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    The Gift of Cancer- A Miraculous Journey To Healing with Brenda Michaels

    in Spirituality

    The Gift of Cancer- A Miraculous Journey To Healing with author Brenda Michaels

    For fourteen years, Brenda Michaels battled cancer. Then one day she surrendered to the experience and found the gift in her disease. The Gift of Cancer: A Miraculous Journey to Healing speaks to anyone on a journey of wellbeing, whether suffering from a life-threatening disease or merely desiring to live a better, more fulfilling life.

    After Brenda’s third cancer diagnosis and being told she had a year to live, she boldly stepped away from the accepted medical model, said “no” to chemotherapy, and chose alternative treatment. This unorthodox path, the connection of mind, body, and spirit, which many experts now believe is the key to true healing, ultimately saved Brenda’s life and put her in control of her own destiny. Her story reveals the immense healing power available within each of us.

    With each obstacle Brenda encounters, we see the indefatigable courage and fortitude she demonstrates in facing her demons both inside and out. Michaels’ uplifting memoir encourages us to listen to our inner voice, trust our intuition, and look at the true source of healing.

    Brenda Michaels is an inspiring, insightful, communicator. She is a syndicated talk-show host on Conscious Talk Radio and The Women’s Hour, a public speaker, workshop leader, spiritual and emotional coach, and the co-author of, The Gift of Cancer – A Miraculous Journey to Healing with Marsha Mercant and co-founder of Intentional Shift.   

    For more information visit: http://intentionalshift.com/


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    Spiritual teacher psychic Brenda Bradshaw READINGS

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    N.M.I. w/ Bianca Kajlich(Leslie on NBC's Undateable) & The Voice Battle Rounds!!

    in Music

    Bianca Kajlich - Bianca Kajlich stars as Leslie Burton in NBC’s comedy series “Undateable.” Leslie is Danny’s sister and is a recently divorced wine-rep who, now single again for the first time in ten years, is struggling to find her place in the single world. Once introduced to the guys at the bar, she bonds with them immediately as they welcome her into their gang.Kajlich starred in Rules Of Engagement, Bring It On, 30 Minutes Or Less..Follow her on twitter @misskajlich

    Sawyer Fredericks - 15 - Fultonville,NY - Team Pharrell - Won his battle against Noelle Bybee while singing "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?" by Creedance Clearwater Revival

    Corey Kent White - 20 - Bixby,OK - Team Blake - Won his battle against Jacob Rummell while singing "I Want Crazy" by Hunter Hayes

    Koryn Hawthorne - 17 - Abbeville,LA - Team Christina - Won her battle against Vance Smith while singing "Love Me Harder" by Ariana Grande

    Jacob Rummell - 19 - Akron,OH - Originally Team Blake then stolen by Team Pharrell after he lost his battle with Corey Kent White while singing "I Want Crazy" by Hunter Hayes

    Rob Taylor - 22 - Baton Rouge,LA - Team Christina - Won his battle against Jeremy Gaynor while singing "Animals" by Maroon 5

    Brooke Adee - 16 - Tampa,Fl - Team Blake - Won her battle against Bay Brooks while singing "Style" by Taylor Swift

    Lexi Davila - 17 - Lorain,OH - Team Adam - Won her battle against Bren'nae Debarge while singing "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedinfield


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    EVERYDAY PEOPLE with host Monica Douglas-Davis

    in Health

    Fibromyalgia is a condition that effects millions of people in the US. Join us on Everyday People with host Monica Douglas Davis as we discuss this topic with our guest Charmine Brazille Brent. (914)205-5909 at 9PMEastern time Monday night.

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    Conscious Connection with Gary Stuart interviews Evana Valle

    in Self Help

    Evana Valle is a speaker and trainer in support of entrepreneurs taking their business to the next level and hit the million-dollar mark.  Evana’s passion is helping leaders be highly impactful on how they lead, by creating powerful teams and establishing systems to support and sustain this successful transition.  She is an accredited coach and a candidate to complete the Facilitator accreditation process with The Daring Way™based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown.  Evana is the President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce- Toronto and a member of the Evolutionary Business Institute.

    Evana Valle, ACC, CPCC, CDWF-Candidate and Speaker, Trainer & Coach- supporting Entrepreneurs to Transform, Transition, and Take Flight in their business and lives

    President/CEO of EvanaValle.com  / (o)647-376-3828 / Evana@EvanaValle.com

    President (Local Chapter) of Toronto- York Region, Holistic Chamber of Commerce

    The Daring Way™Facilitator-Candidate based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown 

    The Daring Way™ is a highly experiential methodology that we developed to help men, women, and adolescents learn how to show up, be seen, and live braver lives. 

    Contact info: Evana Valle 647-376-3828 Website: www.evanavalle.com and Email: evana@evanavalle.com


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    Meet The Authors - Author Bren Gandy-Wilson

    in Books

    Meet The Authors - Guest Author Bren Gandy-Wilson
    Writer and Author of three books; Women Are Spiritual Bridges,
    Who's To Say Cat Don't Praise! & Dancing Through the Storms

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    JOTU & GEMS is "Bringning in the Holidays with Madelyn Bren'e"

    in Entertainment


    These words have resonated in the mind of vocalist and actress Madelyn Brene since the age of three when she developed passion for the arts.  Hailing from Dallas, Tx, during her childhood, she studied and performed with the Dallas Children’s Theatre; Taylor’s School of Music, Mary Lois Dance Academy and won various oratorical and vocal competitions throughout the state of Texas.   Since then she has continued to capture the hearts and intrigue audiences everywhere through singing, songwriting and acting.  A graduate of Southern Methodist University, this classically trained vocalist repertoire includes opera, jazz, musical theatre, and commercial work.   Her music and performance style is defined as classical contemporary and fuses R&B, classical, jazz and world genres together.  This fusion of music has created buzz for her upcoming debut EP “All of me”. She has performed various roles in U.S .and European cities. In 2009 Ms.  Brene began the Musically Madelyn Concert Series as a way for her to share her love for music with the local community. In spring 2014, the culmination of this progression was witnessed at the Margo Jones Theatre with the production of Madelyn’s first written stage play “Ms. Fortner by Day, Ms.  Brene by Night”.

    Website: www.MadelynBrene.com

    Youtube Links: Exclusive behind the scenes footage!

    Facebook: Madelyn Brené

    twitter: @madelynbrene

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    Kiler Davenport Live: Interview with Tory Allyn

    in News

    About Tory Allyn:

    Tory Allyn currently resides in Upstate New York. Although born in Syracuse, he was raised in the quaint town of Baldwinsville with his brother and two sisters, who drove him into becoming the crazy person he is today. As a child, he made up many a tale. Some funny; others dark and brooding, but all started him on the path to writing. Today, his nephew, lovingly referred to as The Monster Child, is his partner in crime. Most days, you will see them playing ball at a nearby park, going for a dip in the backyard pool or snowboarding on a popular mountainside. Tory has written his first novel titled, ALTER EGO, has completed a second novel titled, ALTERED STATE, and is currently working on the third which will be titled, ALTER BOUND. All three are a series entitled, THE DAVENPORT DECREES.

    About Alter Ego:

    Informed by his Captain to retrieve the remnants of a disfigured body, Special Agent JACK STANWICK exited FBI headquarters and raced toward Rockfort, Virginia. As sirens echoed in the distance, he approached the old gravel road that led to Granite's Mill. Jack knew what he was about to see, and with most of 'the brotherhood' dispatched away, outside help was needed. So the experts at the DAVENPORT DETECTIVE AGENCY had to be hired. BREN WILLIAMS, DEREK O'ROURKE and RUSS MUNROE are detectives under the guiding eye of former police chief, RAYMOND DAVENPORT. All four were ex-cops who turned over state's evidence on corruption in their respective precincts, only to be ostracized by the remaining brass. If anyone can immerse themselves fully into ALTER EGO, they can!

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    LIFELINE with Cindy Sommer - a show about TOOLS to raise your vibration

    in Spirituality

    Don't miss this show tonight as we sneak into a Ted Talk by Jill Bolte Taylor and go right down the hall to another talk with Brené Brown.  As we learn about the brain and how the left differs from the right, we are taken into Jill's experience of when she suffered a stroke.  How cool is it to have a Brain Scientist tell us the story of what happened to her brain on the morning of her own stroke?! We'll also be listening to my friend Brené teach us about vulnerability as we sit down for her Ted Talk and listen to her powerful journey :)  So so excited to hear Brené talk.  Also at the end of the show my dear friend Wayne Dyer will give us some tools on Japa meditation and he will actually be going RIGHT into the meditation - yep, right here on my show!  How cool is that?! ;) 

    If you want to sign up for one of my World - Wide Cleanse & Clear Meditations coming up - next one is on the 11th of November, this show will be a prerequisite!  So DON'T MISS IT.    By the time you listen to the last part of this show, you'll be ready for an amazing sleep and will sleep like a baby! 


    Or you can LOG ON by going to www.blogtalkradio.com/lifelinewithcindysommer 

    Much love and many blessings! 




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    DTong Sports Talk & Music Show - BREN ROCKS!

    in Music

    Brought to you by:
    DTong will be welcoming special Guest "Bren" to the show!  You've heard the music, now meet the man behind it! Bren Rocks for sure and we'll be playing his best music as well! meanwhile, check him out on Facebook www.Facebook.com/BrenBand or www.Reverbnation.com/BrenRocks
    If interested in sponsoring the show click here: SPONSOR
     NFL Week 5 picks, NCAA College Football Top 25 Matchups and picks, MLB Playoffs ALCS and NLCS, and more around the sports world!
    Catch it live or catch the archive anytime @ www.BlogTalkRadio.com/DTong from your smartphone or tablet, or just go to www.DTongSports.com on your PC and it will play automatically! Follow on Twitter @DTongSports
    Share w/ the Universe, SPORTS AND MUSIC UNITE!

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    Interview with Bren Foster ~ Days of Our Lives

    in Entertainment

    Jasam Radio welcomes to the airwaves actor Bren Foster. Fans know him as the dastardly villain, "Quinn Hudson", on the daytime drama, Days of Our Lives.  Bren was born in London, England but moved to Australia at age 3.  In high school, he was bitten by the acting bug and moved to New York after graduating high school.  Bren returned to Australia where he worked on many Australian television dramas.  Bren also starred in the Australian feature film, "Cedar Boys", where he was acclaimed by Empire Film Magazine as "a born star" for his portrayal of "Jamal".  Bren has been studying martial arts for years and has worked for the Discovery Channel on their series, "Extreme Martial Arts" and also worked for the National Geographic Channel feature length documentary, "Fight Science".  Bren has just completed two feature films here in the U.S. The first, "Bad To The Bone" in the lead role of "Donner Bone Mason" and the second titled, "War Flowers".  "War Flowers" stars Christina Ricci and Tom Berenger.  His most recent feature is a martial arts film titled, "Travelling Warrior" in which he has travelled to Thailand and is prepping to travel to Brazil.