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    5 Natural Summer Skin Treatments

    in Health

    Summer’s gorgeous sunshine, soft breezes, and blooming flowers can make you want to linger outside for hours, but all the time outdoors can also make summer a bummer for your skin.

    Remember, your skin is your largest organ and it absorbs whatever you put on it. So, all natural is the way to go for bug bites, heat rashes, sunburn, etc.

    Here are 5 holistic ingredients that can effectively treat common summer skin ailments. 


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    Jessie Blair-Myrie, CHHC, AADP


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    Finding Joy in Everything

    in Family

    This is a speech I gave in Virginia. We were at the Virginia Homeschooling Convention. I had given two other speeches that day and I was feeling tired. Somehow with the Grace of God this turned out to be one of the best speeches I have ever given. Thank you God for your inspiration. The God Breezes were blowing!

    We will be back to our regular show next week. I am in the studio making videos to help you get rid of your clutter.

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    Translating Phantoms Broadcast with Josh Detwiler - June 4,2015

    in Paranormal

    On this episode of Translating Phantoms Broadcast with Josh Detwiler, he covers the Philip Experiment be sure to CALL IN with your thoughts on (347) 539-5549!

    The Philip experiment was a 1972 parapsychology experiment conducted in Toronto, Ontario to determine whether subjects can communicate with fictionalized ghosts through expectations of human will.

    The goals were to create a fictional character through a purposeful methodology and then "attempt" to communicate with it through séance. The character created and agreed upon was named "Philip Aylesford" referred to as Philip during the test. His fictional history partially coincided with actual events and places, but with multiple contradictions and errors. He was born in 1624 in England, had an early military career and was knighted by the age of sixteen. He was involved in the English Civil War and became personal friends with Charles II working for him as a spy. Philip was unhappily married to a woman named Dorothea and later fell in love with a Gypsy girl who was accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. In despair, Philip committed suicide in 1654 at the age of thirty.

    The group was seated around a table with initial séances yielding no contact, no communication, and no phenomenon. Owen changed test conditions by dimming lights and changing the environment to mimic that of a more “traditional” séance. Participants began feeling a presence, table vibrations, breezes, unexplained echoes, and rapping sounds which matched responses to questions about Philip's life. At one point the table tilted on a single leg. Despite these claims neither apparition nor unexplained phenomena were documented.

    The experiment has been criticized for improper controls and inconclusive results.

    Don't forget to follow Josh on Twitter @TranslatingPhan!  Thanks for listening!

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    Mz OptimiZm Speaks, hear about SuperClubs Breezes

    in Podcasting

    The Playful Side of Paradise Minutes from the Airport……..Miles from the Ordinary
    Hear the TOP 10 Reasons why YOU should book a Superclub Vacation from the experts! Mrs. Ann McAllister will give us the ins and outs of this beautiful SuperClub resort, while Travel Agents will profess their experiences and memories as well.
    Call in to ask questions, give comments and suggestions and hear how Breezes grown over the years!
    The resort is located in Nassau, Bahamas just five (5) miles from the Nassau International Airport, and just five (5) miles from the downtown shopping area.  And a short stroll from Nassau’s glittering casino.  This beautiful resort is situated on a quiet stretch of the best beach in the Bahamas, Cable Beach: two and a half miles of powder white sands and crystal clear Caribbean water.
    Couples, singles and families with children 14 years and older are welcomed at Breezes Bahamas.  The resort is Super-Inclusive of accommodations, unlimited food, unlimited premium brand alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, daily and nightly entertainment as well as all taxes and gratuities.

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    The Birth of Spring - Mother Nature Speaks

    in Spirituality

    Join Sue Graywolf, Sharon Bar Or and Jim Graywolf on Ciracle Radio for a powerful webcast on Wednesday, April 8th at 1 PM MST, 3 PM EST, 8 PM London and 10 PM Israel time.  

    Ahhhh!  Once again we are ALL ready for the coming of Spring with its’ warm breezes against our face, scents of plants and flowers in the air, and the laughter of children playing (outside).  Can you feel the warm earth as you dig your hands into the dirt?  Do you take the time to stop and look at a flower that has just popped up?  Have you truly connected to a plant or flower lately? We want to focus on is the Plant World in general.  How you can connect with the plants and spring flowers, what they offer to help you heal, and how very, very important they are for our happiness and wellbeing. Having spring allergy problems? Want some ideas how to alleviate this discomfort?

    These are some of the things we will be exploring with you.  Sue has worked with her teachers with Flower Essences and connecting with the flower from the start to finish on preparing essences.  Sharon knows and shares about the Green People - plants - in her part of the world and their medicine powers. Jim has worked with elders in the jungles with plant medicine and shared their properties for guiding and healing.  And you, the listener/hosts know plants from your parts of the world we hope you will share. Together we will guide you to really connect with the plant world and see what they can offer us help on our healing path.

     The talking stick is now YOURS! Come join us and share your thoughts - or decide to just listen. Hit the link below just before show time.

    ~ adopt a month of Ciracle Radio and support the ripples by donating $39 to www.sotem.org

    ~ Ciracle Radio is a member of the Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother family.


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    3/25/15 #18. Spirit Calling Cards: Learn How Your Spirits Get in Touch

    in Spirituality

    Tingles, buzzing, cool breezes and the whisper of your name - how do your spirits get your attention?


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    No one breezes through life

    in Health

    Steven is a Master Neuro-Linguistic-Programmer, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist (American Board of Hypnotherapy), Time Line Therapy Specialist and a Certified Master of Communication Skills.   He brings to his clients a wide array of techniques and applications that help them get unstuck and reach goals quickly. “No one breezes through life".  We are all very much the same with just variations of our own issues and demons to work on; that is the human experience”.  Steven battled with obesity himself for many years, losing over 170 lbs and has stayed in his healthy weight range for over nine years.  He is very proud to have completed a half marathon last fall.
    http://www.facebook.com/Energychi                  http://twitter.com/energychi
    Skype;      IqbalIshani
    Online Store:http://www.healingtv.ca/online_store.htm

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    Live:8pm Reggae Star LadyGeniuz & 9pm Memories of LivingTruth (Leroy Ridgeway)

    in Music

    Living Truth Creates A Musical icon of Reggae Music. Living Truth career spans 3 decades, a multi-talented reggae artist, Leroy "Living Truth" Ridgway, a name which is self-explanatory, defines the artist's persona, his lyrical content and his commitment to awaken his people through conscious lyrics  Truth hails from f Westmoreland Jamaica. His first taste of stardom was church choir. At the age of 16 Ridgway entered a talent show in May Pen  and placed 3rd with  "Red Sun",  a song he composed . Living Truth auditioned for , Bunny Lee of the Federal Studios.  Lee encouraged Living Truth to record "Dreadlocks Man", a song which went on to enjoy appreciable chart success . Living Truth immigrated to the United States 1977-80, he entered several  competitions in the New York won 1st place with "Write It Down" and "Come One Come All" 2nd place with "Ring the Freedom Bell" in the New York Reggae Festival and song competition. Living Truth, songs are imbued with a message of empowerment and positive living.  Living Truth died on january 9th 2015 R.i.P

     Reggae Artist LadyGeniuz mahabeer SONGWRITER/MODEL/EMCEE/DANCER/ACTRESS Entertainment field in 2006 as a Karaoke Hostess/Emcee hotel industry in 2007 Entertainment Coordinator/Supervisor within numerous hotels, specifically: Superclubs (Breezes), Decameron, Sandals Resorts & Secrets Resorts as an Entertainer.Performed live at Jazz and Blues Fest January 2013 (Main Stage) with Taddy P and the Blow Wow Band, Caribbean Shrimp Fest and Mobay Jerk Fest. Entered Digicel Rising Stars  competition held in 2006 and also won the Blackberry Jingles competition on Digicel Stars 2012.call in 661-467-2407 www.caribbeanradioshow.com www.crsradio.com © 2015  All Rights Reserved.


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    LIVE from Nassau in the Bahamas

    in Travel

    The Traveling Eye is live from the Bahamas courtesy of Delta Airlines and Superclubs Breeze's Nassau. Join Bonnie and Ja'Vonne as they visit Nassau and see all the sights as well as learn why Breeze's Bahamas is an ideal base for yourself, your family, your wedding or group while in Nassau.

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    Thomas Fusco, Author of "Behind the Cosmic Veil" on Paranormal Geeks Radio

    in Paranormal

    Since his first encounter with the supernatural as a teenager, Thomas Fusco committed himself to its study. Throughout the ensuing decades of research, he found there as yet existed no scientific cosmological framework into which all these strange events could be sensibly placed. I've heard this dilemma discussed on numerous broadcasts over the years.

    What if someone were to discover a truly new conceptual model of supernatural mechanics that not only explained (and served to validate!) the workings of miracles, paranormal events, UFO behavior and psychic phenomena in a reasonable and consistent way, but also the manifestations observed at haunted sites like temperature drops, EMF spikes, breezes, feelings of heaviness and the failure of electronics, all with the same singular set of principles? Moreover, what if this exact same model could be applied to shed light on a number of puzzling anomalies still confronting science today like certain enigmas involving gravity, origins of intelligence, quantum entanglement and dark matter, as well as the feasibility of interstellar travel, higher dimensions, teleportation and time travel?


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    Reader's Entertainment Radio Presents: Wayne Jordan

    in Books

    Let's see...warm, tropical breezes, pristine white sand, and sun-kissed skies...have I got your attention yet?  Join me as I welcome romance author Wayne Jordan as my guest on Thursday, August 7th to chat about his inspiration, his literary journey, and Barbados...definitely Barbados!

    Touch My Heart

    A tropical island. A sensual stranger. Passion in Paradise.

    A job offer in Barbados is just what widowed nurse Aaliyah Carrington needs to heal and start over. But the rugged stranger she meets on the beach against a backdrop of crashing waves is something out of a Hollywood fantasy. One of "the Sexiest Men Alive," movie star Dominic Wolfe abruptly vanished from the spotlight. His brooding, aloof manner only makes Aaliyah more determined to help her injured patient who arouses such potent desire.

    After walking through fire to save a little girl, Dominic knows he isn't the man he once was. He came home to the tropical island to retreat from the world, but Aaliyah is bringing him back to life with her soothing, erotic touch. Is he ready to let the past go and fight for their future—and a second chance at his own happy ending?