thursday

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    Well here it is, Thursday and we having been waiting to come back and do a show. We have more Halloween tips, tricks and idea's for those who are hosting a halloween party, or need a costume idea, no need to worry Brian and Sherri have you covered. Also don't forget that this month is Breast Cancer Awarness Month, along with Fire Safety! We will be talking about both as well. Do you have an idea or topic you think they should discuss on the show, if so please send them a message on our offical Facebook page by going to http://www.facebook.com/brian.sherrishow. So now sit back and enjoy the show!!




    Our show is brought to you by our friends at Walmart  Save Money, Live Better* and by our friends down at Signature Series Auto in Pittsfield.


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    P4P Real Talk with the Wizard/Alchemist Brian Melancon

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    Kaelin and Desiree have the privilege of speaking with an up-and-coming virtual trainer, Brian Melancon. Often referred to as a wizard and/or alchemist when it comes to training and the science of manipulating nutrition for optimum performance, Brian has been churning out top competitors in both men's and women's bodybuilding for several years...and he's only 27. Founder of C620Nutrition and co-founder of Iron Will Lifestyle, he has gone through his own transformation over the years and has a passion for competitive bodybuilding. 

    Join us as we discuss how you can eat toward your goals and enjoy the contest prep process along the way.



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    The Brian Correll Program

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    We will be discussing the days news and taking your calls.

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    DRT - EP51 - Guest Wrestling With Wregret's The Z - Man Brian Zane

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    Special guest, Wrestling With Wregret's The Z-Man Brian Zane.

    Hosted by The Beast from the Middle East, Yemeni Maniac, The Modern Day Sheik, Diafullah The Butcher Dobashi. He loves beating his opponents for his own and your entertainment. But now he is entertaining you right here. After all, you do watch sports to get entertained don't you? With special guest and talks on all combative sports and entertainment and a SOAPBOX TO SPEAK ON ANYTHING. If you need to settle a problem, you can do it right here. “CENSORED FREE!" Anything can happen on Dobashi's Radio Takedown. Send emails to: RadioTakedown@gmail.com or go to the website for official links at: www.TheRadioTakedownNetworkcom

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    Good morning, and we are glad you have joined us...

    Hammer, me---Executive Producer, Ellen Johnson---along with the rest of the morning crew, have a great show lined up for you on your Friday morning. We have trending news, celebrity gossip, some music news....and maybe we can convince Hammer to make a live random call---or two---to some poor, unsuspecting citizen.

    So, we invite you to pour yourself a cup of coffee, tea, soda---whatever liquid libation gets you motivated in the morning---and buckle up for this wild and crazy ride that will end up in God-knows-where!!! If you want to skip the line, and go straight to crazyville, you can call into the studio; the number is 646-595-3032.

    Today's show is brought to you by the Williams Law Group LLC and also by Loretta's Authentic Pralines---home of the world-famous sweet potato cookie.

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    What In The World!!!!

    in Comedy

    Kelley and Michael will be discussing topics that will make you say "What In The World"!!! Tune in and listen!!!!

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    Private Exchanges – Consolidated Billing and Benefits Brokers

    in Business

    On this week's episode, the hosts welcome experts from Benaissance and hCentive – two leaders in the emerging private exchange space.

    The first guest is Brian Ridder, VP of business development, Benaissance. Many insurance providers are only offering electronic billing for major employer customers. The majority of small and medium sized businesses will continue to receive paper-based billing for their insurance premiums. That means, billing is out of date before they even receive it – much like the old paper-printed phone books of the past! As employers look to private exchanges to bring an improved experience for the enrollment process, there is an opportunity to improve the process for everyone.

    The second guest is Michael Baker, SVP and general manager of WebInsure Benefits, hCentive's broker-focused exchange. This interview will cover how the benefits marketplaces industry is rapidly evolving. Brokers need to have an understanding of not only the technology, but also have it fits into their current and future business strategy. More importantly, brokers will have the opportunity to use this technology to differentiate themselves and enhance the way they do business.  

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    Donald Trump will be our next President

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    Donald Trump will be our next President




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    Batman Talk Podcast Episode 10 - BATMAN DARK KNIGHT RETURNS III

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    Cover by JIM LEE

    On sale JANUARY 6 • 40 pg, FC, 7.0625” x 10.875”, $12.99 US • RATED T+

    This oversized paper-over-boards COLLECTOR’S EDITION features both stories from DARK KNIGHT III: THE MASTER RACE #2 at the same size!

    Obviously DC still isn't revealing much about the plot of The Dark Knight III, but the issue #2 solicit does confirm that Carrie Kelly will play a major role in the story. Carrie has apparently evolved from being Robin in The Dark Knight Returns to Catgirl in The Dark Knight Strikes Again to assuming the mantle of Batman proper in this sequel. This lends credence to early rumors that The Dark Knight III will parallel the original and revolve around Carrie seeking her superhero successor.

    We'll find out more about this futuristic Batman epic when the first issue hits stories in November.